Are you wondering about the association between skulls and bikers? What is the meaning of the skull on a leather jacket? Or which skull accessories are a must for every self-respecting biker?

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The skull and crossbones is widely used by bikers because of its extraordinary style. As a symbol of power and courage, it can be found on many motorcyclists’ accessories. Some major motorcycle brands such as Harley Davidson have even made it their emblem.

In this article we look at the different  symbolism of the skull and crossbones in bikers. 💀  The way a biker puts skulls in the foreground. After reading the following lines, you will know exactly how much the skull and crossbones is part of biker culture. Let’s get started without further delay!

Importance of the skull and crossbones for bikers

Why decorate themselves and their bikes with stickers, jewelry and all sorts of other accessories with a skull?

The skull and crossbones has a strong place in biker culture . 🏍 First, let’s take a look at the importance of displaying a skull for a decent motorcyclist. Then we look at the place the skull has taken to become the number one biker icon, especially in the US.

The symbolism of the skull has been around for a long time, long before motorcycling. It is mentioned, for example, in ancient texts. Anthropologists have also found tribes that used skulls for ceremonies. It was also used to symbolize bands of pirates and looters ⚔️. The famousThe skull and crossbones symbol is also used as a universal deadly substance hazard sign.

However, as motorcyclists, we’re not trying to wreak havoc on cities or invoke a god of war. We just want to enjoy our bikes and have a good time with our friends. We want to be safe on the road and we don’t wish death on any of our passengers… Then why do we have a symbol of death so close to us? Here are some of our observations:

1) Symbol of immortality

While many people see the skull as a symbol of mortality, for us it is actually the opposite: a symbol of immortality .🛡 This may mean for some: even after death, when all flesh has dried, our bones remain on this earth. The skull is simply the part of our skeletal system that we immediately recognize as human as opposed to a bone.

Group of motorcyclists

2) Expression of our destinies

The skull is a visual acknowledgment of our destiny. We know that death is always with us on the motorcycle, no matter how hard we try to ride safely. The accident is part of the motorcyclist and   showing up  with a skull  means taking the taste of risk on our account. This is our way of living by the sword and dying by the sword. 🗡

3) Sign of affiliation

Wearing a skull garment, tattoo, or other “”skull accessory “”is a visual way to attract and repel certain individuals. Put simply, by flaunting the skull and crossbones symbolism on ourselves, we use it as a filter to attract people who identify with us. And in return drive out those who do not identify with us. Because even if customs are changing a lot in this regard, there are still people who think it’s wrong to wear a skull and crossbones. And the idea is kind of to keep them out of our field of vision as much as possible. ⛔️

4) A skull can mean the opposite of ego trip!

Don’t panic, we’ll explain the thought behind this title… The idea behind it is that a  skull allows people to be equal . No matter how much power you held in life, you are no greater in death. Although each of our skulls is different, you can’t really tell someone by looking at their skull. This tends to have a uniform effect on all of us. The skull forces the ego to push itself aside and thereby brings us together. 🤜🏼🤛🏼

Biker wears a skull jacket

5) Devotion unto death

The symbolism of the skull expresses our obligation unto death. Towards motorcycling, our club and our motorcycling brothers . 🏍 It is also and above all a philosophy of life. Never give up on anything and see everything through to the end, no matter what it is.

As a biker, how can you put the skulls in the foreground?

We have just seen the place and significance of the skull and crossbones in the hearts of bikers. Now we want to find out together how you as a biker can use the image of the skull and crossbones for yourself. Because while being a biker is first and foremost a state of mind, clothing style plays a big part in your adventure on the road. Let’s ride!

1) Biker clothing (leather jacket and bandanas)

The basis of biker style is to dress like a biker. Let’s talk about leather, let’s talk about black, let’s talk about skulls, let’s talk about biker clothing. 🤘🏼

It doesn’t matter whether you are a motorcyclist yourself or want to acquire the biker style even before you own your motorbike, a leather jacket belongs in your closet. The leather jacket is the very first piece of clothing that a motorcyclist buys. Add a skull as a design to the already ultra-devilish biker jacket 💀 and you’re done! By the way, we have some pieces with and without sleeves in our online shop that you should definitely take a look at!

The bandana is one of the accessories that go with the biker helmet. A question of style, but not only! The  biker bandana   protects the inside of the helmet from sweat, moisture and hair and also provides comfort when wearing the helmet.

2) Bikers’ skull tattoos

Tattoos in general are extremely popular with motorcyclists. First introduced in the 1940s, motorcycle rider tattoos were typically used as a symbol for a specific motorcycle group. Membership in a motorcycle gang was a way of representing brotherhood among the members of a club. Today one speaks more of a biker community . 🤘🏻 And the skull is one of the biker’s favorite tattoos to express his difference and belonging to the motorcycle world.


Almost ironic, but by no means a joke. One of the most popular places motorcyclists get a skull tattoo is… on the skull! To push the passion for the skull and crossbones to the extreme. And we confirm loudly, bravo gentlemen 😉.

Choose your tattoo safely! Choosing the design for your tattoo and where you will mark your skin until you die is not something to be taken lightly. That’s why our team didn’t hesitate to launch its range of ephemeral “”skull tattoos so you can test different templates to put on your skin before getting into the tattoo artist’s chair… 💉””

Skull tattoos on biker heads

3) Skull jewelry for motorcyclists (rings and bracelets)

Skull rings, skull bracelets and even earrings – for the most fanatical bikers – are part of a biker’s gear . Jewelry is the detail that gives a real boost to the biker’s style . 😈 Let’s take a look:

If a motorcyclist had just one piece of jewelery to complement his style, he would have no hesitation in choosing the skull ring. Among bikers, the “”skull ring”” and other related jewelry are considered symbols of belonging to the motorcycle community. For spiritual purposes such as contemplating life after death or simply as a matter of style. Each biker identifies the skull and crossbones at his own discretion and always finds a good reason to adorn himself with his ring before starting his motorcycle. 🏍

Hands with skull rings

Even if the skull bracelet is far behind the ring in terms of popularity, it is not to be scoffed at. Apart from its symbolic popularity, the “”skull bracelet”” lends a masculine and trendy look and stands the test of time in a way that is almost self-evident given its charisma.

Join the 1% for your part!

We saw together how much the skull and crossbones is an integral part of biker culture. How bikers use the image of the skull and crossbones to their advantage and what messages they want to convey by displaying a skull and crossbones in the middle of their leather jacket for example! You are now familiar with the topic 😉.

Whether you are already a motorcyclist or about to become one, the entire Skull World team urges you to incorporate skulls into your life . And for all the reasons we’ve discussed in this article. Join the 1% of the most fanatical motorcyclists by discovering our selection of articles dedicated to bikers like you. 👊🏼

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