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The Comenchro Motorcycle Club is a motorcycle gang also known as the “1%”. It is a lawless biker club founded in Sydney, Australia in 1966. You can recognize them by their yellow, red and black coat of arms, which has a condor in the middle.

In this article you will learn, among other things:

  • The origin of this MC
  • The history of the founding members
  • The logos and slogans of this motorcycle club
  • Why these motorcyclists made a name for themselves

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Origin of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club

As previously mentioned, this gang was formed in Sydney, Australia in 1966. It’s one of the most famous gangs that wasn’t formed in the United States. They are best known for the leadership and military style of their founder, Jock Ross, and as the number one enemy gang of the Bandidos , with whom they were at war in the Milperra (Father’s Day) massacre of September 1984…

There is also a club called Comancheros which is mentioned in the famous book written by biker Hunter S. Thompson: “Hells Angels” is mentioned. He is not believed to be associated with the club mentioned in the article, but as the book was published in 1966 he would have used the name « Comancheros » even before the Australian club was founded. There’s a whole legend to this, which we’ll revisit later in this article.

Jock (the founder) ran the club with an iron fist and instituted military tactics to lead its members to war against other clubs. He also bestowed military-style titles on members, his own being the ”  Supreme Commander  ” (Supreme Commander in German).

Member Comanchero MC

History of this club 1%

The name of the club Comanchero MC is said to have come about after Jock Ross watched the John Wayne film The Comancheros. In 1982 the Comanchero MC clan was founded in Sydney City by Anthony “Snodgrass” Spencer. This clan was later taken over by the Bandidos MC, making this clan the enemy of the rest of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club .

The clan’s move to Bandidos MC came after several clan members were dissatisfied with the leadership style and direction being taken by their founder and supreme commander, Jock Ross. These disagreements and joining the Bandidos MC reached their boiling point on Father’s Day 1984. A day celebrated in the outlaw biker communityand will forever be remembered in the media as the “Father’s Day Massacre,” also known as the “Milperra Massacre.” 🩸

Biker Comanchero

Comanchero MC logo and patch

The Comanchero MC coat of arms features a condor as the central dot. In particular, the animal symbolizes freedom, power and courage for the members who wear the club’s colors. It is an animal that is very despised by the general public as it is not particularly beautiful. The bikers of this MC say that they “recognize” themselves in this animal in that they feel excluded from society and only live very well among the members. 🤠

The logo is easy to spot as it is very prominent. It is colored yellow and red and is almost always on a red background. The name « Comanchero » is always written in an arc around the condor. You can also find the name of the city or country of the clan to which the member with the club badge belongs. This crest is ironic in that it resembles the crest of the Bandidos, their eternal enemy!

The club’s motto is ACCA, which means ”  Always Comanchero, Comanchero Always.” » (always Comanchero, always Comanchero). This slogan is very similar to that of other motorcycle clubs, notably the Bandidos MC using BFFB « Bandidos Forever, Forever Bandidos » and the Hells Angels MC using AFFA « Angels Forever, Forever Angels ». The idea is to be 200% at the club with his brothers no matter what.

Logo Comanchero MC

Global Expansion of the Biker-Gang

The club experienced a meteoric rise just a few years after the jackets with the condor on the back first appeared. First in Australia, then they swept through Eastern European countries, eventually having clans in the US, much to the delight of the members who formed the gang. Although the original purpose was not fulfilled, the founders were happy to have clans around the world. 🌍

The first external clans emerged in Australia:

  • Comanchero MC Australia
  • Comanchero MC Sydney
  • Comanchero MC Perth
  • Comanchero MC Melbourne
  • Comanchero MC Adelaide
  • Comanchero MC Great Lakes

After conquering Australia, members multiplied around the world. Here are the clans formed in Europe:

  • Comanchero MC Spain
  • Comanchero MC Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Comanchero MC Russland
  • Comanchero MC Bulgaria
  • Comanchero MC France
  • Comanchero MC Portugal
  • Comanchero MC Italian
  • Comanchero MC Germany

In 2004 the first group formed outside of Australia, it was in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In October 2016 it was reported that the exile of a number of Comancheros from Australia has led to some members of the Comanchero motorcycle club banding together in the Taranaki region of New Zealand. Also in the country, several groups emerged in all corners of the state.

