Excited by motorcycle gangs? Interested in learning more about the Black Pistons? What are the values ​​of this club? What activities do they engage in? The badges, colors and slogans that their members promote?

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The Black Pistons MC is a gang that emerged in Europe. It was created in the USA in 2001. The biker club brings together lovers of large motorcycles and biker culture. The gang has become known for its numerous criminal cases.

In this article we will, among other things, together:

  • The origin of the club
  • The colors, the logo, and the slogans of the gang.
  • The Black Pistons worldwide expansion
  • The court cases of some members

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History Black Pistons 

The Black Pistons Motorcycle Club (also referred to simply as “Black Pistons”) is the official support association of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club (Outlaws). It was formed in 2001 with the support of many members of the Outlaws. This group of motorcycles quickly spread across the United States, Canada and Europe. The Black Pistons have about 70 groups in the United States in 20 different states and an unknown number in foreign groups including Belgium, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Norway and Poland. 🌍

The exact number of members of the Black Pistonsis unknown, but it is estimated that there are over 200 members in the US. The Outlaws use the Black Pistons’ groups as a source of recruitment for potential members. The outlaws also use the BP’s groups for criminal activities… Especially for the transport and distribution of drugs. Black Pistons members have also been known to commit mugging, extortion, fraud, intimidation and theft. We’ll go into more detail on that a little further down in this article.

Black Pistons MC

Global Expansion of Biker Clubs

Formed in California, the club, whose membership requirements were more complicated than most other motorcycle gangs , quickly expanded into the United States, Asia, Europe and Canada. Today, and thanks to the huge support of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, the Black Pistons have groups that can be found absolutely anywhere in the world. 😎

In 2003, British motorcycle club The Brotherhood became the first Black Pistons group in England. Other groups are based in major cities such as London, Birmingham and many others. The new clans that later formed are based in countries such as Scotland, Wales and Ireland. In England there are several divisions of the club that are still active. In Canada, the Black Pistons are also considered a support club for the Outlaws. 9 of the 11 clans also have members of the outlaws.

American biker gang

become a gang member

All members must abide by the National Constitution of the Black Pistons MC. For example, there is an age limit for anyone wishing to become a member of the organization. Minimum age is 21 (US legal age). Also, it is mandatory to own a motorcycle that originated in the United States. Members must be good drivers and have been friends with an active member for at least a year. You must also attend required events and weekly meetings to remain a member. ✍️

Like many other gangs, biker culture is the focus of this MC. It contains a unique dynamic that revolves around the world of motorcycles. The idea of ​​joining one of these groups is primarily to share a common passion for two-wheeled machines , speed and everything related to it… The most important quality for anyone who wants to join this group is the love of mechanics .

It is also important for a motorcycle club that its members are fully committed to the group and the image of the clan. Of course, not all clubs become legends, and most never will. But some of them become real legends that even transcend motorcycle culture.

Member Black Piston MC

Black Piston MC Logo

The Black Pistons Motorcycle Club crest consists of two crossed pistons. One can see great similarities between the Black Pistons logo and that of the Outlaws MC. This shows the connection between the two clubs as we saw earlier in this article. 👇

The logo is displayed in black and white most of the time. This looks great on a leather jacket. You can often find the name of the club at the top of the jacket (on the back), just below the mechanical symbols, and even below that the name of the city where the member is located displaying those colors.

Logo Black Piston

Opponents of the BPMC

The tensions between two rival motorcycle gangs are well known. The Black Pistons and the Hells Angels have been fighting each other relentlessly for years. In 2019, these groups met at the motorcycle show at the Halifax Fairgrounds. Every time members and sympathizers of the club meet, they exchange uncatholic words. It is a constant struggle for the conquest of territory on both sides…

Motorcyclist Hells Angels

dealings with the judiciary and acts of violence

In 2018 alone, the Black Pistons lost their largest clubhouse twice in three months. Judge Joseph Henderson “ruled that the Black Pistons’ clubhouse on Page Street in St. Catharines should be confiscated”. This decision was made because it had been used as a base for a drug operation. 🧐

In 2017, Paul Anderson was the leader of the Pasco Outlaws motorcycle club. He was in a van during rush hour. At that moment he was shot dead in cold blood by two people from the Black Pistons club. This event put law enforcement on high alert as a war between these two gangs was brewing. And several arrests followed as a “precaution” against possible conflicts. The Black Pistons initially lost their peaceful reputation and have been viewed as a violent organization since that incident .

