You want to have a real biker style in every situation ? Are you passionate about leather clothing and beautiful machines? Whether you’re already a ace on the road or just a fanatic of the biker look , you’re in the best place on earth if you’re looking for a thrill 👊.

Outside of their motorcycles, bikers claim a look all their own. And that’s what we want to deal with today! How to easily adopt the biker style and much more. If you want the dark look of leather, the must-have style of skull belts, or the mastery of silver jewelry, you’ve come to the right place, young rebel. Hold on tight to your handlebars and let your hair blow in the wind!

Young fanatics of the great expanses on the road, welcome to Skull World! In this article you will get the answers to the questions we just asked above. After reading this blog post you will know exactly what a biker look consists of and why you should get one too. Let’s ride!

1) The essential of biker style: the leather jacket

A biker’s style depends heavily on his safety. Because leather jackets, pants and other boots are perfect to withstand the weather and, above all, possible falls. The biker look started with that. Later it was perfected and became a real look that never goes out of style…

The most famous piece of clothing is undoubtedly the leather jacket. Every decent biker owns one (or more) and proudly shows them off to the rest of the world. 🕶

Here are other features of a good leather biker jacket : a large slanted chest pocket (which you can easily slip a road map into), side pockets with vertical slits. Sometimes you can also find a belt that runs around the jacket, as well as pleats in the back and arms that allow for more freedom of movement.

Note that every biker jacket has its own style. You don’t have to look for a jacket that has all of the above features. The right jacket is the one you feel comfortable in!

A classic biker jacket is sewn from cowhide (buffalo or cow), which is quite thick and therefore heavy. Out of this world people tend to wear relatively thin leather jackets. However, when we as motorcyclists buy a jacket, we think a lot about its thickness. Obvious protection against the cold and especially when in contact with tar…

Biker jacket skull

Origin of biker jackets

It is assumed that this style of clothing has always existed. But that is not the case. Let’s take a quick look back at the origins of motorcycle jackets. when did they show up For whatever reasons? And how did they become so established in this world and in the world of “classic” fashion?

They appeared after the 39-45 war. Airplane pilots often used them to fight and protect themselves in their cabins, which often let the wind and cold through… Most of them never boarded without their favorite piece of clothing. The Lederperfecto became a real must-have for the pilots of the time.

When the war ended, many of them abandoned their airplanes and switched to motorcycles. However, they kept their favorite clothes on their shoulders. And imagine… These jackets perfectly protected her from the wind, cold and bad weather! So they adapted perfectly to the everyday life of our war heroes and have never left them since. ✌️

Biker style jacket

The leather perfecto for everyone

The leather jacket could have left it at that, resting on the shoulders of the knights of those 50’s bikes and just extending to that circle alone! But one would not have expected her true seductive power. Its spread and motorcyclists’ love of this unique garment crossed the borders of the motorcycling world to sneak into the hearts of all rebels on earth.

The big personalities of the time started to wear leather jackets, especially the rockers. Great actors were also modern (back then) and wore jackets made of buffalo leather. And the democratization of this garment has conquered the shops and wardrobes of all men of strong character! 😈

Some rock bands even made it a strong element against capitalist society and became a real symbol of freedom . This philosophy has won a wide audience that goes far beyond the musical culture. Gothics, metalheads, rockers, mafiosi and many more have come together to wear this garment originally intended to protect motorcyclists from the weather and from falls…

Biker look

2) The must-have of the biker style: the sleeveless jacket

The sleeveless jacket has become an essential piece of clothing for motorcyclists. Just like the   skull belts , leather boots, bandanas and jeans. The style of the “modern cowboys” became the essence of the style of these bikers, but not only! All free spirits who felt connected in some way to the values ​​that this garment put in the foreground!

Riding a motorcycle has fairly strict requirements when it comes to clothing. And the sleeveless jacketis perfect for all those men who don’t want to protect their arms particularly (because a scratch never hurts) but want to protect their vital organs and warm their core. His quirky style also helped the sleeveless jacket gain popularity among many cyclists. 🩸 Biker vests

became particularly popular as the club movement spread. Club members began adding patches to their vests.

3) The essence of biker style: the patch

As a member of a gang or club, a true biker will wear patches to show their affiliation with the group. It’s a very American tradition, but you can also find it in Europe among the most fanatical bikers. We often find them on our leather jackets that we mentioned above.

Biker patches  consist of three parts:

  • The top entries
  • The mentions below
  • From a central escutcheon

The upper part bears the name of a  motorcycle club , while the lower part indicates the place of incorporation. where it was founded. The middle part sometimes offers an opportunity to learn about a man’s level of involvement in the group. 🛡

Biker Patch Style

The grades of a biker patch

As already mentioned, there are different ranks and status groups in a club. Let’s see what the different patches mean based on how they are labeled and where they are located on the biker’s clothing . 😎

Many motorcyclists have a patch made with their name or nickname. This patch is always attached at heart level. Here are the different ranks of people wearing the colors of a club:

A “nomad” is a rank and file member of the club. He is a soldier of the gang and does not make decisions affecting the gang. He is in a way a « fan » or sometimes even just a spectator.

