In this article you’ll find out :

  • Which rock instrumentals shouldn’t you miss?
  • Which rock instrumental bands should you know?
  • A little bonus at the end of the article just for you 🤫.

Because sometimes you don’t even need a singer . We have put together a selection of instruments that you will not soon forget. Let’s go 🤘.

What would a rock fan be without his skull ring ?

Finding a good singer is a problem that many rock bands face. Some compromise by asking a band member to take the lead singer’s place. Others take a different approach by not having a singer at all! 🎤 Here is our list of the 10 best rock and metal bands whose music speaks louder than words. Some of the bands are quite well known and others you may have never heard of.

Instrumental 10: Polyphia

These Texas boys know how to write a song! Labeled ”  progressive rock  “, they constantly say that their music is more like hip-hop than rock. As if they wanted to silence the discussions about the genre with their new album “New Levels New Devils”, they grew up in their very own area. Crazy leaks, bizarre moments and plenty of groove. Enjoy it!

Instrumental 9 : Chon

This extremely technical and upbeat instrument is CHON in its element. What they do best. This Californian quartet has been writing stunning instrumental music for 11 years now and never disappoints. Each of their albums and EPs has its own flavor and vibe. In doing so, they maintain their general style. Good music to listen to on a sunny day. Maybe enjoying life can be summed up like this: Sun and CHON. 😎

Instrumental 8 : Astrosaur

These Norwegian post-rockers (although it’s hard to apply a specific genre to this band) are relatively unknown. They only have one EP under their belt, but what an EP! A deep, deep guitar and even deeper bass create an ultra-different soundscape. What is hard to believe is that there are only three of them in the band. In addition to the EP, they have released a cover version of Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song” which is a must for all fans of the band… Astrosaur is undoubtedly from another planet. 🪐

Instrumental 7: Full

Pliny is a lonely man. But this man can write some of the most avant-garde guitar music out there. The melodic and technical aspect of Pliny’s music rivals the best and he is only at the beginning of his career. This is probably the future of instrumental guitar music and we can’t wait. 🎸

Plini is always on the light side of things sonically, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t rock out every now and then… He’s also Steve Vai ‘s new favorite guitarist, and that speaks volumes for purists.

Instrumental 6 : Covet

There is a saying: a person who is talented at one thing is talented at everything. This adage certainly applies to Yvette Young , who not only writes most of Covet’s music, but also designs the band’s beautiful album covers . Covet’s music is light and easy to listen to, while at the same time being incredibly technical and complex in structure. A great soundtrack for a bike ride in the evening sun.

Yes, we’ve heard rockier songs before. But that goes down so well at the end of a concert when everyone’s pretty much done. 😉.

Instrumental 5 : Foolish

It’s rare that a guitarist that most people know mostly from YouTube has a really hot band. Such is the case with Rabea Massaad. He wrote brilliant songs alongside Rob Chapman at Dorje. But with Toska he really unleashed his creativity. Toska’s last album, Fire By The Silos, was as stunning and beautiful as anything Bea has ever done. Low, heavy riffs are combined with calm melodies and amazing arrangements. A perfect band if you’re into heavier instrumentation. 🥁

Instrumental 4 : Intervals

It’s true that Intervals had a singer for one album. But that didn’t become a permanent thing, so they are still considered an instrumental band. Featuring music similar to that of their more chilled colleagues, Protest The Hero. Aaron Marshall’s idea is suitable for all fans of progressive rock . In a way, the line-up changes and vocal experimentation haven’t hurt the band and their style. When you play Intervals on the speaker, you expect to have a good time.

Instrumental 3 : Chances

Chancer is an Irish instrumental band that rocks! They’re a relatively new name on the scene, having been playing since 2017 and only have one EP in their catalogue. But this band really deserves some attention. They release fresh, well-written instrumentals with super diverse styles. It’s interesting to see how the band will develop their style in the future…

So if there’s one band to keep an eye on, it’s Chancer! We’re keeping an eye on that.

Instrumental 2 : The Algorithm

And now for something « weirder ». French mix of progressive metal , djent and electronic dance music it certainly won’t be for everyone, but maybe this is the Holy Grail you’ve been looking for. 🤷

The project by Rémi Gallego, who now plays the guitar and at the same time does intensive button turning, is in its seventh year of existence. Her new album was released last year. Their music sounds strange at first sight, we’ll give you that. You’re not sure whether to dance or headbang… but it inevitably gets to your guts over time. 😈

Instrumental 1: Animals As Leaders

This band needs no introduction. She’s probably the one you think of when someone mentions instrumental Progressive Metal. Tosin Abasi has created something unique with this project: using an 8-string guitar that we’ve never seen before, incredibly complex but memorable songs, jazz techniques in a metal style, and also three incredibly talented people who are so play well together…

Although this band is only 10 years old, it has already influenced many bands and musicians. Even today they are the kings of the hill when it comes to instrumental progressive metal. 🎸

Our bonus: Vulfpeck

It’s neither rock nor metal, but we couldn’t be deterred from it. This performance gem is a standard for Michigan’s Vulfpeck. It is the definition of “doing things right”. A simply beautiful performance that would have been spoiled by any other singer. 🎹

Young metaller, absorb the music into your style

We want to give you the 10 hottest Rockinstras of the moment . You’re welcome, it’s on us. 😉 You can listen to all this in peace (or not). Learning instrumental music also means expressing your artistic side without a singer “forcing” their voice on you! Then it’s up to you to express yourself.

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