What comes to your mind when you think of a goth? Do you imagine a person who only wears black clothes, who is depressed and maybe even violent? Unfortunately, that’s the perception many people have of the  Gothic counterculture . This article aims to help you discover the diversity and richness of the history of the goth movement. So that you can free yourself from all false generalizations and stereotypes! 💀

Welcome to the world of skulls, as specialists in the skull, the  Gothic movement inevitably  inspires us. We accompany the goths to proudly express their passion, their ideology and their culture in general.

We will find out together how important this counterculture is and where this very special movement comes from. But just before we start, we invite you, whether you’re Gothic or not, to discover the favorite items of the « Black Fans » for an out-of-the-ordinary style! 👇

Where does the goth movement come from?

The goth subculture began in the late 1970s when  rock gothique  , English as it is a derivative of punk rock, has gained popularity. He is known for his eerie and theatrical sounding electric guitars. The goth subculture can be defined as lovers of goth rock, goth literature, Victorian and medieval history, and contemporary horror films. It is said that the word “gothic” or “goth rock” has spread throughout the English music media. 🇬🇧

The first person to use the  term « Gothic »  is  Siouxsie Sioux, singer of the famous band Siouxie and the Banshees. She mentioned the name to give a label to the style of music her band was producing. She has even been dubbed the “grandmother of the movement” for her influence on the goth movement and subculture. Just as Peter Murphy (lead singer of Bauhaus) has been called the “grandfather of the movement”.

Many of the youth who are part of the goth subculture today were a product of the third generation in the late 1990s. Back then  Marilyn Manson  and Nine Inch Nails were at the peak of their popularity. Although Manson leaned more towards heavy metal and death metal, while Nine Inch Nails leaned more towards industrial rock or even electronic, both were considered by some to be Gothic classified . Not least because of the fan base they nurtured.

gothic woman

Gothic counterculture influences

We just discussed the style of music that influenced the Gothic world. From Marilyn Manson to Nine Inch Nails or Siouxsie and the Banshees to  Bauhaus . Some of the most popular and well-known goth rock bands of all time are:

  • The Cure
  • The Sisters of Mercy
  • Evanescence

Even younger artists like Billy Eilish have drawn inspiration from the aesthetics of the goth subculture. 🎸

However, the influences and interests of the gothic movement are not limited to  gothic rock . In fact, it is a very rich subculture in terms of influences from art, ancient literature, theater and architecture. Now let’s look at that in detail.

gothic band

History of the Gothic Movement

First of all, the  Gothic subculture , or at least the older generations of this subculture, was heavily influenced by the art and literature of the 1750s. This style of art emphasized the expression of emotions, feelings and imagination. Gothic romanticism also spilled over into the poetry of ancient verses, expressing in particular melancholy and man’s relationship to life and death. ☠️

This subculture also has affinities with medieval, Edwardian and Victorian architecture, literature, music and art. The origin of the word “Gothic” is linked to the Roman Empire, but has little to nothing to do with the subculture. The Goths descended from a Germanic tribe that contributed to the defeat of the Roman Empire. The 18th-century gothic novel, on the other hand, paved the way for the modern understanding of the term gothic by being a genre associated with the atmosphere of horror, morbidity, and darkness.

He also established much of the iconography of horror literature and horror film, such as cemeteries, vampires, and melodramatic storylines. The goth subculture itself began as a less aggressive but more flamboyant offshoot of the post-punk music genre in the late 1970s in Britain.

Goth music style

Goth music and subculture

As we saw at the beginning of this article, the  goth counterculture emerged  in the 1970s through the music and offbeat style of some rockers. They moved even further away from the world of pop and turned to lyrics dealing with Satan, death and many other “dark” subjects.

In the beginning it was a genre of music. But the music remains the core and the true essence of the subculture. Contrary to many people using the term in connection with their clothing or the parties they attend, the true spirit of the subculture lies in their music. In general, punk was aggressive rock, while goth bands were more introverted and personal, incorporating elements related to gothic novels. 🕯

The opening of the legendary Batcave (a hangout for London rockers with a darker than average bent) helped the goth rock scene eventually morph into a subculture. A variety of music was played there and there was no classification of the clientele.

A style of music that is often associated with the  gothic style  is goth metal. He combines medieval  gothic music  with heavy metal. Of equal importance in the UK was the gradual rise of cyber-goth, which blends electronic sounds and rhythms with gothic novel concepts. Slowly but surely there seems to have been an influx of electronic music emerging under the guise of industrial music.

As the concept of goth music has expanded over the years, much of what is associated with the term has changed, making some aspects of the subculture too mainstream-like for some.

medieval goth

What defines a goth?

The subculture arose out of the dissatisfaction of  middle-class youth  who wanted to create their own culture, different from the culture of society ruled by materialism and elitism. 💡 Gothics as a subculture have no prejudices against different sexualities, races, religions or age groups. And for this reason can easily be compared to the hippie movement.

If you want to know everything in detail about the Gothic movement, we have a “”dedicated page”” where you can read the full history of this particular style.

It is well known that the Goths are distinguished by their dark clothing. However, several studies suggest parents shouldn’t worry if their teenage children suddenly start dressing like this — in fact, there’s evidence to the contrary. You should rejoice, because according to these studies, which have examined the goth scene across Europe, the goths are overwhelmingly sophisticated, sensitive, avid for ancient literature, and not prone to anti-social behavior. ✌️

The members of this subculture are often accepting and non-violent intellectuals who are sometimes just cynical about the ills of society and have a  fascination with death to have. They pride themselves on being different from the dominant culture, and their dark style of dress reflects their decision to break away from conventional norms and standards. If you also want a gothic style, you need your skull t-shirt. Discover our selection by clicking on the image below.

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The Gothic style

By the mid-1980s, most post-punk bands were dying out and punk was disappearing. Therefore, at that time most gothic bands broke up or changed their style, among other things. Punk clothing and hairstyles became more sedate, but the original idea of ​​society’s rejection remained one of the foundations of this subculture. ⚫️

As with any subculture, the goth scene developed out of a form of  rebellion  . Today it’s a fashion style in its own right that’s much more accepted in popular culture than it was in the 1980s.

This style can easily be used as a statement against society and its values, taking some of the concepts of the Gothic Novel and using it as an ideology. Being a goth these days is widely seen as a stage many will grow out of. Turns out they say the goth has been dead for years, when it’s never been more alive!

gothic subway

Become part of the movement too!

We have just outlined the various characteristics of what the  Gothic movement  is. Whether you’re already part of the movement or not, you’ve certainly learned a lot. You now know exactly how this counterculture came about and what sets it apart. We have seen how much the music is the essence of the movement and how close it is to the punk movement. 🙂 .

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