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The Free Souls Motorcycle Club is an outlaw motorcycle gang founded in 1968 in Oregon, USA. Today it has 200 members. The biker club is classified as one of the most dangerous gangs in the United States.

In this article we will share in part : 

  • The concept of lawless motorcyclists
  • The History of the Free Souls Moto Club
  • The main events of the Souls
  • Your biggest problems with the judiciary

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History of the Free Souls MC 

Free Souls MC was founded in 1968 in Eugene, Oregon by bikers passionate about the Harley Davidson motorcycle brand . The gang’s headquarters and clubhouse have always been in the same city. From its inception to the present day, the club has grown significantly and built a strong reputation.

The Motorcycle Club Free Souls MC is ranked as one of America’s most famous and dangerous motorcycle gangs. Similar to the Hells Angels, the Bandidos, the Mongols or the Chosen Fewthis motorcycle club generates both fear and respect among the population and in the motorcycle world. The club also has a Washington DC chapter. Three more chapters were founded in Germany, Australia and Canada. So you can say that this is an international motorcycle gang, even if it is still very small in terms of the number of active members. 👇

This motor clubhas very few rival gangs and does its best to have a good image with the judiciary and the media. Thus, in March 1980, Bob Johnson, the president of the Free Souls MC, claimed that the club did not participate in illegal activities. He points out that the gang isn’t involved in the manufacture and sale of drugs (like many other big biker clubs). He was forced to testify after four of his members were arrested on charges of drug trafficking.

Biker Free Souls

Crest and colors of the Free Souls

Unlike other motorcycle gangs, the Free Souls MC has a patch that symbolizes life (rather than death). The center patch features an  ankh  on a motorcycle with handlebars. The ankh is an ancient Egyptian motif that symbolizes the key to life. This hieroglyph is found in old parchment scripts. This is a big change from the famous skull and crossbones found on almost every outlaw motorcycle gang! 💀

This is a beautiful way to show the world that the club is committed to life. It’s rare to see a motorcycle club with a logo that stands for lifeentry. The Free Souls MC makes the difference and stands out from the crowd with this original patch. The club’s colors are mainly blue and white. But you can also spot the color black on the wheel and handlebar sleeves. It’s quite an ornate crest that’s difficult to draw.

Blue is a soft and confidence-inspiring color. She represents the ocean, travel and distant horizons. White, on the other hand, symbolizes simplicity and purity. Once again it is clear that the Free Souls MC conveys values ​​of life and positivity with its patch. They are much “cooler” than other gang members. The basic idea was to have fun with buddies and have a good time on the bikes, not really going to war with other members! But we will see that some members have tarnished this image…

Logo Free Souls MC

Chapters and members of the biker gang

Although the Free Souls MC is one of the most dangerous clubs in the USA, it is only a small group with 200 motorcyclists… Compared to the Hells Angels MC , Bandidos or Outlaws MC, all of which have more than 90 chapters, the Free Souls MC is a very small club. The Oregon motorcycle gang has fewer than 10 chapters nationwide. Today, the number of members of this gang is growing only slightly, since there are no celebrities in this club. 

Notable events 

Several events played important roles in the rise of the Free Souls Motorcycle Club. These events reported in the media include the following dates, among others:

⇒ May 11, 1980: 27-year-old Mark Lesley is shot dead. He was the Vice President of the Mother Chapter of the Free Souls MC. Two hours after the shooting, the shooter was arrested by the police. He was not a member of the club and certainly not of a rival club.

⇒ September 1989: A fire ravaged the Free Souls MC clubhouse in Eugene-Oregon. The fire was allegedly started by oil-soaked rags following a renovation project . Damage to the building is estimated at approximately $10,000 and loss of building contents at approximately $15,000. 🔥

⇒ March 2010: Date of the most significant event for the entire club. As members of the Free Souls MC and Gypsy Jokers MC gather in Salem, Oregon , a house is on the verge of bursting into flames. An SUV parked at this neighboring house caught fire. Members rushed to stop the flames. So they used garden hoses to slow the flames and called the fire department. That day the house was saved thanks to her good deed. This will go down in history forever.

