Would you like to know the story of the Sons of Silence? Where does this legendary club come from? What are the logos and colors of this MC? What legal and illegal activities do these often outlaw bikers engage in?

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Sons of Silence is a motorcycle club founded in 1966 by American Bruce Richardson. Minimum membership age is 21 and a Harley Davidson is highly recommended to join this biker gang. They are the number one allies of the Hells Angels.

In this article we will, among other things, together:

  • The beginnings of the MC
  • How the gang grew
  • Biker gang colors and logo
  • The problems with the judiciary
  • The legal and illegal activities of the members

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Creation of the Sons Of Silence club

The story begins with three brothers (Ricky, Charles and Michael) who share the same passions. They love heavy metal music, Harley Davidson and guns. You were born in Canada, in Blainville. All three boys had a decent childhood, they even lived very well (in their own words).

After Michael graduated from high school, he got a job at a nightclub. Shortly thereafter, his two brothers also got a job. So all three had set foot in the world of night and that’s where their story falls… 👇

They started to change until they turned into the true horrors of time. Her clothes consisted only of black, “”leather jackets with skullswere”” their favorite things, they stopped cutting their hair and learned to love heavy metal and motorcycles . They also acquired a great deal of weapon dexterity in a country where carrying weapons is legal. They slept during the day and were high at night. Aggression was the order of the day: fights and street races were part of their everyday life…

Member sons of silence

The first foundations of the MC Sons of Silence

To avoid being arrested by the police for various concerns, particularly related to street fighting , the three brothers embarked on a journey into the unknown. They traveled 245 hours on motorcycles until they finally reached their long-awaited destination. A town called Los Santos. They first settled there and bought new motorcycles. 🏍

Unfortunately they had no work. Then they started raiding shops and jewelers and stealing from people on the street… Eventually they were arrested by the police. They each received a two-year prison sentence. When they were released, they had neither money nor material goods, they were completely broke. So they founded a motorcycle clubnamed « Sons of Silence MC » to meet and share their passion for two-wheeled machines. 👊

The Sons Of Silence were formed in Colorado in 1966 by Bruce Richardson. 10 years later, Leonard Loyd Reed, known as JR, became president of the club and held that role for 20 years. In 1998 the club expanded to Europe and opened a chapter in Munich. They are particularly popular in Germany. The gang controls much of the Southwest states and the Rocky Mountains. The club consists of at least 30 clans throughout the USA and 5 smaller clubs in Germany. Overall the club is 275 members strong with some clans being multiracial and as we shall see below this is not necessarily the norm.

biker sons of silence

Logo and slogans of the Sons of Silence

The club’s motto is ‘donec mors non separat’, which in Latin means ’till death do us part’. It is true fraternal values ​​that are taught here in their « group lessons ». One for all and all for one, in a brawl it happens that one member sacrifices himself for another…

The logo is a patch that is sewn onto the back of each member’s jacket along with various other badges. The main logo consists, among other things, of an American eagle above the letter “A”. Members sometimes have the fun of designing their own logo by adding their personal touches, e.g. B. their initials. ✍️

It’s very common for them to wear patches with symbols like the skull and crossbones. These symbols often express a rejection of societal norms and a desire to follow a different path. Members of the club are sworn to keep the club’s secrets until their death and must take an oath before joining the gang. e bikers

logo sons of silence

Join this biker gang

You have to meet certain criteria to be accepted into this gang . The first is owning a motorcycle. Anyone wishing to join the gang must ride a motorcycle on a daily basis and a Harley Davidson is highly recommended, although there are more motorcycle models and brands in the Sons of Silence every year. This can be seen very clearly in the photos of the group meetings, which proudly display the club’s logo. 😎

The second criterion of the time, which also tended to disappear over the years, mainly due to the various anti-racist movements, is the fact that you have to be whitemust to join the gang. This has been heavily criticized in recent years, but the tradition seems to still hold true, especially in the most remote clans in the US.

Famous gang members

Let’s take a look at the most famous members of this biker gang, who often helped spread the MC logo

around the world – sometimes in a beautiful way, but often through crime and illegality… 👇 ⇒ Bruce G Richardson: The Founder.