Isaac Lucas was one of the most dangerous characters in the gang. He frequently used the clan’s clubhouses “as a base for illegal drug deals.” Its products intended for trade were stored in the clubrooms, sometimes without the President’s approval. He was arrested and taken to prison.

American motorcyclist

Implications for drug trafficking

The Nova Scotia-based Black Piston clans have evolved into outright drug trafficking organizations. They have taken advantage of the province’s lush coastline. They use the local ports to import contraband and try to enlist small ships as accomplices. Many members are involved in various illegal activities, including fraud, smuggling and hence drug trafficking. Basically anything that makes money.

Police have made multiple attempts to shut down all Black Piston groups in Nova Scotia. At least eight motorcycle clubs are currently affiliated with the Black Pistons. The police assume that these are supporter gangs who pass the money on to the main club. They sell hats, t-shirts and other merchandise. 💸

In 2013, Mario Macedo was found in the gang’s main clubhouse when the police arrived to arrest the Kaid. He was a longtime member and had come to St. Catharines to oversee the trade, he testified at his sentencing. He is in prison today.

Group of motorcyclists

The club is not a criminal organization

The Black Pistons’ founder and numerous key members have committed numerous crimes. However, the judges refused to classify the club as a criminal organization. Judge Joseph Henderson stated: “The fact that an organization has members who are criminals does not mean that the entire organization is a criminal organization under the Civil Code. » ⚖️

The decision not to disband the group was a major blow to the police, who had announced the importance of the cases by giving them the codename “Project Resurgence”. » This name was chosen because the Pistons were retaking the area and seemed to be becoming a real threat to the residents.

Important events for the biker gang

Some dates will go down in the history of the club. Let’s look at the most important of them in detail:

✔️ July 2013 : Black Pistons President Michael Griffin, known as “Griffin”, turns out to be an FBI agent. He had been undercover for over two years. In an operation, six indictments are filed against 23 motorcyclists from Clarke, Oconee and Madison. Likewise in other counties in northern Georgia.

The charges include members Darren “Panhead” Lloyd, 48, Winfred “Outlaw Bubba” Turner, 61, James Brown, 41. Also, Larry “Duke” Samples, 42, George “Hammer” Jordan, 45, and Dennis Riley, 35. All were with drug dealsbeen linked. However, these drug deals were actually linked to undercover police officers. A successful operation that the police was able to carry out successfully for many years.

✔️ June 26, 2014 : Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton, member of the Black Pistons MC, was shot dead by a member of the Iron Order MC in front of the Nippers Beach Grille in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. What makes this case extremely interesting is the fact that the Iron Order MC is known as a club of motorcycle racing enthusiasts made up mostly of police officers and other law enforcement agencies.

✔️ Unusual Fact : A member of the Black Pistonsbecome a millionaire thanks to the lottery! Dan Carley was a probationary member when he won a whopping $5 million in the lottery (the American lottery). Shortly after pocketing this win, he began using and becoming addicted to drugs. He also bought some buildings that later became clubhouses. In 2013, he leased his home to Black Pistons president Randy McGean. us Grands Motards

Biker Black Piston

Join the ranks of the greatest motorcyclists

Above all, we note that this motorcycle club is not that unusual. He has an ideology very similar to other gangs formed before him. Ambitions on certain areas and a lot of ego! At the heart of all of this are violent and often dangerous acts that lead to disputes that are brought to justice… But that’s the black part of the story again! The vast majority of members pursue their passion for motorcycles on their own and enjoy the gatherings without ever breaking the law. 😎

You now know absolutely everything there is to know about the Black Pistons and will be eye-opening for your buddies when the topic comes up over a pint! So that your style can keep up with your knowledge, we invite you to discover our selection of skull leather jackets that will make your biker look glow.

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