Interested in learning more about the Warlocks Gang? What is the history and origin of this MC? How did they earn their place among the biggest motorcycle clubs in the motorcycle world? What are the (legal and illegal) activities of this club?

Whether you are already a rider or about to become one, welcome to « World of Skulls »! This is about motorcycle history, biker style and everything that revolves around the noblest of all symbols: the skull and crossbones! 💀

The motorcycle club Warlocks gang was founded by 13 former US Army soldiers. Today he is represented in several countries in Europe and North America. It is one of the clubs known as « 1% ».

In this article, we will look at the following points together, among others:

  • The history of the club
  • The origins of the founders
  • The gang’s slogans and logo
  • The main events of the MC
  • The (legal and illegal) activities of the members

After reading the following lines, you will know exactly how this legendary gang works and how they managed to make a name for themselves across the planet – sometimes in the most beautiful way, sometimes through pretty dark stories… Are you ready for battle? Let’s go, let’s set off together!

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History of the Warlock MC

The Warlocks Motorcycle Club , known for its clans on the US East Coast and in several other countries, is often referred to as the 1%. The story goes that the club was founded by 13 military men who were passionate about motorcycle racing. They were on an eight-month mission on an aircraft carrier far from the United States when they met. 🤝

After returning home, they decided to create this group, which initially did not have the ambition to become as popular as it was intended to become just a few months after its creation. They called it “Warlock Motorcycle Club,” and the Phoenixwas already emphasized in the first version of the logo. To them, the phoenix simply represented rising from the ashes, surviving their various foreign assignments.

One name that stands out in the group of 13 men is Grub Freeland. At the time, he was more committed to founding the club than anyone else, which has now earned him the title of club founder. The original gang , considered the “mother clan,” was formed in Lockhart Orlandofounded. However, there are some rumors surrounding the subject… Several groups of people claim that the idea for the club came from a visit to the shipyards in Philadelphia in the late 1960’s. However, there is no evidence to support the claims made here.

Warlock Members

Motorcycle walk 1%

The Warlocks Motorcycle Club is a “1%” motorcycle gang. This means that he is one of those MCs who engage in criminal activities to keep the club or the club’s senior members alive. Over the past four decades, the Warlocks motorcycle club has grown tremendously. The places where they have been able to expand can be found all over the US, England and Germany. Which sometimes worries the countries where they settle… 🧐

The club developed rapidly immediately after the Vietnam War when many ex-servicemen returned to the United States. Many of them returned to Florida and Pennsylvania because they felt they were parasites on society. And some of them didn’t hesitate to go to the dark side of things… Until they were classified by the FBI as one of the most dangerous gangs in the US .

Bikers Warlocks


What would a motorcycle club be without a logo and slogan? A group of tourists? Seriously, let’s take a look together at the club’s logo and its different meanings, as well as the slogan that members use every day to enforce their laws and recognize one another.

The club crestwas designed by the thirteen original members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club in 1969. Originally there were many indications that it was an eagle. The eagle is one of the most respected animals in the United States, largely for its cool temper, fighting prowess, and majestic charisma. However, it seems that the more recent versions depict a phoenix, which is in some ways the eagle rising from its ashes. Anyway, there’s a giant bird and flames.

This animal species was not chosen at random. It represents royalty, charisma and above all: the bird that rises from its ashes seems to be in a situation of “rebirth”, just like the soldiers who went into battle and returned from hell. That’s why he was chosen at the time.

Logo Warlocks

member patch

As in every motorcycle club, the members of the MC wear the 1% gang crest. They wear it proudly to demonstrate their affiliation with the group. The phoenix and its flames are very common as “patches” that bikers put on their jackets, t-shirts and coats, whether they ride a motorcycle or not. 🔥

This very warm patch unites the members and makes them an extraordinary object. By the way, it is particularly beautiful and kept in warm colors. Yellow, red and black are combined in a rather fierce style that offers a unique charm. The slogans «  Warlocks forever, forever Warlocks » and « Our Business is none of your fucking business » are often placed directly under the logo. The former simply means « Warlocks forever, forever Warlocks », while the latter refers to the more violent message « Our business is no way your pu**** of business », à bon entendeur… 😵

Warlocks Patch

The MC in numbers

Now let’s look at some numbers about the MC and most importantly where the main clans are located worldwide. There are motorcycle groups all over the world that wear the gang colors, e.g. B. in Canada, Germany and Great Britain, but that’s not all! We count:

  • 11 Clans in Florida
  • 5 in Virginia
  • 7 in Southern California
  • 2 in Ohio
  • 4 in West Virginia
  • 1 large group in New York
  • 3 in Canada
  • 2 in Germany
  • 3 in England

In France, in fact, there is not a single clan. It’s one of the least known biker gangs here, not even in Belgium.

Motards Warlocks

The rules of the gang

Some members of the club are regularly turned away. They often break the rules contained in their own rules. For example, some have joined the Black Dragon and Chester patches and formed clans that band together based on enemies. True warlocks have nothing to do with Chester, according to an official statement from the club. That’s why they were kicked out of the gang for life.

Nonetheless, Chester kept his patches and continued to claim to be a Warlock. This is currently a major problem in the motorcycle club scene. Clubs are so busy expanding that they’re asking for patchesdistribute to everyone. There is no verification of official members, no waiting time and no proper acquisition, which may displease squad members… 😏

In the past, it was always normal to have to wait a year to join the community. There were also tons of requirements to fulfill before a clan was allowed to see the light of day. However, pop-up clubs don’t do things that way anymore. They dream of being like the big 1% clubs, which is why they allow themselves to break some rules.

Warlocks Georgia

The activities of the biker gang

Warlocks are no exception when it comes to illegal activities… In fact, they have been found in many drug trafficking cases since the 1970’s. They were even one of the pioneer clubs for the bad reputation of motorcyclists at the time !

Methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD – it was all there until the club reached its financial peak in the 1990s. This climax ends abruptly when the police intervene massively in the various clans of the gang. The elite members are put in jail, weapons, drugs and premises are confiscated and the activities come to a complete standstill… ⛔️ All these illegal activities were also the everyday life of the  Free Souls MC  !

Since then, the club has kind of “locked down” and made way for the sale of t-shirts in the club colors, fundraisers for charities and meetings of guys who talk about bikes and big machines!

Biker Warlocks MC

What happened to the Warlocks in Chester?

In this environment, anything can happen at any time, even the unexpected. This time it is the story of a woman. Donna Morrelli was the widow of a man who belonged to the Warlocks, he was a longtime member. When he died, she took it upon herself to keep the mark and property of the chapter. An action like this would never have been allowed in a well organized motorcycle club . 🧐

So Donna got carried away wearing the club’s colors without any permission from the members. That was a big mistake, considering the consequences that followed… Because some people took it very badly and even got violent after they had verbally abused them. Two men then went to jail.

For your part, join the Biker Ranks

You have just learned about the history and culture of the Warlocks , what defines this motorcycle group and where it is located in the world from its inception to the present day, as well as the activities that gave the club momentum then, such as those that now carry the colors of the Let Phoenix live! Well done, then you can really show your buddies at the next meeting 😉.

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