As a young rock star, are you looking for the most iconic rocker tattoos? Which singer or musician from the rock world got a tattoo and why?

Then welcome to skull world. Rock music and its tattoos are one of our favorite subjects. 

Tattoos are ubiquitous in rock music. A rock star worthy of the name almost always has their skin covered in ink. The tattoo is an integral part of rock culture and has many different meanings .

In this article, you will learn about the 10 most iconic rock star tattoos, among other things. How ingrained the ink on the skin is in rock culture. And how you, as a rock fan, can safely get a tattoo.

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Tattoos have long been a part of the music scene. While every celebrity seems to have a tattoo these days, the ink used to be more associated with the rebellious rock genre.  In fact, some of the best tattoos ever inked are found on the skin of famous punk rockers .

So here is the Skull World pick of the ten best rock star tattoos of all time!

10) Pete Wentz’s tattoos

The Illinois-born bassist is best known for his role in pop-punk band Fall Out Boy . Wentz admits that some of his body art isn’t finished yet. In fact, he hates getting tattooed. His Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo is quite iconic and perfect to represent the emotional gothic period that Fall Out Boy was storming the charts. Also, he has a unique Japanese drawing on his left forearm dedicated to his son. And the quote “Stay Gold” on his right wrist in a nod to the classic 80’s teen film, The Outsiders, as a reminder to always be yourself.

Pete Wentz and tattoos

9) Tommy Lee’s tattoos

Since their union in 1981, Tommy Lee has been the longtime drummer for the classic rock band Mötley Crüe . Having had a long career in rock music, it’s no surprise that this glamorous old-school rocker has amassed a large ink collection over the years.

Both of his arms are full of color, including a dragon on his right arm, a Japanese fish on his left, stars on his hands, and a cheetah print that ties it all together. Lee also has a tattoo on his stomach that references the rap metal band Methods of Mayhem, which he formed in 1999.

Tommy Lee Tattoos

8) Billie Joe Armstrong’s tattoos

The Green Day frontman , who began his musical career thirty years ago in the East Bay punk scene, is known for his punk rock style .  Often dressed all in black with spiky hair and dark eyeliner, Armstrong also has a multitude of tattoos!

On his right bicep he sports “All Ages,” a tribute to the music club that served as a springboard for his band in its early years. Among other things, he has a photo of his wife Adrienne, a tattoo of Jesus on the back of his arm, which refers to a song he wrote. Also a smoking baby Herman from the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Also, both of his forearms are dedicated to his children.

Billie Joe Armstrong Tattoos

7) Dave Navarro’s tattoos

Dave Navarro is the lead guitarist for Jane’s Addiction and the presenter and judge for the Ink Master tattoo competition. A skull and crossbones, bats on his shoulders, a large sacred heart in the center of his chest surrounded by a ring of thorns… Dave has tattoos on almost every part of his body.

He also has some more sentimental tattoos. Alongside his late mother’s portrait, he has a tattoo dedicated to a Holocaust survivor he met on a flight. She showed him her only tattoo: a number she had inked on her arm as a child in Auschwitz. Touched by her story, Navarro had the quote, “I have one, but not by choice” inked on his upper right arm, along with a rose representing the woman’s name.

Dave Navarro tattoo

6) Brandon Boyd’s tattoos

Brandon Boyd is not only the lead singer of Incubus, but also a successful artist. He has quite a number of tattoos. These include an eye in a pyramid on his shoulders, a peacock on his left arm inspired by his favorite artwork, and a beautiful mandala pattern covering most of his back.

However, his most notable tattoo is his Buddhist mantra in red ink on his right forearm. The mantra “Om Mani Patme Hum” speaks of growth and compassion and refers to qualities such as generosity, wisdom and patience. Despite its deep meaning, this tattoo was done with all the rules of rock star art… not in a studio, but by a friend (who isn’t a tattoo artist)! nk Carter

Brandon Boyd Tattoos

5) Frank Carter’s tattoos

Frank Carter is the lead singer of the British punk band Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, formed in 2015 . Known for his red hair and bold tattoos , Carter is a trained tattoo artist and draws inspiration for his work from classic tattoo motifs from the 1950s. His most striking designs are the snake coiled around the back of his head and the large double-headed eagle on his chest, as well as his mother’s name “Bernadette” in traditional cursive script.

