As a biker, do you wonder who the most dangerous motorcyclists are? Are the gangs that are considered criminals really criminals? What are the names of the most famous gangs in the USA?

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The most dangerous biker gangs in the US sometimes enforce their own laws. The Hells Angels, the Mongols, the Bandidos or the Sons of Silence are the best known among them. Arms and drug trafficking is at the heart of their activities.

In this article you will learn why these gangs are considered dangerous, what activities they carry out and, most importantly, the names of the ten most famous gangs.

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Outlaw motorcycle gangs, or the “1%,” have been a plague on the federal government in the United States since the 1960’s. Even today, motorcycle clubs (MCs) exist on both coasts. Only one percent of them represent criminal bikers dealing in guns or drugs.

Although Americans have long mythologized biker culture through books and TV shows like Sons of Anarchy . Outlaw biker gangs continue to play a very important role in organized crime in the United States. ☠️ In recent years we have witnessed major court cases resulting in drug trafficking, racketeering and murder charges committed by motorcycle gang members.

Criminalized motorcycle groups  are very active in the US, and the federal government continues to fight against their influence. Let’s take a look at the ten most famous of them together. 👇

American gang logos on leather

10) Die Warlocks

This rocker group is mainly active on the East Coast of the USA and has about 300 members. The warlocks have such a bad reputation that many other groups dare not ally themselves with them. The gang has a history of  extreme violence  and free. They are known for committing crimes such as attacking rival leaders and killing police officers. 👮♂️

The Warlocks are very active in Pennsylvania and Florida, and if you’re a bit familiar with the  drug culture in both of these states, it will not surprise you to learn that they are heavy methamphetamine users. A high-ranking member of the gang was caught with 5kg of crystal meth that same year when four warlocks were arrested for selling 200kg of crack.

9) Die Highwaymen

Its primary territory is in Detroit, with multiple sections scattered across the Midwest and South. In Detroit they have about 200 members. The Highwaymen’s modest membership wouldn’t rival much larger gangs like the Hells Angels or the Outlaws. But throughout their history, the  Highwaymen  have brought their share of crime to Motor City, Detroit.

In a 2007 raid, forty members of this group were arrested on charges as varied as mortgage fraud, cocaine dealing and various murders. 👀

8) Die Black Pistons

The Black Pistons are scattered across the United States and have around 200 members. Sometimes larger gangs form “support clubs” that exist only to do the dirty work that even the “1%” don’t touch. The Black Pistons are the support club of the much larger  MC Outlaws.

This motorcycle group handles the drug market and attacks the outlaws’ enemies. When a Black Piston platoon moves into a new town, violent clashes ensue with the existing gangs. 🔫

7) Vagos Motorcycle Club

The territory of the Vagos is the Southwest of the United States. Its membership is approximately 4000. Vagos MC is best known for coordinating drug smuggling operations with Mexican sections. Formed in the 1960s with several of the most well-known « 1% », Vagos has been at war with the Hell’s Angels from the start.

They took part in one of the most prominent police operations in the memory of the  motorcycle squads . The club was accused of booby-trapping police cars and anti-gang unit buildings. Although the evidence did indeed point to it, the Vagos sued local law enforcement for defamation, and the case was settled out of court without any member of the gang being sentenced to prison. ⚖️

6) The Sons of Silence

The Sons operate from the South to the Midwest and the group has nearly 300 members. This   Colorado-based gang  is one of the smallest on this list, with just 275 members in 30 different states. What the group lacks in numbers, they make up for in strength. 🔥 A raid conducted in 1999 revealed that the Sons have a large arsenal of weapons, including machine guns, homemade bombs and grenades.

The Sons of Silence require this power as they engage in  Territory Wars for several decades. The gang first carved out a foothold in Colorado, Arizona and Kansas by attacking the Outlaws, a much larger motorcycle club. Today, the Sons of Silence are allied with the Hells Angels for security reasons. However, that doesn’t mean they can lower their vigilance. In fact, their alliance with the Hells Angels makes them natural enemies for several minor MCs. It seems they are still locked in the same arms race. ⚔️

5) Die Pagan’s

This gang, based on the east coast, has 200 to 250 members. Originally it was a non-violent club. But in the 1970s, under the leadership of John “Satan” Marron, the Pagan’s became organized crime actors. Although the Pagan’s have few members, they are considered one of the most dangerous and best organized clubs.