Burning building

Major problems with the judiciary 

1% motorcycle gang, the Free Souls MC has had multiple run-ins with the law. This is how we can call these different events:

⇒ March 2006: A SWAT team raided the Free Souls MC club in Washington. Law enforcement were looking for David Ambrose, a former member of the club. He was suspected of beating up Ronald McComb in 1999. During the raid, methamphetamine was seized and four people were arrested. 😵

⇒ May 2, 2007: Local police and ATF search the home of three members of the Free Souls MC. This raid uncovers ten stolen motorcycles, methamphetamine, marijuana and hash oil. The three members are arrested and charged with drug trafficking and theft.

⇒ On April 05, 2018: A member of Free Souls MC is charged with the rape, kidnapping and video projection of a woman. It is 40-year-old Roger L. Heuberger. He was arrested after a woman alleged that she had been sexually abused. It wasn’t the first time the man had been arrested for assault and harassment . In June 2017, he was also arrested in Marion County for the same reasons. However, his criminal record never showed that he had committed murder. 🩸

All these events show that this club is also on the fringes of society, although the founders originally wanted to have an “all white” club that has no problems obeying the law!

biker gathering

Outlaw Motorrad Club

Now let’s take a look together at what an outlaw motorcycle club is and why the Souls are a part of it by definition. These gang members have the peculiarity that they do not obey the laws of the USA. They propagate a sense of freedom that is taken to the extreme. These are motorcycle groups that use particularly high-capacity motorcycles such as Harley-Davidson and choppers. Very often the only rules they follow and obey are those of the gang. ⚖️

In the USA, the American Motocyclist Association (AMA) regulates the activities of motorcycle clubs. This non-profit organization was founded in 1924, but most motorcycle clubs don’t follow their rules and those of the government. Despite all this, some gangs do not consider themselves lawless. On the contrary, they see themselves as groups enjoying their freedom to the fullest, as it is a fundamental right.

On the other hand, for the US Department of Justice, every motorcycle gang is considered a criminal organization. According to the Justice Department , all motorcycle clubs hide behind their association to commit crimes. But also to engage in smuggling of all kinds (weapons and drug trafficking). Several criminal activities are carried out by motorcycle clubs in the USA, Germany and Australia every year. It’s a huge organized crime network.

American bikers

Structure of biker clubs

All motorcycle clubs are organized according to a certain hierarchy. The most common organization is this:

  • A President
  • A vice president
  • A Treasurer
  • A secretary
  • A street captain
  • A weapons sergeant

The geographically located groups of Motorcycle Clubs (MCs) are called Chapters. The chapter in which the MC was formed is called the Mother Chapter . The President of the Mother Chapter is the President of all MCs. So he’s the one who sets the rules for the whole club. 🤠

Larger clubs have properties that they use as clubhouses or private complexes. How to become a member ( biker) in most motorcycle clubs you have to go through several stages. In some clubs, new gang members are often harassed. They have to do certain work tasks or get pranks played by the older members. Very rarely, they may have to commit acts of violence to show their loyalty to the group.

There are also non-outlaw motorcycle clubs, often these are women’s motorcycle clubs. Like the men, these women use the same symbols, organizational structures, and outfits. The only difference is that they are not ostracized because they comply with the laws of WADA and the state they are in.

Tire biker

Summary and your biker outfit:

In short, the Free Souls MC doesn’t have many members, but is ranked as one of the most dangerous motorcycle clubs in the United States. With its 200 members, it manages to shift the codes and establish itself as a respected motorcycle gang. The visual identity of motorcycle clubs is based on death, but that is not the case with the Souls, as the ankh symbol represents the love of life . It is therefore a biker association that makes a difference both with its logo and with the good deeds that it has distilled since its inception. 🙏

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