Hello young punk! Welcome to skull world. We especially guide fanatics of punk culture to get the punk look they are looking for. If you become one of us, you can fully live your passion! 🤘

Today we give you advice on the different clothes and accessories that you should definitely wear if you want to have a real punk style . Whether you’re a man or a woman , after reading this article, you’ll be able to showcase your style perfectly to affirm your passion for punk fashion. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Die Skinny Jeans

Many people believe that the skinny jeans have arrived in the 2020s. But that’s not true! It’s just a fashion that’s back in fashion. A fashion introduced for some of the biggest punk rock singers of the ’70s. Back then, jeans in the punk world were only skinny sizes. The knees worn from the battle at the concerts are optional. 😎

Punk Style Jeans

The leather jacket

Whether it’s the Ramones, Schott Perfectos or motorcyclist Joe Strummer – the leather motorcycle jacket is an indispensable piece of punk clothing . Designed to be worn all day, every day, until it feels like a second skin. 🕶

Punk leather jackets are a real reference for a reason: they are a classic! They’ve been trending on clothing store shelves since their early days. And today almost everyone wears or has worn a leather jacket. They are a great investment as they can serve you well from fall through spring and even on chilly summer nights.

Stay classic and opt for a simple black motorcycle jacket or be original with rivets, asymmetric zippers, embossed details and buckles. These fashionable jackets are the perfect addition to any outfit for both women and men.

If you don’t have yours yet, don’t panic! We offer you a range of leather jackets for punks. And not just any. We are specialists in skulls and our jackets are no exception. Pick one of the punk community ‘s favorite jackets by simply clicking on the image below.

You too should wear a “”skull jacket”” to create a real punk look.

Die Band Pins

Being a punk means having a flair for original things that stand out from the crowd. And pins belong to that category of things that make punk style stand out from the crowd. Back then, wearing a pin with a picture of a specific band or singer was like liking that band or singer’s page. It simply meant showing one’s belonging to a community. 

Pins Punk

The striped wool sweater

Striped knitwear was a staple for the likes of Johnny Rotten. And all the designers are offering versions of this lightweight striped cardigan that were also endorsed by the Sex Pistols. They can be described as timeless, since they are systematically found at punk music concerts! 🎸 We talk about it in our article on the history of punk style .

Striped Pullover Punk

Die Chuck Taylors

The BlazerThe iconic American shoe has rightly been the favorite shoe of punk fans across the Atlantic. Joey Ramone, in particular, wore it all the time at the time. Even in Europe it still causes a stir, although Converse has eclipsed the brand. 🤷♂️

punk shoes


The punk look is often associated with plaid pants and pointed-collar jackets. But the majority of the founding fathers of the music wave also appropriated quite traditional clothing for men. As is the case with evening jackets, but this time to transform them into a garment suitable for everyday use.

Blazer Look Punk

The skull rings

The key to the most perfect punk accessories are “”skull rings”” ! Whether you prefer fine, delicate rings or large rings for a biker look, skull rings add a touch of originality to your style. Wear them alone or one on each of your fingers – the choice is yours! ☠️

The studded belt

Harder-headed punks used accessories designed to put off the average passer-by. The result was picks and straps that adorned the waist, the wrists and even the neck for those truly committed to the cause. A classic not to be missed! A classic of the punk movement .

Punk studded belt 

The denim jacket

The worn-out jacket (whether denim or leather) is one of the iconic pieces of punk style. However, this was not intentional. Rather, it was related to the fact that many of the movement’s influencers owned few clothing items. Hence the ripped denim jacket worn over and over again! It is one of the must-haves for a true punk music fan. 🤘

Punk-Look Jeansjacke

White shirt and black tie

True, the style offered by the classic white shirt with its black (often very skinny) tie is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe . It’s a great timeless today, and back then almost everyone opted for this style at least once at some point in the year. While ripped t-shirts abounded in the punk era , there were just as many artists (males and females) who wore this grassroots duo. 👔 

punk shirt tie

The punk boots

The first shit-kickers weren’t just about aggressive style. But they were also essential protection during tight concerts when you get your feet stepped on every three minutes… And while it’s not uncommon for guys to wear boots with a suit these days, it was certainly a statement of punk style back then ! 🥾 You’ll never go wrong with the colors

with punk fashion ! Everything is allowed. From pink to black, don’t feel pressured. Leather boots are the perfect shoe choice for any outfit and any occasion. Whether you’re wearing an evening dress with tights or ripped jeans and a t-shirt, leather boots will seamlessly complete your outfit. it punk rock

punk boots

The punk rock dresses

Are you looking for a feminine punk style ? Try on punk rock dresses! From rich solid colors to fun patterns, find the right demon dress for you. Of course, the hottest among them are the “”skull-themed ones”” . Pair them with leather wedge heels for the most devilish style there is. 👗

Clothing and accessories with studs

All clothes and accessories with rivets are good. On days when you’re feeling particularly rebellious, jackets, shirts, pants, jewelry, and other spiked accessories are a great way to lend a hand to punk fashion. Mix and match your metal pieces with simple, solid colors to make your rivets stand out. Studded headbands, purses, and belts are great accessories to pick up. 🔨

Punk Studs Clothing

Checkered pattern

Are you really a punk if you don’t wear plaid? From the classic button-down shirt to flared skirts, tartan can be found in all styles of punk clothing . The red striped kilt style doesn’t stop with the attire, though. Also opt for backpacks, scarves, shoes or even hats. In short: everything is fine 😉.

Leader Corsets (Woman)

Get a sultry hardcore look with leather corsets . A lace-up corset worn like a top is perfect for a girls’ night out or attending a punk rock concert. To transform your corset into a versatile, casual piece of clothing, wear a tank top or t-shirt over it. Complete your style by pairing your corset with a vintage or leather jacket. Success is guaranteed!

Corset Punk-Look

Punk Skull Bag

Complete your outfit with a skull shaped backpack! Choose a tote bag or handbag with a skeleton motif. Perfect for work or school! Carrying an unusual handbag with skulls or another slightly “borderline” motif will add a lot of charisma to your outfit. 😎

skull bag

Punk Hoodie

For those days when you just want to stay warm in bed, you need a “”comfy sweater”” while keeping your passion for punk style by your side! And if you want a comfortable everyday garment that you can also wear to your favorite punk rock bands’ concerts, then this is the garment for you.

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