Bruce G. Richardson was born on August 22, 1939 and was known as “The Dude”. He was the promoter and chief executive of the motorcycle club Sons of Silence. In 1984 he was involved in the kidnapping of a doctor and was sentenced to six years in prison. He died in his sleep in 2013. He’s the most iconic character in the gang.

⇒ Leonard Loyd Reed: Former national president.

Leonard Loyd Reed joined the motorcycle gang in 1974at. At the end of the 1970s he became its president. In the ’90s he linked up with California attorney Richard Lester. They formed the Colorado Confederation of Clubs to improve communication between clubs. He is the “cleanest” man in the history of the gang, not a single charge has been filed against him.

⇒ Leonard Ray Shipley: Former President.

Leonard Ray Shipley was arrested and convicted of possession of methamphetamine. He also owned a controlled substance from the Appendix with the idea of ​​sharing it. Several weapons were found during the execution of the search warrant at his home. He received a sentence of 24 years imprisonment. He was a very “loudmouthed” President and many loved him for it.

⇒Ronald Merrill “Bad Ron” Gruber

This man is simply notorious for being one of the most dangerous members of the Sons of Silencewas. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 1977 for rape and assault. During his sentence, he was beaten by two guards whom he challenged. In 1994 he was convicted of federal racketeering. Some members saw him as an icon and even got his face tattooed on their skin.rtie von

american biker on motorcycle

Biker Gang 1%t Teil von

The Sons Of Silence also feature a « 1% » patch. This patch is often placed next to the patch showing the brand’s name. This means that members proudly wear the title 1% Bikers , that they belong to the outlaw motorcyclists . In other words, 99% of men who ride motorcycles obey the rules and do not engage in illegal activities. The others live off crime, drugs and smuggling of all kinds…

When one thinks of motorcycle clubs , the first image that comes to mind is leather jackets and motorcycles. However, one rarely thinks of the often illegal activities behind these images of freedom on motorcycles in vast landscapes. In recent years, however, they have attracted negative attention from the general public. ❌

Despite their impact on the American people, outlaw motorcyclists have been mystified on television and in literature. Hunter S. Thompson’s book Hell’s Angels shed some light on their behavior. The popular TV show Sons of Anarchy renewed interest. People realized that these 1% gangs, which were sometimes full of criminals, had to be wary of.

Jacke sons of silence

The archenemies of the members

The club is involved in a turf war with the “”Bandidos””” and other motorcycle clubs. They are allied with the Hells Angels, which means they have many enemies. The small club makes up for it with its firepower. In 1980, their member shot the national vice president of the Outlaws MC in Indianapolis with an AK47. 🔫

They are considered one of the top five most dangerous motorcycle gangs in the United States and many other countries. The members of the gang became involved in illegal business dealings. This included bar fights against fellow bikers from other organizations. Some of them have served years in prison for simple brawls. The number of shootings is also unmanageable.

motorcyclist 1%

Sons of Silence VS Police

In 1995, SWAT teams raided 25 clubs in Colorado Springs, Commerce City, and Fort Collins. 39 members were arrested and 48 weapons seized including four hand grenades… 30 kilograms of methamphetamine were also seized and an amount of $25,000 in cash. The operation was carried out in three main clans of the club.

At the end of the 1970s, the Sons of Silence were able to expand their territory in the Midwest. Michael “Righteous Mike” Ramsey, a former member of the rival outlaw club, became President of the Sons of Silence. This sparked a long war with the outlaws that ended in a series of murders. It went so far that a whole department of the local police was formed to deal with this gang warto fight. ☠️

In 1999, the Federal Police arrested 31 bikers from the gang as part of one of the largest covert operations. They were involved in various deals. The ATO organized a thorough search of the club’s premises and found vast quantities of hard drugs, handguns, weapons of war, cash and ammunition. The arrest came about because two years earlier, two federal agents had infiltrated the gang and learned many interesting details about club life so that they could provide information to the FBI.

Biker with wife

Brandis a true biker style

We’ve come to the end of this article, you’ve just found out where this extraordinary MC came from. You know the club’s values, as well as the logo and the colors of the coat of arms, how it has progressed over time and how it has established itself as a real reference in the motorcycle world . Now you know one of the top five most respected motorcycle gangs in the world, well done! 😉.

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