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  • How not to honor a rock star
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… you’ll get it by now, this is about the shame on the skirt . Of bad, good ideas and small catastrophes. Let’s start 🤙.

Honoring rock icons can be a bit tricky, as fans tend to critique any detail they find inappropriate. And sometimes tributes can go so badly that it seems better if they never happened…

Anyway, this week we sat down to list the worst of them. The ones that no rock fan can be happy about. We’ve listed the nine biggest flops, and we’re off to a good start.

Homage 9: Limp Bizkit interpret « Killing in the Name ».

It’s not entirely clear what Guns N’ Roses has to do with Rage Against the Machine, but Fred Durst and his colleagues thought it would be a good idea to mix the two, and so a live performance of Killing came about in the Name » in the GN’R outfit. Absolutely ridiculous when you know the two completely different styles of the two groups…

Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed, earning Limp Bizkit ninth place on our flop list! There’s just nothing right about this gig, and that’s a shame. Video :

Hommage 8 : Miley Cyrus singt « Smells Like Teen Spirit »

This one caused real drama when it was first posted online, and apparently it still is. Miley covering Nirvana? Is there anything more terrifying? They even say it’s sacrilegious. A pop star like this singer can’t (or even try) to come to terms with the interpretation of a title like this. Let alone trying to pay homage . 👿

Some say it’s not that bad. But for purists like us, it is! Shouldn’t she be shooting music videos on a wrecking ball again? (No meanness, please).

Tribute 7: Beatles Barkers

These guys parodied popular Beatles songs . The guitars and other instruments are very similar to the original Beatles recordings, that’s ok.
But the lyrics of the songs were replaced with animal sounds…. In addition to dogs, cats and backyard animals such as sheep, cows and chickens can also be heard in some songs. 🤔

How to say in English: just WTF (What the F***)? In order not to understand anything… parody or not, a legend like the Beatles is not touched. It’s all about bringing the music down to earth. And these sounds are in no way beautiful! Stop us!

Tribute 6: Avril Lavigne in “Fuel”.

The 2003 show “Metallica MTV Icon” certainly caused metal fans to gnash their teeth due to a number of artists. In fact, the show took two spots on our list of worst rock tributes. Here is the first, the “Performance” by Avril Lavigne from “Fuel”. Totally failed show, the uneasiness is totally palpable…

The singer passed us for all fans of this legendary song. But not only that! The general public could tell that she was out of her element. And of course that’s a shame for them in the first place. Unfortunately, there’s a second song by Metallica TV that you’re about to get to know. 🥴

Homage 5: Adam Lambert sings with Quenn

Adam Lambert, became the victim of Queen fan hatred while playing with the band. This has earned him a spot as number 5 on this list. It’s not entirely clear why he became a victim of the audience that day. Check for yourself if he’s that bad in the clip below. And don’t hesitate to let us know in a comment at the end of this article. ✍️

Tribute 4: Snoop Dogg interprets “Sad But True”.

Coming back to the Metallica MTV Icon show, Snoop Dogg got viewers scratching their heads that night as he performed a unique rendition of “Sad But True.” It was so bad that the video played in an endless loop for weeks, especially on social media.

It’s hard to define if the artist wanted to give a sincere homage to this iconic song. Or if he was just there to show off and make buzz like he’s so good at. In any case, it was a poor performance. Enjoy the carnage :

Tribute 3: Ersetzen Die Rockstars Hologram

The idea of ​​holograms replacing rock stars or other music giants is something the metal community doesn’t particularly appreciate. While holograms honor icons who are no longer with us, they’re still just playing old songs and a way in disguise to exploit the titans of late modernity through gaudy gadgets. 👀

It’s very often felt that these tributes are more charitable than celebrating a deceased artist over and over again… Example here, again with Snoop Dogg appearing on stage with Tupac.

Homage 2: The Weeping Statue by Kurt Cobain

Coming to more recent events, the statue ”  Kurt Cobain crying next to coffee and a power drill whilst holding a guitar that looked inflatable” was given the silver medal in our ranking. 🥈

Wolfish and grotesque statue that is nothing but…shameful. Kurt Cobain managed to make his mark on his era and beyond. But it seems that it touches certain sections of the population who are completely uneducated in this area. People therefore easily overlook the beauty of his work . And in this case, they even try to pay tribute to him by leaving some rather inglorious traces…

Kurt Cobain Crying Statue

Tribute 1: Jeff Hanneman’s Absence from the Grammy Show

Since 1988, the Grammys have been a thorn in the side of metal fans, and the 2014 awards only made matters worse by excluding iconic  Jeff Hanneman  from the In Memoriam category. Also, Iron Maiden’s drummer Clive Burr was also excluded from the Tribute category and the performance of stars QOTSA/Reznor/Grohl/Buckingham was interrupted by commercials… 🤨 Making peace with

the Grammys now seems like an impossible task for any metalhead who is self-reliant. But rock music doesn’t need them to exist, so it’s fine.

Pay homage to the rock around you 

We’ve just seen the biggest flops in terms of tributes to rock music. You understand that the list could grow to well over nine examples. But let’s not throw the negativity around, stay in our metal bubble and listen to good heavy music. 🎸 Sorry for the carnage we just gave you, but it was worth it, right?

Young rock star, now it’s your turn! We just saw together what you absolutely shouldn’t do. But why not switch to the good side? Pay tribute to rock music by cultivating a demonic style of clothing. The skull t-shirt is one of the essentials for your quest!

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