Tattoo Frank Carter.

4) Jacoby Shaddix’s tattoos

Singer Jacoby Shaddix has changed a lot since appearing with Papa Roach in 1993. In his first video clip, he had practically no tattoos. Today he is heavily tattooed. In an interview with Beyond Ink , Shaddix explained that commitment is important to him and that his tattoos are just an extension of that commitment, which is why his first tattoo was his wife’s name.

His biggest piece is a colorful tattoo on his chest, depicting a queen surrounded by water and a king supported by flames, representing good versus evil. He also has “Born to Rock” written on his chest, a microphone on his forearm, stars on either side of his eyes, and multiple tattoos dedicated to his songs. As a fan of The Clash, he also has love and hate running through his fingers.

Jociby Shaddix and his tattoos

3) James Hetfield’s tattoos

As the co-founder of the heavy metal band Metallica, James Hetfield is known for his powerful voice and unique rhythm guitar technique. His rock star tattoos are black and gray. They tell the story of his eventful music career. On his left bicep he has four playing cards composing his year of birth with a flame background and the phrase “Carpe Diem Baby” in a banner. This is a reminder to make the best of life after a pyrotechnic accident that left him engulfed in flames during a show in Montreal in 1992. 

He also has his children’s names on his chest, “RIFF LIFE” across his wrists and several Christian tattoos. Perhaps his most significant tattoo is the angel on his left forearm, who is depicted passing a musical note to a pair of hands modeled after his own to suggest how music has helped him overcome many problems, including addiction.

James Hetfield tattoos

2) Travis Barker’s tattoos

Travis Barker rose to prominence as the drummer for Blink 182 after the pop-punk band found mainstream success in 1999. He is also heavily tattooed . The only blank space left on his body is a spot on his thigh where he lets his children draw. His tattoos include a large ghetto blaster on his stomach as a nod to his childhood love of breakdancing and “Can I Say” on his chest as a tribute to one of his favorite songs. After a plane crash in 2008, which he was the sole survivor of, Barker had to get the tattoos on his legs retouched because his skin was badly burned.

He also printed several family portraits on his back. And a conspicuous drawing of the Virgin Mary on his head as he believes he was saved by a higher power that day.  About his tattoos he says: “For me it means documenting a part of my life, or people, things, moments in my life”. A concept that many of us can identify with.

Travis Barker front and back

1) Ozzy Osbourne Tattoos

Born in Birmingham in 1948, Ozzy Osbourne aka the Prince of Darkness has had an incredible fifty-year career in the music business. Considered by many to be the godfather of heavy metal , Osbourne rose to prominence as the lead singer of Black Sabbath in the 1970s and thereafter pursued a successful solo career. He is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has a star on Hollywood Boulevard. 

Although his tattoos are not of amazing quality, they are still legendary. On his chest are a Chinese dragon and a vampire skull, which were often seen at his performances in the 1980s. He also has a gargoyle on his shoulder and a dagger on his forearm. His most famous tattoo is “OZZY” written on his left knuckles. This tattoo, which he got when he was 16 as part of a homework project, has stood the test of time and is now one of the most iconic rock star tattoos in history!

Ozzy Osbourne with tattoos

Young rock star, join the tattooed!

We just saw together the most iconic tattoos from the world of rock music. Now you know exactly the stories behind each of the most famous rock star skin patterns . And how the ink at rock concerts is everywhere. 

As a rock fan, you owe it to yourself to have a tattoo! And it’s not always easy to choose the tattoo that will stay on your skin for life, we can agree on that… But don’t panic! Skull World has the solution. We have selected the hottest ephemeral tattoos for you. With one of these tattoos, you can test how it looks on you so that you can make ends meet safely.

Of course, when it comes to other extraordinary stars known for their tattoos, we have to write a separate article about Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy . And if you want to get a tattoo too, check out our top 150 skull tattoos for great ideas.