Rock cult films must be watched by all metal fans. Are you looking for the hottest rock movies? Movies with metalheads and metalheads?

Then you are exactly right here! The Skull World team has teamed up to bring you a list of 10 Rock ‘N Roll themed movies. 🎸

In this ranking we’ll take a look together at the must-see movies if you’re a fan of metal and the world of rock. When it comes to rock and hard rock music , there is no shortage of movies for our enjoyment .

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Ever since a certain Birmingham quartet adopted their band name in the 1963 gothic horror film Black Sabbath, the ball has started on an illustrious relationship between metal and film . Though heavy metal’s very name suggests a sense of the extreme, dangerous and obscene, countless directors have managed to harness the music’s extravagant energy on screen. 🎥

Even though horror is very often the first port of call for metalheads – as if the music genre and horror films were of course connected – there are also many films to discover that are absolutely not macabre or fear-inspired. You’ll discover them right below.
Here’s our list of 10 movies where theRock music plays a role . You should definitely check them out if you’re a true metal fan!

Movie #10: “Metal Hurlant (1981)”.

French avant-garde comics pioneer Métal hurlant was licensed for the American market under the Heavy Metal name (appropriating the title of the emerging music genre). Produced by Ivan Reitman in 1981, the feature film was promoted with one of the most striking commercials of the decade, designed by British artist Chris Achilleos. It shows a scantily clad warrior with a large décolleté flying a bird-like animal. All this over a rocky landscape of black smoke and buildings while holding a sword in the air. 🗡 It couldn’t be more metallic, right?

Beautifully made and fantastically different, this film is well worth seeing. It goes hand in hand with the dream of a horny metalhead striving for power and strength. Lots of lashes, extreme gore and pretty hot women – he displays a casual, head-turning sexism.

Screaming metal

Film #9 : « Spinal Tap (1984) »

The excesses of rock music and the fight against the ego of Rob Reiner, who portrays a lovable and stupid character, did not provoke the wrath of the metal figures of the time. On the contrary, there was applause for the accuracy with which the film created the absurdities of fame, fulfilling all the ridiculous demands and whims of fans and rock stars alike. The rock gods appreciate the gesture. 🤘

This Is Spinal Tap (English title) was edited down to 82 minutes from over 100 hours of footage and established the famous handwriting of writer Christopher Guest. The story tells of a man wielding the story of a rock band on its way to stardom with all its troubles and celebrations.

Spinal tap

Film #8 : « Trick ‘R Treat (1986) »

Actor Charles Martin Smith’s behind-the-camera debut takes us into the satanic panic of the 1980s and its media connection with heavy metal. Thanks to a plot that revolves around one of pop culture’s most enduring myths: records played backwards reveal hidden messages to the listener. 🤫

Fans will be delighted to hear Kiss bassist Gene Simmons apparaître brièvement en tant que DJ à la radio sous le nom de Nuke. Ozzy Osbourne , who here plays the type of moralizing, public-minded religious leader who regularly presents his work on American talk shows.

Trick r treat

Movie #7: « The Fall of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years »

Did Penelope Spheeris’ Movie Alone Kill Metal Glamour? This accusation has weighed heavily on their rock documentary for years . The Los Angeles scene in the 1980s was a bacchanaliae dominated by long-haired, heavily made-up men wearing the tightest leather pants mankind has ever seen. Not everyone was comfortable with this development, as several participants expressed during the documentary. An undercurrent of homophobia and masculinity in crisis is palpable throughout the film.

The documentary follows Spheeris’ entertaining exploration of Tinseltown in all its seedy and fading glory. His provocative questions lead to numerous aggressive comments from rock stars. This allows the camera to capture what lies behind the bragging rights and screaming narcissism: deep wells of insecurity and the palpable fear that her time in the spotlight will only last fifteen minutes…

Shows the metal years

Film #6: « Heavy Metal in Bagdad (2007) ».

Metal may not be louder than bombs, despite stereotypes , but Iraqis enjoy it. Born under the military dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and maturing in times of war, the band is subjected to unbearable pressures and strains. Her beloved rehearsal room and music equipment are reduced to rubble by American ammunition. They receive death threats for worshiping Western bands and for wearing a non-Muslim style beard (a goatee is associated with satanism , explains one of them). The boys endure routine power outages and live in constant fear of al Qaeda terrorists’ sniper fire and suicide bombers in public spaces. 💣

This rocking documentary is eye-opening and underpinned by a tremendous amount of sadness and tragedy, focusing less on the music and more on how thrash metal serves as a vehicle of expression and identity far from the daily terrors of life in Baghdad. For them, there is also an overwhelming pressure to conform socially and religiously.

Heavy Metal in Bagdad

Film #5: « Anvil! (2008) »

Despite recording what members of Metallica, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Anthrax and Slayer call one of the best and most influential thrash metal albums of all time, Canadian band Anvil never found success. While the big bands crowded into 20,000-seat stadiums, Steve “Lips” Kudlow (frontman) and Robb Reiner (drummer) played in Toronto’s bars. In one scene, the two men threaten to beat up the owner of a Czech nightclub to force them to pay 100 euros.

The Story of Anvil » is not a mundane tale of rock ‘n’ roll excessand the depravity on tour. Rather, Sasha Gervasi’s uplifting documentary focuses on a decades-long friendship and the often unnerving rivalry between two best friends who are more like brothers and who, against all of life’s expectations and disappointments, refuse to stop rocking. 🤘

Anvil film

Film #4 : « Until The Light Takes Us (2008) »

This legendary film covers much of the area of ​​teenage rebellion, developing a new sound and obsession with pagan Norwegian mythology. Fenriz is an engaging and grumpy guide. An artist who only wishes the world and all its journalists would go away so he could focus on creating music for just a few people.

Until the light takes us

Film #3: « Evil Dead (2013) »

The film “Evil Dead” by Uruguayan Fede Alvarez proves that imitation is the sincerest form of plagiarism. Since he took over the interpretation of « Raining Blood ». The fans will surely recognize this tribute with joy.

While Jane Levy’s drug-addicted daughter confronts the abomination of the forest cabin in the pouring red rain. The Book of Dead -in its new version- is even more metallic, with gothic fonts and illustrations of demons resembling Eddie from Iron Maiden’s mascot. Best watch the film late at night!

evil dead poster

Film #2 : « Metallica : Through the Never (2013) »

In 2004, Some Kind of Monster showered Metallica with fame. Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky’s saga cast an unflattering light on the world’s greatest metal messies. Topics included: epileptic seizures, withdrawal drama, bond fights, and expensive therapy sessions with a shrink. 🧠

Let’s quickly move on to the film of the legendary 2013 Metallica concert directed by Nimród Antal. The Metallica machine shines like chrome again. A mesmerizing show fueled by the band’s greatest hits and a still catchy stage set. It features live images coupled with the story of a young rocker (played by Dane DeHaan) who is sent into the night to retrieve a mysterious leather pouch.

Metallica through the never

Movie #1: « Deathgasm (2015) ».

Jason Lei Howden’s horror comedy centers on a lonely child who doesn’t blend in with the crowd. He spends his days rocking with a newly formed band . Her name is Deathgasm.
The scenes take place in the woods near the city, among other places. The band members must prevent the apocalypse triggered after finding satanic sheet music to play in their garage… 🎼


Make your life a metal movie!

After watching each of the ten movies we’ve mentioned in this article, you can consider yourself a real connoisseur of the scene. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think of these top movies in the comments box below. And give us your tips for another article with the most beautiful appearances of the rock world in the cinema !

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