There’s no doubt that biker gang members look like tough guys. However, in order to exude such a physique, you need to get the right equipment. That’s why you should definitely know how to wear skull rings , how to complete your outfit and which style suits you best. But if you don’t have time to educate yourself, you can now check out one of our best skull rings that fits everywhere and in every situation!

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1) How many skull rings should one wear?

Number of skull rings

Men are pretty conservative, just like men’s fashion. Photos of celebrities or rock stars with rings hanging from all their fingers make them look cool, but they are stars. Although biker culture is the opposite of conservatism, few can afford to be a full-time biker. Many men have fairly settled jobs where a plethora of rings would look ridiculous. However, one should not think that one cannot wear anything other than a wedding ring. The norms allow wearing two or three rings on both hands.

Interestingly, in most countries it is customary to wear the wedding rings on the ring finger. Some people wear them on their right hand, others on their left hand. This is due to the division of Christians into Orthodox and Catholic Christians.

Hand With Skull Ring

Given the dominant hand, it is believed that the right hand is for work and the left hand for skull adornments. For left-handers, it’s the opposite. This doesn’t set strict limits, but keep in mind that you could accidentally damage the rings on your dominant hand. By the way, if you’re ever a brawling warrior, a hit with a hand adorned with a ring can damage you even more than your opponent. So when choosing a skull ring, let the hand you use less actively guide you.

2) How to match skull rings to your clothes

Skull jewelry goes perfectly with all elements of biker style. You just have to look at a motorcycle. It is full of chromed metal parts and leather . That’s what motorcyclists wear: leather and steel. So if you are just thinking about choosing your outfit, all you have to do is choose jewelry that suits the occasion and everything will be fine.

Skull ring motorcyclist

With ordinary clothes, the situation is a little more difficult. Luckily, solid skull jewelry goes well with a casual style. If you like wearing regular dark jeans with a t-shirt or flannel shirt, your biker rings won’t look dodgy. On the other hand, skulls also go well with other pieces of jewelry, e.g. B. to leather bracelets or silver » » skull chains » » . By the way: silver rings will form an excellent duo with a purse chain or a silver belt buckle.

It is much more difficult to combine skull rings with a business wardrobe. There’s a little trick though: you can try wearing them with cufflinks, a tie clip, or a skull watchto combine. Maybe you should steer clear of massive rings as they tend to draw all the attention. A better option is to opt for a ring instead.

Skull Bracelets and Rings

If you still want to bring elements of your biker nature to the business world, you can complete your look with other embellishments such as: B. with bracelets or necklaces . They can always be hidden under clothes when going to an important business event. Yet you will always feel like they are with you.

3) The choice of the skull ring: the morphology of the fingers

When choosing a ring, consider the size of your palm and the shape of your fingers . Modern men’s fashion allows jewelry to be worn on any finger, including the little finger and thumb.

If you have long, narrow fingers, you should choose wide but not thick rings . You should opt for large rings and rings with a solid structure.

Massive, elegant skull rings are well suited for short, thick fingers. Wide and massive rings will emphasize the peculiarity of these fingers. You should be aware that you should choose a slightly narrower ring. A well-fitting ring will give the impression of cutting off the finger, making a short phalanx appear even smaller.

Large skull ring

If you have average hand measurements, consider yourself lucky. You can try on and wear rings of any texture, shape, and size. And if you’re looking for even more detail, you can check out the methods for choosing a ring by hand shape.

4) In which direction should you wear a skull ring?

First things first: There is no 100% correct “rule” for aligning your ring . Most men wear a ring so that it is clearly visible to onlookers, ie the direction of the ring is outward, towards other people. However, bikers are not “most men”. Because what is practiced by civilians does not necessarily have to be appreciated by motorcycle fans.

Biker's skull ring

Now you should know how many rings you can wear, which fingers you can wear a ring on, how to combine your skull rings with the rest of your outfit, and how to choose your skull ring to match your body type. We even published an article on the best reasons to wear skull jewelry .

However, there is no information anywhere on the internet about how a skull ring should be aligned. Meanwhile, the way you wear your biker skull ring will determine the message you want to convey to others. Let’s fill that gap and talk about the symbolism of the skull when your ring is facing in and out.

5) The outward or inward ring: what is its meaning?

Which way to wear a skull ring

Before you put a skull ring on your finger, you should ask yourself what that means for you personally. Depending on your answer, wear your skull ring either pointing toward others or wearing it pointing inward.

If a ring is a means of expression, an accessory that defines your style and is a link between the different elements of your outfit, then you should wear it so that it faces the others. At the end of the day, a silver skull ring is proof that you’re stylish, tough and upbeat, so you gotta show it off, prove it to society.

When a ring has a sentimental meaningor if it has a meaning only you know, you should wear it so that it faces you. You have the ring B. a gift from a friend or another member of your club, or in honor of a classmate who left way too soon? In this case, you are the only person this ring is intended for, so the skull should look straight into your eyes.

Ring skull range

If you are a member of a biker gang yourself and wear a ring as part of a badge, then the skull must be facing outwards. Everyone needs to know which club you belong to. That’s why you need to make sure that people can easily see your ring and distinguish what’s depicted and written on it. Also, if you have a bone to settle with other motorcycle groups, you should wear your ring in a way that’s the last thing your opponent sees if your fist hits them in the face, so again, your ring needs to be able to convey that .

If it’s customary in your club to wear the ring the other way around, then wearing it like your classmates does is the right thing to do. You must respect the traditions and customs of your gang. This should be the « code » or standard way of wearing rings.

Ring Motorradclub

If for any reason you find this direction impractical, or if you want to reverse the direction of a skull ring for personal reasons , there’s no harm in speaking to the president or club leader about it. Then you can explain your motivation or your disorder to him. If your reasons prove convincing, he should agree that you can wear the ring your way.

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