What is Japanese Gothic style? How do you become a real Gothic Lolita? What are the differences between the European and Asian styles in this regard?

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The Japanese Gothic style is one of Lolita’s many looks. This sub-style coupled with gothic fashion to create the gothic lolita. The Gothic style comes from Japan and is mainly worn by young girls.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this article:

  • What is a Lolita, especially the Gothic style.
  • How to use this style to your advantage
  • Which accessories are indispensable in it
  • Differences between European and Japanese Gothic

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The followers of this fashion are predominantly women, although more and more men are also wearing this fashion (they are then called Bro-Lolita). 

Was ist Gothic Lolita?

First of all, what is Lolita style?
It is a style of clothing that originated in Japan and specifically in Tokyo . In recent years, this style has caught on all over the world. It is very commonly worn by young teenage girls. And is characterized in particular by its dresses in the shape of « cupcakes ». 👗

Gothic Lolita is a sub-style of Lolita with Gothic inspiration. He is characterized by clothing and makeup that are darker than the others, although the colors are not limited to black. It is widely considered to be the most popular Lolita style . It was popularized by Mana, a Japanese musician. 💮roit came from Japan

Gothic Lolita Tokio

1) Style direct from Japan

Tokyo is the capital of this fashion. It is from here that the young girls, rarely older than 18, have fun with their dresses. For a weekend they swap their school uniforms for these unusual clothes . What they like: Attracting looks and lenses.

A far cry from the blue floral image of other, more classic styles, the Gothic Lolita movement attracts the most daring. These outfits are inspired by Grimm’s Fairy Tales, a mix of fairy tales and black magic. An atmosphere intended to be fascinating, to « make the viewer think », which is quite demanded by the creators of the movement in a world too smooth for their tastes. 🧐

Blue and white gothic lolitas

2) Meaning of Lolita Goth

Japanese love everything that is attractive and repulsive at the same time. They say of themselves that they harbor a certain ambiguity, and this is especially true for girls. If it’s just cute, it’s boring, and these dresses serve to express other things that more cheerful dresses don’t. This is the strength of black and red in particular. ❤️🖤

It’s easy to say that this Lolita style is a kind of introduction to Gothic culture. If you yourself are one of those girls who likes to dress up in the darkest clothes of the Lolita culture, there is a good chance that you will adopt a gothic style in the years to come. Welcome 😉.

Gothic lolitas on the street

3) The different types of Lolitas

As mentioned earlier, Lolita Gothic style is just one of many other Lolita styles. Here are some of them:

  • Die Of Lolita
  • The Lolita Fruits
  • Die Sweet Lolita
  • Die Horror Lolita
  • Die Country Lolita

Especially in Japan, it is not uncommon to see whole groups of young girls each having one of the styles mentioned above. And to our delight, it’s almost always the Lolita-Goth who comes out on top. 💀 

Japanese lolitas

Got a Japanese Gothic look

If you want a Japanese Gothic style to be a true « Black Lolita » and you’re wondering how to do it, don’t panic! Skull World is here to guide you. 👇

1) The dress

The Gothic Lolita follows the base of the other dresses. Flared skirts and skull dresses are usually worn with bell-shaped petticoats to give them the classic « cupcake » shape. The Gothic Lolita can also follow the more « classic » silhouette by using a straight-cut petticoat instead of a bell-shaped petticoat. And thus give the wearer a more mature and elegant appearance. 💁

Gothic women japanese style

2) Die Motive

The common motifs of these somewhat different dresses often include crosses or religious themes. Also bats, skulls, coffins, chandeliers, dark red roses and castles. Darker colors such as black, navy blue, brown, crimson and deep purple are all common in gothic lolitas. Color combinations of black and white are somewhat taboo, but can sometimes be used tastefully.

Gothic lolitas and signs of the cross

2) The shoes

The most popular shoes of gothic lolitas are mary janes, boots (very often made of black leather) and shoes with all kinds of studs and sometimes even chains. Shoes with elevated platforms are quite common, as are shoes with low or medium heels. They are almost always black, in dark colors and sometimes red to match the rest of the outfit. 👠

Gothic Lolita Shoes

3) The hairstyle

Above all, the hairstyle should not be taken lightly for a successful styling. Common hairstyles are straight or curly hair that is left loose. Pigtails are also sometimes worn. If you are brunette then it is easier for you to achieve a dark look through your hair. If you’re blonde, just slip in black hairstyle decoration elements and you’ll look just as demonic as your brunette girlfriend. 🙌

Gothic Lolita-Frisuren

4) The makeup

The most common make-up is: dark lipstick (burgundy, red, dark purple or even dark brown). For the eyes you should opt for a smoky make-up. A light blush is also good. As with all Lolita substyles, the same applies here: the look remains fairly natural. You don’t have to overdo it. Black lipstick, for example, is almost never worn. 👄

Although gothic makeup is associated with a powder white face, it’s not very common among Lolitas. Because it might be considered too exaggerated. As is Mana, our very popular Gothic Lolita, who is often seen with very dramatic makeup.

Makeup for Gothic Lolita

5) Accessories

Common gothic lolita accessories include bows or headgear, simple bags, e.g. B. handbags with gothic motifs, or more extravagant bags and purses. Pantyhose, stockings, knee socks in black or dark with lace tops are also commonly used.

Jewelry tends to have dark colored gemstones and silver and metal tones are more common than gold tones. Lace chains and rosaries are often integrated. You can also wear lace gloves, which are quite popular. Sunglasses can add a « classy » touch to your style. 🕶
A gothic bracelet is undoubtedly one of the first accessories you should get to make sure you don’t miss out on this fashion! Discover the most beautiful of them by simply clicking on the image below.

The differences between European and Japanese Gothic

There are many cultural differences between Asia and Europe and this also applies to the world of fashion. The Gothic style also has its differences. Let’s see this together 👊.

1) Die Symbolism

In Japan, gothic symbols like the crucifix, even images of morbidity, of mourning, do not have the same cultural resonance as in the West. They don’t share the same background of Christianity, the Victorian era and all that came with that culture. The cross is seen more as any element of clothing or as an accessory. In Europe, however, it has a real connection with religion. ✝️

2) The style

In Japan you will find people wearing very elaborate and elegant gothic clothing . The clothing is designed in more detail by e.g. B. complicated tip is used. The same goes for the Gothic Lolitas.

In France and Europe in general you will find a much more casual look. This is the goth in the general sense, dressed in t-shirts, dark pants, silver jewelry, etc. It doesn’t have the same romance as Japanese goth. It’s easy to say that the fashion of the Japanese gothic scene has more of a romantic aspect since it’s hard to find in Germany. 🉐

Japanese goth style girl

3) Music

The difference between Japan and Europe extends to the music. A Japanese doesn’t have the same musical codes as a Frenchman, even if the basic passion is the same.
A lot of Japanese goth bands don’t play what we would call goth music. A large part focuses more on hard rock. 🎸

Assert your Japanese Gothic style!

In this article we saw together what a gothic lolita is and why this is the most popular style for fashion-forward young girls. You now know exactly how to emphasize your Japanese Gothic style and the topic is no longer a secret for you! 🙃

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