A « gentleman » is a man who finds himself in the ideologies of the gang, proudly wears their colors and is present at all meetings, but who wants to maintain his independence and therefore does not want to enter the offices.

The “President” is the big boss of the gang. He manages the entire organization, the meetings, makes the financial decisions, directs the activities (criminal or not) and much more…

The “Vice President” is therefore the deputy chairman of a club who replaces the president in his absence or death.

The « Treasurer » takes care of the entire financial part of the gang. He also manages everything related to the patches. Who gets their patch and why, and who may or may not have to return it (often because of unpaid bills). 🙍

The « Road Captain » is the person who manages all the group meetings. He prepares their journeys, the roads they will travel, the stops, the speed at which the group will move etc. etc. He is always at the forefront when the gang’s bikers gather.

Patch biker jackets

4) Takes over the biker symbols

In addition to gang patches, many motorcycle fans wear other symbols on their bikes or on themselves. Let’s take a look at some of these symbols:

The skulls

A skull and crossbones emphasizes the values ​​of «  Momento Mori « , this South American slogan that some cultures even use as a way of life. It means « remember that you will die ». Some people see that as something negative, but for bikers it’s not… ☠️

The idea of ​​showing a skull on the clothes, the bike and through the accessories or jewelry you wear is to proudly acknowledge the fact affirm that one lives each day as if it were the last. Skull tattoos are also popular with motorcyclists. We invite you to join the movement by owning a skull ring for young rebels!

1% (One Percent)

This sign is the symbol of the most bandaged motorcyclists. In the 1970s, many biker groups saw themselves as gooses leading various criminal activities. Ultimately, however, these groups were very small, because it was said at the time that only 1% of motorcyclists were criminals. To stand out from the rest, they proudly sported this symbol.

The Iron Cross

Originally worn by the military, the Iron Crosses (like leather jackets) followed the trend and became very popular with motorcyclists. The idea behind this was to wear the enemy’s emblems (after defeating them). It has become one of the most important symbols of biker culture. 🏍

5) Leather Boots: A must-have for biker style

A biker must feel comfortable when wearing his riding gear . Therefore, the shoes must not impede the movement of the ankles. Biker clothing is often more practical than beautiful. That’s why durable parts are used that can withstand many rides and friction on the shifters. And the good news is that these boots are absolutely timeless and will still be relevant 50 years from now. 🥾

Biker shoes must be practical, comfortable and have non-slip soles. Military boots with laces or ankle boots with laces are often worn. The sole should be thick so that your feet are protected and you don’t get cold in winter.

Biker Boots Look

6) Die Biker-Jeans

Many of us are now more likely to choose jeans when riding our motorcycles. They are the perfect alternative to the lederhosen that one prefers on very long journeys. Motorcyclists usually prefer straight cut jeans. Ripped and worn pants with oil stains are more of a pride. ✌️


7) Leather pants

Others prefer leather stockings. They are real contemporaries and above all: the ultimate protection against the falls of the knights of the street. They have the enormous advantage that they protect in the event of a fall. If a motorcyclist falls off his motorcycle, leather pants protect him from serious injury. They are also much warmer than jeans in winter. 👖

8) A Bandana = Guaranteed Biker Style

An essential accessory for any good rider who respects himself! The bandana is the favorite piece of every guy who travels a lot. It creates a unique style. But not only that! It also protects against wear and tear on the inside of the helmet. The sweat is extracted from the fabric and thus ensures a better wearing comfort. 🔧

Choose one of our “”skull bandanas”” to set your bike on fire.

9) leather gloves

The basis for putting your hands on the handlebars of your bike is gloves. And that too when the weather is nice! They protect your hands and ensure that you keep the flu on your wrists during your excursions. Of course, they also protect the biker perfectly if he should fall…

Biker style woman

The clothing one should wear to have a biker style is not gender specific. For a woman who is a motorcycle fanatic, there are almost the same clothes. But women also assert their look to show their love for motorcycling, sometimes adding a feminine touch to their outfits!

The elements of biker style for women almost always consist of a leather jacket, leather pants or shorts, gloves, towels, mittens and gloves,”” skull t-shirts”” , belts, leather bags with fringes, high boots or even black jackets. 🤙

Bikerstil Frau

Leather stockings are ideal to combine with a “civilian” outfit and accessories that are more “feminine” to create a real bad girl look that will make you a character with a strong character. It’s up to you to let your imagination run wild to underline your style. 💁

Such an outfit is suitable for almost all kinds of occasions in a woman’s life. Walks in the city, evenings with friends, but above all: for motorbike tours!

“”If you want to know even more, you can visit our page with everything you need to know about biker culture.””

Embrace the biker style too

We have just listed together the different pieces of clothing that perfectly characterize the look of a motorcyclist . Now you know what you still have to do and which clothes you absolutely need to get to get the bad boy style you so deserve. 😉

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