Famous members of the Australian Club

Let’s talk briefly about two of the members without whom the club could never have been formed. First there’s Jock Ross, the founder who started the gang in 1966 and is still called “the Supreme Commander” to this day. In fact, he directed absolutely everything, orders were given like an army, relaying information with precision. This man was literally at the head of a real mafia. Today he is respected by all members. 🙏

Mick Hawi is also a founding figureof the club. He is known as an ultra-violent individual who struck fear and terror wherever he went. He was convicted for the murder of Anthony Zervas, a senior member of the MC Hells Angels. The stabbing happened in connection with the 2009 Sydney Airport brawl. He has been in prison since then.

mediated cases

The motorcycle gang has had its fair share of troubles since its inception… Numerous fights, murders, and of course, legal troubles. Let’s take a closer look at some of those that have gotten the gang talk of the world at times:

⇒ 1984, Australia – The Father’s Day Massacre . Shortly after the founding of the first Australian Bandidos MC clan by former members of the Comancheros, including Bandidos MC President Anthony Snodgrass Spencer, there was a bloody shootout with the Bandidos MC in a suburb of Sydney, in Milperra. A 14-year-old girl and six other people were killed and 28 people injured in the shooting. 😓

This event took place on Sunday 2nd September 1984, it was Father’s Day in Australia hence the name Father’s Day Massacre.

⇒ 2009, Australia – The Sydney Airport Brawl . On Sunday, March 22, 2009, members of the Hells Angels MC and the Comanchero MC broke out at Sydney International Airport. Up to 15 members of the clubs are believed to have been involved in the brawl, which may have stemmed from a member of each club being on the same flight from Melbourne. Anthony Zervas, a member of the Hells Angels MC, was stabbed. 🔪

Six Comancheros were arrested after the incident. Then-President of the Comancheros, Mick Hawi, was found guilty of murder on November 2, 2011. This was one of the few incidents in the outlaw motorcycle gang community , leading to the formation of anti-biker legislation in 2012 and much attention for the motorcycle community in general in the Australian media.

⇒ 2012, Australia – Anti-Biker Legislation. Legislation was passed in Australia this year banning entry to anyone displaying patches, jewelry or other items representing the following outlaw motorcycle clubs: Bandidos MC, Black Ulans MC, Coffin Cheaters MC, Comanchero MC, Finks MC, Fourth Reich MC, Gladiators MC, Gypsy Jokers MC, Hells Angels MC, Highway 61 MC, Life and Death MC, Lone Wolf MC, Mobshitters MC, Mongols MC, Muslim Brothers Movement MC, Nomads MC, Notorious MC, Odins, Warriors MC, Outcasts MC, Phoenix MC, Rebels MC, Scorpions MC.

⇒ January 29, 2012. Former senior member of the South Australian Comanchero MC, Vince Focarelli, and his 22-year-old son Giovanni Focarelli are shot in South Australia. Giovanni Focarelli dies, Vince Focarelli is injured. It was the fourth murder attempt on Vince Focarelli .

group of bikers

Movies and books about the Comancheros

Even though people hate being surrounded by these thugs and don’t feel safe, they still love stories with blood. This is exactly why the history of the club interested the popular world so much that a director released a movie about it!

The title was “Bikies Wars – Brothers in Arms” which was released in cinemas and on Amazon Prime in 2012. The series follows the rivalry between the Comanchero MC and the Bandidos MC that eventually leads to the 1984 Father’s Day Massacre (Milperra Massacre). So this is a true story that happened a few years ago. 📹

A book based on the same story was also made into a film. The title is the same « Bikes Wars – Brothers in Arms » written by Lindsay Simpson and Sandra Harvey. The book is the original version the film is based on and covers the events surrounding the 1984 Father’s Day massacre against the Bandidos MC.

Comanchero and motorcycle

The MC Comanchero’s 10 Commandments

The founding president of the gang hand-wrote a list of ten commandments that every member (regardless of status) must follow once they join the group or wear the club’s colors. Here is the list 👇.

  1. The President is the supreme commander of the Comancheros.
  2. Any member found guilty of cowardice will be expelled from the club.
  3. Any member found guilty of stealing from another member of the club will be expelled from the club.
  4. Any member found guilty of touching another member’s wife or of exploiting a disagreement between them for a future “affair” will be expelled from the club.
  5. Any member found guilty of causing trouble in the club (ie, in any way slandering the club president or club policies—or starting bad rumors) will be expelled from the club. ⛔️
  6. Any member found guilty of selling, distributing or using hard drugs will be expelled from the club.
  7. Any member guilty of using their superiority to “cheat” another member out of motorcycles, money or valuables will be severely punished.
  8. Any member found guilty of failing to help another member having real problems (not small problems) will be severely punished.
  9. Any member guilty of passing on the affairs of the club to a non-member, except as required by the President, will be severely punished.
  10. Any member found guilty of wearing their colors on or around any object other than a 500cc or larger British or American motorcycle will be penalized severely.

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We just looked together at the origin and history of this outlaw motorcycle gang. You know exactly what this group is about, why they are known and the colors of the club. You’ll recognize the condor and the special colors of the logo when you meet them on the road, so well done young rider! 🤜 🤛

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