In the 1950s, rock music was sometimes referred to as devil’s music . How did this name come about? is she true Which rock bands loudly claim they have a partnership with the devil?

Young rock star, welcome to skull world! In this article you will learn the different reasons why rock music is sometimes associated with the devil and hell. So is the relationship between Christianity and rock ‘n’ roll. 😈

Rock music has been defined by some Christians as the music of the devil. Mainly because of the rhythm of the music, which has been defined as “satanic”. And because of the lyrics of some metal bands associated with the devil and hell.

After reading this article you will know exactly why rock music is called by some the devil’s music and where this term came from. You will also find out why the rhythm of certain music is considered satanic . And that’s very interesting… 👹

Let’s start right away!

Rock fans worship the devil

We caught up with Julie, a 30-year-old rock music fanatic, who shared one of her rock-and-devil anecdotes with us.

Sitting on a defense bench during my lunch hour, I got into an awkward conversation with a guy whose shirt was well pressed and whose tie was as simple as it was repulsive. she explains. He asked me if I worshiped “the devil” while glancing at my iPod screen, which was showing the glorious cover of Cannibal Corpse’s The Wretched Spawn. Or maybe I practiced Wicca? was i a witch I couldn’t help but tease him a little…

After giving him a sideways glance that I hoped would be taken as satanic, I sipped my juice gingerly. Then I started: I asked if my black nail polish would give me away, adding that, uh, everyone who listens to metal – especially the chicks – of course practices secret satanic rituals , which, by the way, are much better done with a man’s blood how it work. 😈 Needless to say, he felt a little uncomfortable. But here comes the catch: the man thought I was serious!

Devil and rock music

Metal music = hell

Because heavy metal is the darkest style of music there is, it attracts the misfits, the unwashed infidels, and the insane. The aggressiveness and the clear difference to other styles of music appeal to them. They give them an outlet for their pent-up anger or anything that lives inside them in some elusive way. It’s the sound of rebellion, a soundtrack to the unknown and the exciting. And with that, you can probably send yourself to hell. 👹

But the flirt of metal with the mystical has always been a two-way street. We must not forget that Black Sabbath not only released the sound line of heavy metal, but also wrote the first Christian metal song. (In real!)

« If you look at the 80’s there is a whole movement ranging from Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden to what we did in thrash metal and many issues make us question such things » , explained Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson, a luminary in the dispute between heavy metal and religion . “So I think it upset the church. Suddenly they thought, ‘How dare these people question God, what blasphemy! »

He adds: « Heavy metal is about freedom more than anything else and that’s how I got into it. I believed in God, but felt the need to seek other interpretations of my own spirituality. Especially when I met this 180-pound Kansas girl who got into music through drugs, alcohol and promiscuity ».

rockers on stage

Diabolische Rockgruppen

Satan ultimately (just like the skirt) stands for rebellion! That’s probably why rock music and the devil are so closely associated.

That doesn’t mean that some metal bands don’t go too far into satanism , though. The singer of Gorgoroth is said to have tortured a man and given him his blood to drink. The band Bruzum is known for several church fires (not to mention their neo-Nazi leanings). Their lead singer blew his brains out with a suicide note that just said, “Sorry about all the blood”!

Other bands play with these satanic accusations (especially the media) by taking things with humor. Cradle of Filth, for example, showing their band members wearing hilarious Jesus is a Cunt themed t-shirts. Or also: “Fingered by God” (defeated by God)! 🤘


rock and religion

The Bible is also a “rock book” when you think about it… A volume of Christian stories of sickness, murder, adultery, suicide, anger, hellfire and sacrifice. That sounds like a lot of metal songs no?

Ozzy Osbourne  declared, ”  Rock ‘n’ Roll is my religion ,” and it’s very clear that rock’s biggest fans feel exactly the same way. There needs to be more people who are fans of rock music and would choose heavy metal as their religion over any other. In 2011, a petition to make heavy metal a religion in the United States garnered over 41,000 followers.

Unless you’re one of the brain-eating black/death metal extremists, metal as a philosophy is simple: be yourself.

When rock and roll experienced its first wave of popularity in the mid-’50s, many fundamentalist Christians cried out in horror. For them, rock’s “wild rhythms” and its violent lyrics made it ”  the devil’s music .”« . A number of churches encouraged their young members to participate in record burnings, where masses of rock and roll records were conscientiously thrown on fire.

Rock music and Christianity have been linked ever more closely since the 1950s. Gospel artists – including Elvis Presley – borrowed the rhythms of contemporary rock and soul music. Labels have had great success with albums of Christian music by artists whose style is otherwise inextricably linked to rock .

“Dead Man, Dead Man,” in which Mr. Dylan envisions a dead man rising from his grave and dragging him “to hell,” is a muscular, hard-hitting rock and roll song, and the band that Mr. Dylan has worked with over the past few years is certainly one of the best he has ever managed. The decorations and scenarios of their concerts were just amazing. The inserts en scènes sont parfois un peu gore, mais tellement décalé qu’on valide continued !

rock and religion

Link the skirt to the devil!

We just listed the various reasons why rock music is associated with the devil. The rhythm of the music and the lyrics of some songs are the perfect definition of hell for some. For the rock music fanatics that we are, it’s pure bliss. You now know exactly why metal, and heavy metal in particular, is associated with Satan.

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