In the mood for thrills and hot tar? Want to learn more about the Devils Diciples? What is the history of this club? What activities do the members run? The colors and slogan of this extraordinary MC?

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The Devils diciples MC is a motorcycle club that is known for its violence and its involvement in various illegal activities. Known for their passion for motorcycles, many members have ended up behind bars for their penchant for a lawless life.

In this article, we will cover some of the following points:

  • How was the club founded?
  • What colors and slogan does the clan have?
  • The illegal activities of members
  • The massive condemnation of the founders

After reading this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about this unusual motorcycle gang, down to the last detail. Are you ready to let it rip? Let’s go on a ride through hell! 🔥 

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History of the Moto Club Devils Disciples

The Devils Diciples motorcycle club was founded in 1967 in Fontana, California. It had six charter members, each represented by a ray in the club crest . The word « Junger » was written extra « diciples » for the name of the club. In 1969 the club expanded with a section in Michigan. That same year, the Paladins Motorcycle Club also had a presence in Alabama, West Virginia, Ontario and Kentucky. The club also expanded to Ohio in 1970. 🛡

The crest was unified between the different groups representing the club and in 1977 the letters « FTW » were added. The late 1970s also saw the formation of the Arizona clan of the Devils Diciples, which was among the most violent in MC history. In the early 1980s, the Indiana motorcycle club called the Gladiators Motorcycle Club was disbanded and replaced by a new clan, the Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club. Like most other major motorcycle clubs, the Devils also use large displacement as a trademark.

Biker Devils Diciples

Historical data for the motorcycle club

Let’s take a detailed look at some dates that stuck in the club’s memory because they stuck in people’s minds. Often in the wrong way, since the police or the judiciary are almost always involved…

⇒ 1973 – A party is held in Flint, Michigan, to which members of the Fly-In Wheels MC are also invited. At the party, a brawl breaks out between the members, killing four motorcyclists. This is the first big blow for the gang members at the time. The families mourn.

⇒ 2002 – Law enforcement agencies begin a major investigation into the club’s activities. The members don’t know it yet, but they’re being monitored and tracked down wherever they go… Day and night law enforcement is outside their homes, the places they’re staying, and key members are bugged.

⇒ 2003 – After some members of the Arizona clan of the Devils Diciples broke house rules. They are attacked by other members of the club. At the Arizona clubhouse, the delinquent bikers are tied up with duct tape and zip ties before being beaten, thrown into the back of a van and dumped in the desert. 😵

⇒ 2006 – The federal district court in Detroit convicted two members of the Devils Diciples. Five other employees were also convicted of making crystal meth. Entire labs have been dismantled and destroyed by law enforcement.

⇒ 2009 – 18 club members arrested in a raid that found 42 firearms, 3,000 rounds of ammunition, lots of cash and forgeries. The finds were defined by the police as « reserve for a commando ».

⇒ 2012 – 31 members of the Devils Diciples MC in Michigan and Alabama are arrested by the FBI. In the course of the investigation, a large quantity of weapons and ammunition is confiscated. A total of eight laboratories designed for the production of crystal meth are excavated, biker ringswith racist signs as well as a huge amount of drugs.

⇒ 2015 – Members of the MC: Victor Carlos Castano, Michael Kenneth Rich and David Randy Drozdowski are all found guilty of multiple violations of the law. Victor Castano and Randy Drozdowski have been found guilty of involvement in a gigantic methamphetamine trade. Victor Castano was also convicted as a cannabis smuggler. 🍃 However, he was found not guilty of possession of methamphetamine. Michael Rich was found guilty of involvement in the manufacture of marijuana.

⇒ 2016 – The president of the Devils’ Boise, Idaho clan named Scott Arlis Thomas was charged with drug and gun possession. On August 10, 2016, he pleaded not guilty to the charges of possessing with intent to distribute methamphetamine.

