Being a biker is cool and has style! Wondering how to get a biker look? What items of clothing are essential for the biker style?

At Skull World, we’ve been helping hundreds of bikers hone their style since 2012. Whether you’re one yourself or just want to be inspired by the biker look to add a badass touch to your style , you’ve come to the right place. 👊🏻

Anyone who wears a leather jacket already has a biker look. Skull jewelry also offers its owner a biker style. Accessories like a red bandana on the head are also inspiration for a biker’s attire.

Today, rider clothing is at the peak of its popularity. Many brands include models inspired by biker style . If you want to be like one of these fearsome men, it’s time to learn which items are essential for a biker-inspired look. That’s what we’re going to look at together in this article!

Let’s go 🤟🏼.

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The right clothes for a biker look

David Beckham has been reviving the biker style lately, walking down the street in leather pants, a jacket and a white t-shirt. In general, the combination of a leather jacket and a white t-shirt is a very elegant and, above all, trendy solution . But having a “trendy” look might not be what you want. Maybe you’re looking more for the image of a typical biker: a grey, pot-bellied dude in a leather vest, bandana, covered in tattoos and on a  Harley Davidson  ? In this case, a good old plaid flannel shirt is indispensable. 🕶

Before we do each of the clothing essentials for a biker style, in detail, you should remember that clothes that are smooth, pressed and immaculate do not do true bad boy style justice. Real bikers prefer clothes that are worn, scratched, distressed and patched. That can mean: that every piece of clothing has its own story.

David Beckham and his motorcycle

1) The jacket (leather or denim)

As a general rule, to give the impression that you’re a tough guy riding a motorcycle, a jacket (often leather) is essential. It is the core of the biker style. 🏍 First of all, a jacket can determine your appearance and your figure. If a good jacket suits you well, it enhances your appearance and always emphasizes your physique, whether you are thin or fat. To look chic and elegant, we recommend getting a real leather jacket .

The main advantage of leather is that it is hygienic and abrasion-resistant, looks better than any false substitute and can withstand external influences. No imitation leather can withstand temperature fluctuations and e.g. B. withstand a very cold winter. The probability that it will tear at the most inopportune moment is very high. And we want one thing above all: to be safe on the road. 🛡

The most popular choice for a biker look is a black leather jacket. It can have silver-colored zippers and small epaulettes to e.g. B. to raise your shoulders a little higher.

Leather jackets can usually have a patch with a motorcycle club emblem on itwear. This style is very popular in the USA and motorcycle jacket designers take inspiration from it. We have put together our most beautiful “”skull jackets”” for you , which are best to put on before you jump on your motorbike.

You can also opt for a denim jacket. 👕 It’s cheaper, but it can also look cool. We’re talking biker style here, leaving safety aside. Put on a white t-shirt, throw on your denim jacket and let’s go! This is one of the classic and timeless biker-inspired looks.

2) The pants (leather or jeans)

What’s a hot top if the bottom can’t keep up? You can’t approach the biker look without looking at the pants. Let’s take a look!

If you are looking for absolute authenticity , you can try leather pants. Even before you put her on, she already looks ultra devilish. If you are a motorcyclist yourself, it has the characteristic of being very comfortable to drive, since there is no friction with the saddle of your motorbike. If you decide to wear leather pants, keep in mind that they should be slightly roomier and thicker at the knees for comfort and adequate protection.

If leather pants are too “too-much” for you, there is always a good alternative: a simple pair of blue jeans. 👖 A perfect solution for a biker street style! Don’t forget, however, that skinny jeans are only for hipsters and petty crooks. Real bikers wear loose, straight jeans that are more practical for long hours on the bike. The  Levis Strauss brand   has reigned supreme in the world of denim for decades.

Motorcyclist in jeans on his motorcycle

3) The shoes

Just like the jacket, the boots are also an important attribute to achieve a head-to-toe biker look . They may seem like a small detail, but the slightest inaccuracy can ruin the whole picture. Have you ever seen a rider in moccasins or sneakers? The tough guy community makes fun of such a “clown”. Therefore, the choice of the right shoe should be made with care. A solid pair of leather boots with a thick sole is what you need. 🥾

Don’t forget that biker shoes are not only fashionable, they also need to be functional, support your ankles and protect your feet so you can ride with confidence.

Biker jewelry (rings and bracelets)

For a biker, a ring, bracelet or chain is not just a piece of jewelry. They are symbols of freedom and independence . Being a biker is above all an ideology. The one about not being like everyone else and never caring about other people’s looks. Now let’s see how the jewelry expresses this. 🤙🏻

There is no doubt that every self-respecting motorcyclist wears a “”ring in the shape of a skull”” . Above all, he embodies fearlessness in the face of danger and death. By the way, we recently saw why bikers love skulls .

According to an old legend, when death comes to a person, it leaves a mark, a skull and crossbones mark. However, if a person already bears this sign, it means that death has already been in this place, so will pass. So the skull rings are also a kind of amulet, a way of prolonging the life of a motorcyclist . ⏳ 

Motorcyclists with rings on their fingers.

After skull rings, leather and steel bracelets are the most popular among motorcycle fans’ jewelry. An accessory like a skull and c””rossbones bracelet”” perfectly rounds off the badass image that a motorcyclist aspires to. The main themes for bracelets are Celtic and Gothic motifs, skulls and animal heads. The most common animals include dragons, lions, tigers, bears and eagles. They embody strength, fearlessness and disobedience. 🔱

Also get a hot biker style!

We were just looking at the perfect gear for a biker-inspired look together. That the main elements of biker style are black leather and shiny metal jewelry. For your part, if you want your look to be associated with the roar of an engine, speed and the wind in your face, now you have all the cards in hand to avoid making a style mistake. 👊🏼

It’s not easy to always stick to the good will of biker fashion . But don’t panic, the entire Skull World team is on your side! We urge you to equip yourself with one of our”” skull t-shirts”” to fulfill your destiny as a motorcyclist.