There are hundreds of reasons to wear a skull ring and today we are going to look at the top five reasons to wear this wonderful piece of jewellery. Surprisingly, it’s an entire culture, affiliation, and style that gets stuck on whatever you wear on your finger! 😍

1) A ring gives you a unique identity

In a world where everyone looks the same, wearing a skull ring is an eye-catcher that sets you apart and draws attention to you and what you have on your finger. It is what expresses your belonging to a style that is unique to you.

It draws attention in the right direction. If you e.g. For example, if you’re at the beach or some other place where your clothes aren’t there to express your style, it’s very likely that the only accessory you can wear is a ring or some other piece of jewelry like a bracelet, earrings or a chain pendant. 💍

Gold skull ring

Quite simply, a ring will either add an identity to your style when you wear simple clothing with no particular logos or designs on it, or accentuate your style with a skull around your finger. 💀

A skull ring that has a motif like a calavera, a pirate skull or even a steampunk look will directly express what you are interested in. How many times have you heard or been able to say something like :

« Do you remember Julien? To the biker? Yes, yes, he had a  Sons Of Anarchy ring  ! »and the interlocutor will immediately remember this detail 👍 as well as the conversations you may have had around this ring. But we’ll save that topic for later!

Biker skull ring

2) A skull ring is a conversation starter.

Accessories are visual cues of your personality , and a beautiful ring in the shape of a skull will always draw the attention of those around you. You could meet new people just because you have a ring on your finger! 🤔

Imagine you’re at a festival like Hellfest, which many of our readers at Skull World attend every year. The people there are often very willing to chat and we can promise you that many will come to ask you questions about your favorite accessory:

  • Just wanting information about its origins: « Your skull ring is so cool, where did you buy it? »
  • Or want to know more about its deadly design: « Wow, I love that grim reaper on your finger, what material is it made of? ».
  • Or even want to wear them because you have chosen the ring that suits you best: « Can I try on your ring? I was looking for a similar ring but I don’t know if it goes well with my biker jacket ».

There are many reasons to start a conversation about a ring 👌 because it’s this kind of little accessory that catches the attention of your conversation partners.

As you can see, wearing a skull ring can be a good place to start new conversations . It might even be that excuse the pretty woman in a cafe needs to start a conversation, or just to get her going again in a moment of incendiary, who knows! 👀

Camping Festival Hellfest

You can share your appreciation for the history of the skulls, or even themes related to it, by having a start and end point, literally at your fingertip. 👆 This usually opens up a conversation that will surely make you even more attractive and interesting after sharing many stories .

3) The culture of skull jewelry

Cultures have often associated rings with the wealth and status of the wearer. A unique accessory made of a hard-to-find material will be able to identify your status in society . 😮 In many countries in the east of the world, wearing a ring can mean that you are a wealthy person.

Skull Ring Costard

Although we no longer have class distinctions in the West, in other parts of the world a skull ring automatically becomes a mark of placement in society.

Young people today often wear flashy rings with a style that represents their passions or commitment to support social causes and to swear allegiance to a group. A simple skull ring can reveal their identity and their interest in a subject! 🤘

A skull ring could also be worn as a reminder of a past event. For example, a ring with a Mexican skull (calavera) could refer to a trip to Mexico during El Dia de Los Muertos.

As you may have noticed, rings can have special meanings based on each country’s cultural traditions. If you drift off a bit, in some countries a ring can even be a belief requirement for one’s religion. Latin American azabache rings and other jewelry are believed to offer protection to the wearer. Sikh men in India wear a childhood copper bracelet to show their attachment to the faith as well. 🙏

Rings are part of the culture in most of these places and are often part of the normal dress code. Whether it’s a religious, historical, or just plain cultural association, this little gem will define who you are for many people.

4) The fingers speak!

Each finger has a different meaning, so take it to the next level with an accessory that reflects you. It is important to understand what each finger symbolizes in order to know where to wear a skull ring.

  • The finger of the « wedding »

The most common known symbolism for fingers is the fourth finger of the left hand, reserved in many cultures for the engagement ring and later the wedding ring . But beware: in some parts of the world, this finger, reserved for engagement and wedding rings, is the fourth finger of the right hand. 💍

Wedding ring skull

Many have made the mistake, at least once, of speaking to a Polish person and assuming they are single until told that the wedding ring is worn on the right hand in their country! In some traditions it is unfortunate to wear rings on this finger before entering into a more serious relationship, e.g. B. by saying that fate may slow down to bring you true love .

If you’re already married, a skull ring might stain that finger. If not, this is one of the least bothersome fingers to wear a ring!

  • The « little finger » or « index finger »

The little finger and index finger have only become fashion statements in recent years , which wasn’t necessarily the case in the past. People choose to wear rings on these fingers to give extra attention to the hand. 🖐 They can be quite daring as they really often make it stand out very much, but they are great to wear!

Skull Ring Index

It’s a way of saying « Check out the details in the relief and design of my silver viking skull ring, it suits my perfectionist attitude perfectly ».

  • The « middle » finger

The middle finger is the most popular ring finger of all. This was because people didn’t want any confusion between the hand and the marriage finger. Given that, the middle finger was a safe bet. Because of its location on the hand, the rings on this finger show a sense of balance and responsibility. 😌 Both men’s and women’s rings on this finger add glamor and class to an outfit. This will effortlessly add an extra sense of style to your ring.

Ring skull major

You understood that each finger has its meaning, so you should pay attention to where you put your skull ring to avoid misunderstandings. 🤨 We recommend wearing it on your pinky or forefinger, where your style will best show off, without being too flashy or vulgar (because, unfortunately, this unique style is not shared by everyone).

5) Because skulls are just great!

Anyone who has never felt among the alpha animals of this world throws us the first skull! 😂

Of course, listening to skull rings is a very broad topic that interests many, and that’s why there’s something for everyone. Whether you are a biker, a fan of punk, gothic, pirates or the gods of death, you will definitely find what you are looking for here. They will show dominance, connectedness with a passion, rock ‘n’ roll and metal attitude .

Skull and Rock Festival

Of course, if you care about the material, you can find them in silver for the shine, in gold-plated material for the luxury, but also in stainless steel or ceramic for the classic (and at a very affordable price ). 👍 Of course ,

here you are in the right place to find the skull ring you’ve always dreamed of, for all tastes, all prices and above all with a design that will take you to a level of style unmatched by those around you has to do.

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