Are you interested in fashion and biker style? Wondering why the chic biker look never goes out of style? Or how you can easily get it?

Then welcome to Scädel Welt Young Biker. We accompany motorcyclists on their search for a stylish look – and have been since 2012! ✌️

The heart of a chic biker look is the leather jacket. Jeans-like clothing and silver jewelry are also recommended. The biker style is timeless and stands for freedom and self-confidence.

In this article we will, among other things, together:

  • Why the stylish biker look is so popular
  • How to implement the chic biker style

After reading this blog post you will know exactly how to manage your style to achieve a demonic result that will shake the asphalt!

Let’s ride! ✊

Adopt a skull “”leather jacket”” for a chic biker style.

6 reasons for a stylish biker look

Whatever the fashion trends of the year, there’s an easy way to make sure you stay up-to-date while looking elegant: biker chic. This fashion style is always relevant and you can be sure that it will never die out. But why is it so timeless? Here are six obvious reasons.

1) The freedom

We all have secret fantasies of quitting our jobs, our mortgage, and a whole host of other things. To go and ride a long, straight stretch into a beautiful sunset… ☀️ The motorcycle offers freedom and flexibility. The idea that you can do exactly what you want, when you want it. As well as having great buddies who have your back.

And adopting a motorcyclist’s style of dress is the beginning of that freedom. With the different elements that make up the style (which we cover below), you can have whatever freedom you desire. possibility to dream . Biker leather jacket = your sunset with your butt on your bike.

Motorcyclists and freedom

2) The older the better

Real biker leather  and the jeans sometimes look worn. Sandblasted by bitumen grains coming off the road. With oil stains and scratches from the falls… Yes, the biker, even if he is classy, ​​sometimes wears somewhat worn clothes. Simply because leaving scuffs on a garment means accepting that you are living the future by carrying your past. 💪

This is the real spirit of the biker. And that’s just as well! Because leather has the same philosophy. The older it gets, the more beautiful it becomes. Just like the bike’s steel, which is made to   last and accompany the biker to his last breath. The same goes for the jeans. Even if she won’t be with you all your life, her little holes and stains suit her all the better and add charm to her .

3) It is suitable for everyone

Biker chic is characterized by materials and colors that perfectly match any style of person. The black and brown leather suits a dark-haired man with a dark complexion as well as a blonde woman with blue eyes. The same goes for jeans and silver accessories. The stylish biker look brings everyone together and rejects no one! 🙌

Kate Moss on the motorcycle

4) The stars adore him

Marlon Brando  was undoubtedly the one who started the “  biker leathers and rebellion ” trend. And it’s still popular with today’s celebrities. Pink, Ryan Gosling, Ewan Mcgregor, Tom Cruise – just to name a few – are all known for their love of motorcycles and the stylish look that goes perfectly with the mechanics. If you want to look like a star, you can start by putting on a “”skull t-shirt and a leather jacket””. 😎

5) Its adaptability

There’s hardly a situation, other than during a wedding or a funeral, where you can’t pull off your chic biker style . Wherever you can be, the mentioned look is popular and welcome.

Replacing a suit jacket with a biker jacket  or layering one over a cocktail dress will add a touch of boldness to your outfit. 🕺 And the next day you can wear the same jacket with a pair of jeans to go shopping or shopping, it always works!

Biker with black Harley

6) Comfort and protection

A motorcyclist’s gear is designed to protect you from falls when you hit the ground. If you are a motorcyclist yourself, you spend many hours in the saddle. So you need clothes that you feel comfortable in. And guess what trending style combines comfortable clothing with a stunning look… … Chic biker yes.

How to get a chic biker look?

We’ve just seen why the classy biker style is so popular. Without further ado, let’s see together how you can put this style at the service of your freedom. Let’s go 😉.

1) The leather jacket

The leather blazer is the most important weapon of every self-respecting motorcyclist. It doesn’t even need to be introduced because it’s been absolutely ubiquitous since the ’50s. All you have to do is choose a jacket that suits your style, that flatters your silhouette without going over the top, and bang, that’s it. If you’re unsure, don’t worry, we’ve written an article that explains exactly how to choose your leather jacket . Check it out so you don’t make a mistake. 🙃

Motorcyclists on Triumph

2) Jewelry (rings and bracelets)

Jewelery is an indispensable accessory for a successful, elegant biker look . Note that they combine perfectly with the leather and metal of the motorcycle mechanics for details that you can never go wrong.

The skull ring is a huge symbol and the ultimate jewel for bikers . Worn by motorcyclists after World War II, it is now the star of the must-have accessories before you jump on your bike. The symbolism of the human skull gives its wearer strength and power. Skull world offers you a large selection of hot biker rings ! Click on the image below to view the collection.

Add strength and power to your style by wearing a “”skull ring””  .

The silver bracelet is also an accessory that should not be underestimated! Motorcyclists always prefer silver jewelry to gold or black. The motorcycle engine color is perfect to wear around a wrist. No matter which style you choose, feel free to wear several next to each other, there are no rules.

3) The jeans

A  pair of jeans   with a leather jacket is the most popular combination among cyclists. It doesn’t matter what color, brand or even style you choose. You absolutely can’t go wrong with this garment. A Levi’s you keep for ten years is still better than three or four inferior jeans..👖.

Chic biker in jeans

Become the master of the biker chic look

In the previous lines we have seen how much a stylish biker style is appreciated by everyone. Both among the general public and among fashion designers. And that to our great delight! 😎 You now know exactly how to highlight it, be it in everyday life or when riding your bike.

If it’s not easy for you to find the perfect clothes and accessories for a successful, chic biker style, don’t panic! We are here to support you in your quest for freedom . We have put together a selection of the most popular items for motorcyclists. Just discover them by clicking on the image below and become the king of the street. 💪