The FBI considers the Pagan’s to be an  incredibly dangerous organization , largely due to their ties to gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood and the Italian Mafia. The members of the Pagan’s are regularly involved in arson, bombings and murders. By the way: one of the group’s favorite pastimes is storing machine guns. 💥

Like many well-known MCs in the country, the Pagan’s often come into conflict with the Hells Angels. They are even suspected to be connected to the 2005 assassination of the vice president of the Hells Angels section in Philadelphia.

4) Der Motorradclub Bandidos

The Bandidos ‘ territory extends southward with a center in Texas. Their approximate membership is 2,500. With their large membership, the Bandidos are one of the largest biker gangs in America. Although the club was only founded in 1996, it has a presence in 16 US states and 14 different countries. Her influence led to the federal government designating her as one of the Big Four MCs (Pagan’s, Hells Angels, Outlaws and Bandidos).

The Bandidos have their base in Texas, where they focus on  drug smuggling  on the US-Mexico border. Their aggressive and effective expansion was evidenced by their involvement in crimes taking place far away, as far away as Norway and Australia.

3) Die Outlaws MC

Outlaw territory is located in the eastern and central United States. The group consists of about 1700 members. Founded in 1936, The Outlaws are considered the oldest outlaw motorcycle club in the world. It is still very present today and has over 1,700 members in 176 states. While a number of MCs fight to control the drug trade between Mexico and America, the outlaws have retained significant influence over the drugs that are shipped across the Canadian border. 🌍

Although the Outlaws are in control of the Great Lakes region, they are often at war with the Hells Angels, who have repeatedly attempted to invade their territory. Former Outlaws chairman Taco Bowman was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list before he went to prison in 1999 for a triple murder.

2) The Mongols

Its area of ​​operation is  Southern California  and its membership is approximately 1,500. Though a smaller group than many of their similarly well-known peers, the Mongols make up for their relatively small numbers with their unwavering tenacity. With 800 of its members residing primarily in and around Southern California, the gang is very imposing and powerful there. 💪🏼

Through their alliances with Latin American street gangs, the Mongols took and still control Southern California. The Mongols’ alliance with these street boys is largely based on their origins, as most Mongols are Hispanic or Native American. The club was formed after a number of biker Latinos were denied membership in the Hells Angels because of their origins. ⛔️ The Mongols remain a very violent gang 

even today and active; In 2008, sixty members were arrested on charges of trafficking, extortion and murder. This action led to the arrest of the chairman Ruben “Doc” Cavazos. As a result, Mongolian members were forbidden to wear their coats of arms in public. However, after several years in court, a judge ruled that the confiscation of the coat of arms was an abuse of judicial power and the Mongols were allowed to wear their colors again. 🏴 This flick is talked about a lot

in biker movies .

1) Die Hells Angels

Because the Angels’ territory is nationwide, they have the strongest presence in California. Their approximate membership is 2,500. When you think of outlaw motorcycle clubs, the Hells Angels probably spring to mind.

The Hells Angels brand is so widespread that it has grown into a proper company. Its members are represented by a society in the USA and Canada. This company initiates procedures such as B. the lawsuit against the film Wild Hogs for copyright infringement. The recognition of the Hells Angels name helps them boost recruitment.

At last count, the most famous motorcycle gang had 2,500 members on six different continents. Given their growing membership, the Hells are often involved in territorial wars. Battle with the Mongols  for control of California and the outlaws for Canadian influence are just two of their many battles with rival MCs. 🏴☠️

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We have just looked together at which are the largest  organizations de bikers les plus dangereux  in the United States. You now know perfectly well their names, the logos and badges they wear, and their (often criminal) activities. This topic is no longer a secret for you as a young motorcyclist! 👊

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