Logo Devils MC

The creators of the Devils MC fall

The club’s longtime national president, Jeff Garvin Smith, aka « Fat Dog, » is accused of breaking the law on myriad counts… In part, he’s accused of conspiring to conduct illegal gambling activities. Manufacture, distribution and possession of drug substances are part of the charges against him…

Former National Motorcycle President Devils Dicipleswas sentenced to life imprisonment for racketeering and drug trafficking. Evidence showed that under the leadership of 64-year-old Smith, individuals were beaten and raped. 🔫 According to prosecutors, Smith of Mount Clemons shot and killed a member of the Devils Diciples. The motive for the act was that they had broken the rules of the club. In August 2008, he brutally assaulted the girlfriend of another member of the Diciples. He felt that she disrespected him and the gang.

« The life sentence imposed on this accused clearly shows the gravity of the violence he committed ». This is a statement from Senior Special Agent Timothy R. Slater of the FBI’s Detroit Branch.

Member Devils Motorcyclist

Condemnation of the club president

The former national chairman of the DDMC was sentenced to life imprisonment on November 13, 2018. The news was announced by US Attorney Matthew Schneider after a six-month jury trial in 2014-2015. The Federal Court for the Eastern District of Michigan is where the trial took place. ⚖️

Following a second, four-month trial in 2015, other Devils members were sentenced to prison terms. A total of eight members of the motorcycle club Diciples were convicted in the two different processes.

This includes the national chairman (Smith), the national vice chairman, the clan leader and three other people. Because of their involvement in various criminal acts such as robbery-related crimes, crystal meth manufacture and trafficking, involvement in illegal firearms, lying to the judiciary, organized gang violence, murder and rape… 🧐 « With that comes years of

effort of the federal government partially ended. The desire to be the leader of abringing down dangerous organized motorcycle gang was fulfilled. The latter terrorized innocent victims across the United States. For over three decades they have spread fear, violence and their toxic drugs throughout Michigan and across the country ». This was stated by US Attorney Matthew Schneider.

« The scale of the crimes committed by the members of this gang of outlaw motorcyclists is staggering. They have evaded prosecution for years by intimidating witnesses and obstructing justice at all levels. In a very appropriate manner, the national chairman of the Devils Diciplesspend the rest of his life in federal prison. These convictions help ensure the safety of communities and any individuals they have harmed ».

Devils Diciples Jacke

An organization of « Motads Bandits ».

Along with Smith, the national clan leader of the Devils Diciples, Cary Dale Vandiver, was also sentenced to life imprisonment. Methamphetamine chef Patrick Michael McKeoun, aka Magoo, has been sentenced to 372 months in prison. On November 8, 2018, Alabama leader Michael Rich aka « Tatu » was sentenced to 360 months in prison…

On October 26, 2018, a jury found four other defendants guilty of involvement in: trafficking in methamphetamine , obstruction of court proceedings, violent crimes related to a racketeering scheme and various allegations of gun ownership… The targets were as follows:

National Vice President Paul Anthony Darrah, aka « Pauli, » 54, of Macomb Township, Michigan.
The « West Cost Boss » Vincent John Witort, aka « Holiday », 68 years old, from Fontana, California.
David Randy Drozdowski, aka « D », age 42, from Fair Haven, Michigan.

They were also found guilty in a second trial in late 2015 of involvement in an arms deal, and trafficking in methamphetamine was part of it. For decades, the Devils Diciples established regional clans in cities in Michigan, Alabama, and elsewhere. They engaged in criminal activities to protect their business and gain financial gain, and for this they were put on trial. ⛓

In addition to the four recently convicted defendants, more than 50 Devil’s Diciples members and associates have pleaded guilty. Through their numerous offenses, the investigations led to the seizure of more than 60 firearms and over 6,000 rounds of ammunition. Eight crystal meth production labs across the country were also destroyed.

American motorcyclist on the road

Become a free biker too

In summary, the Diciples Biker Gang is not a particularly Catholic motorcycle gang… The members are guys you want to stay away from if you want to live in peace and live out your passion for motorcycles. We’ve just seen the basics of this MC with his incredibly sophisticated criminal activities. You now know everything you need to know about them and get to grips with the gang, well done! 👊

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