Does metal music have questionable lyrics? Do style-conscious rockers worship Satan? Are Metalheads Satanists? Why are there so many crosses hanging at some rock ‘n’ roll concerts?

Young metalhead, welcome to the world of skulls! These are the questions that we want to answer today in this article. 💀

Heavy rock is subject to “attacks” and denounced as satanic. The beginning of these “designations” came with the band Black Sabbath. The sign of the horn is also targeted by some Christian bands as a salute to the devil.

In this article we want to find out together why metallers are wrongly called satanists. What claims are made by people who label them as such. And how to counteract this as a heavy rock fancliche that has been targeting rock music since the 1980s.

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Where did the satanic metal myth come from?

It all started with the son of a candy store owner named Toni Iommi. This young Italian had managed to cut off two fingers from his right hand in a factory where he worked. Despite the searing pain, Iommi wanted to play his guitar, so he decided to work with what he had. To ease the tension in his fingers, Iommi tuned his guitar down in pitch, resulting in the so-called ”  master notes” of heavy metal . These master notes (three whole tones next to each other) drove a beautiful sound with a rather cold tone. It is said that this sound formed the basis of heavy metal music. 🎸

Toni Iommi and the other members of his band went through several band names and finally Black Sabbath was left. On a whim, the band wrote a song with the same name as the band (Black Sabbath). The lyrics were anything but a school playground, and that’s where things started to get complicated.

Added to this is the fact that, according to the medieval monks, three whole notes next to each other in a musical rhythm were considered the devil’s lute. This was due to the dissonance it created in the music. And what style of music does it include? Yes in a nutshell… heavy metal. 👹 For some, metal has therefore become “the devil’s music” in western culture.

Black Sabbath rock

Black Sabbath

In fact, things got “complicated” for people who weren’t very open-minded… Black Sabbath and many other bands devoted to “chaos” had an ever-growing fan base. These fans came in hordes. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that the term “metaller” or “metalhead” appeared. The truth is that the sound of heavy metal music had become attractive because it was different, daring, and reflected the holdovers of the post-war era. In fact, a lot of heavy metal music was just a huge slap in the face to the culture and society of the time.

Rock concert devil

The sign of the horn is satanic

Metal music fans are satanists because they use the “sign of the horn”. 🤘 Among the members of the band Black Sabbath, one of the guys named Ronnie James Dio was raised in the Italian belief system. This Mediterranean culture says that when you sense bad luck or misfortune around you, you quickly form the ”  Gesture of the Horn  ” to ward off evil.

Dio first used this sign after playing a show in England. Unfortunately, people who didn’t like heavy metal music just misunderstood it and misused the sign as a salute to the devil… But luckily for us, it’s widely used in modern metal music today. The “horns” are used as a sign of belonging to the rock worldpronounced and not as a symbol for Satan. 👹

sign rockhorn

Horror movies and metal have made a satanic pact

Metallers and filmmakers have shared a pact with the devil ever since Mario Bava’s 1963 film Black Sabbath inspired the band Brummie . 😈 Heavy metal and horror movies. Despite enjoying a mutually beneficial partnership for half a century, the media still seem to label them “satanic”…

Some even go so far as to say that metal as it is today would not exist if the 1960s horror films were not there to provide thematic and aesthetic inspiration to the musical style. Poorly lit locks, satanic innuendo and youth with a weird style of clothing would have greatly inspired the metal music world.

The advent of Sabbath caused unrest among some Christian groups in the early years of metal. And by the mid-’80s, the genre went from being just a background nuisance to becoming a real threat to society. Satanic panic had spread across the US and the Parental Advisory Committee drew media attention to the allegedly “often obscene and violent” nature of metal lyrics… 🧐

That pivotal moment made the difference: now it’s the filmmakers who are influenced by heavy metal. And thus insulted as Satanists! Not least because of a string of heavy metal themed horror films that quickly followed. Simultaneously satirical, these films dealt with the hysteria and moral outrage of the time. Black Roses, Rock’n’Roll Nightmare , Trick or Treat or Hard Rock Zombies all revolve around censorship, conservatism and the idea of ​​musicians as a corrupt force for youth. Summoned demons, exploding speakers and armed guitars are omnipresent in all four films.

Film Black Roses

1980s Metal = Diabolical

Metal has changed a lot over the past few years and while much of its image has remained the same, some of the belief systems have gradually begun to shift. And it’s easy to argue that rock music is becoming less and less associated with Satanism . 🎸 Especially the metal of the 80s was affected by these completely false accusations. The image and culture behind metal seems to be much less shocking today and above all much more accepted by the general public.

The Place of Satan in Rock Music

What Role Does Satan Play in Metal in 2021? One must already understand that
the image of the devil has changed a lot since the 1980s. While Satan still occupies a prominent position in metal , he is often either hyper-intellectualized or turned into a joke. For example, the FBS song “Goatwhore” in which Ben Falgoust “Fuc*** by Satan!” » sings, obviously meant ironically.

In fact, it’s fascinating to see just how much Satan’s role in metal has changed. While he used to be hated, we have started to fall in love with Satan and the image of Satanism . In his subconscious, he’s gone from being a personification of evil to some sort of weird rebel. There’s something very “cool” about Satan today. 🤙 And as he’s become more socially acceptable, heavy metal bands feel comfortable using his image without being labeled satanic! Satanism will never end in Metal because Satan is such an important part of what drives things. Both are inextricably linked.

Satanic Rock

Goes for a devilish style

We were just seeing together the points on which rock music and heavy metal have sometimes been associated with satanism. You now know exactly why the media made such a fuss in the 80’s and why the image of the devil is so present in rock music. 😉

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