Pocket watches are adored by nostalgic collectors, fans of the steampunk movement and young retro lovers. They have an incomparable charm and are experiencing a resurgence in the market. After a long decline, pocket watches are now making a comeback, even among the very young. They were also called « onion clocks ” or ” pocket watches » and were the most common type of watch in men’s fashion from their invention until the popularization of wristwatches after the First World War.

The origins of the pocket watch

Some historians agree that the first pocket watches were introduced in Nuremberg, Germany by Peter Henlein in the early 1500s. At that time they were a mixture of table clock and wristwatch and accordingly difficult to wear.

In 1675, Charles II of England introduced the use of waistcoats so they could be tucked into pockets ( gussets). The shape of the watches evolved into that of the modern pocket watch that we know, theflatter and roundedis.

A pocket watch can be defined as a watch that relies on the use of mechanical watch systems to measure time. This is in contrast to the quartz watch, which is powered by a small battery.

Watches were a luxury item until the second half of the 17th century , but by the early 19th century they became more common, with quite affordable models primarily aimed at seafarers.

After a decline driven by the use of wristwatches and later the advent of cell phones, today there is a resurgence in pocket watches, driven largely by a love of the vintage look. This type of accessory is also the subject of interesting auctions.

In addition to old and used watches, today’s buyers also like to buy new pocket watches with a modern twist. However, what makes a pocket watch truly unique is thatpersonalization, especially when it is a gift.

An indispensable element of the pocket watch is the chain . It is useful to prevent the watch from getting lost but also to complete the look of the watch.
It only takes a second to appreciate the beauty of a pocket watch and fall madly in love with it. And it’s a love that lasts forever. Whether antique and vintage , modern or super colorful, pocket watches are valuable accessories to display and an original gift that will stand the test of time, making it a worthwhile investment over the long term, while still giving a fairly stylish look .