As already mentioned, this American motorcycle club was founded in Los Angeles in 1959. In fact, California is one of the most famous countries when it comes to establishing motorcycle clubs. Many were founded there, enormous numbers have fallen off the radar, but some, like the Chozen Few, have “snapped through” in this ultra-competitive environment. Let’s take a look together at how and why this clan stands out from the crowd!

When you talk about outlaw motorcyclists of the ’60s, you almost always think you’re dealing with white men. Well, imagine. There were also black motorcyclists at that time, and it was this trait in particular that made the Chosen Few famous. In fact, the club was certainly founded by a group of black friends, which was extremely unusual at the time. White men were much better known and the outlaw biker groups were almost always made up of white men. Because of this, the Chosen Few became completely mixed-gender very quickly. The club very quickly became multicultural, and not least that has shaped its history. 🙌

The Chosen Few was one of the first fully self-confident outlaw MCs . He became very well known for his slogan: “In black and white one is really powerful”, which can be traced back to the cultural mix mentioned above.

chosen few members

Chosen Few MC: Anti-racist club

As already mentioned, the club consists of black and white men. This was very unusual at a time when communities hardly mixed. So all members are anti-racist and this is one of the strongest struggles associated with this MC. 👊

We’re talking about a notable and not insignificant difference, because the vast majority of motorcycle gangs at the time self-identified as racists. Today, there are more mixed clans, but some are adamant about keeping to themselves. This is not the case with the Chosen Few, who accept all males – regardless of their skin color – into the group. You can see how they ran downright propaganda campaigns back then by putting up photos of white and black men in magazines having their picture taken together.

Some members saw themselves trying to change things up to remain “black only” in some towns. But the club’s founders always had the final say and made their voices heard in every state where a new group was formed with the club’s colors. That is what makes the club so special and one of the reasons why it attracted so much media attention at the time. Slogans were claimed that were almost “peace and love” …. Unusual for a group of outlaw motorcyclists.  

Bikergang chosen few

Gang Biker 1%

Many motorcycle gangs choose this slogan: “One percent”, but not all. Such is the case, for example, with  Bandidos  and Hells Angels, long associated with organized crime in the US and continental Europe. The term ”  one percent  ” refers to the notion that most motorcycle clubs obey the law. However, one percent subscribes to the image of the “outlaws”. That’s why the Chosen Few belongs to this group of gangs. Some are extremely proud of it, others far less… 👇

Most motorcycle clubs, including those affiliated with “one percent clubs,” have no connection to crime. Others have only tangential connections and serve as muscles occasionally hired for small payments. The main activity of some of these outlaw motorcycle gangs seems to be squabbling with their rivals. In 2015, Alan “Cookie” McNamara, a member of the Caballero Motorcycle Club , murdered Andrew O’Donoghue of the CFMC. The murder was revenge for an attack on the gang. In the murder, the victim’s jacket was stolen, which is a serious insult in the motorcycling world.

gang biker 1%

Criminal allegations against the gang

Several leaders and members of the  Chosen Few Motorcycle Club , described by authorities as a criminal gang, have been arrested and imprisoned. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the group, which was formed in May 2010, was accused of the following crimes, among others:

  • trafficking in drugs
  • arms trade
  • Theft and peddling of motorcycles
  • Theft and peddling of cars
  • Organized gang raids
  • Shootouts against enemy gangs
  • Creation and use of counterfeit papers

The main objective of the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) was to contain the criminal activities of the motorcycle club, which has its headquarters at 10800 South Broadway.

“In the first four months of 2010, the club was involved in three shootings and one murder,” authorities said. Large quantities of phencyclidine, commonly known as PCP, were found in law enforcement’s crackdown on the Chosen Few. But also many other narcotics such as: crack and cocaine in powder form, marijuana and a large number of firearms… 😵

A CFMC member is accused of creating fake identities used by the club’s members. According to the authorities, these ID cards were forged in order to buy firearms. The city’s Attorney’s Office is trying to indict nine members of the Chosen Few in these cases. The charges relate to offenses such as selling cocaine and marijuana, possessing an assault rifle , and many others. Patrick Gannon, a Los Angeles Deputy Police Commissioner, issued a statement that was violent to say the least, claiming, “We’re going to shut you up and keep you grounded”…

American motorcyclists

Arrest performance 1996

The non-Catholic activities of many members of the Chosen Few Motorcycle have led to many arrests since the gang’s inception. Some were classic handcuffs, while others were very harsh commando actions. One of these actions was very sensational and shaped the fight between the police and the criminal gangs at that time. 😏

The police carried out a raid aimed at the central complex of the rocker clan. For example, a member of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) was driven in an excavator to kick in the steel front gate, while other officers used ladders to scale the back fence to surround the gang. The power was out, rendering the searchlights and security cameras set up around the site useless. The police helicopter observed the action from the air. Once inside, the commando group faced guard dogs and armored doors everywhere. Armed officers used angle grinders to contact the criminals. 🔫

This was more than just a show of force by local law enforcement. A large number of weapons were found, dozens of knives, swords and submachine guns. Lots of drugs and €135,000 in cash were stolen. A dozen men were arrested and subsequently sentenced to several years in prison after this spectacular arrest made gang history.

chosen few motorcycle group

Anti-Social Behavior of the Chosen Few

After mentioning the members who were involved in quite serious criminal affairs (weapons and drug dealing and crimes of all kinds), let’s see how the club’s image was affected by a lot of anti-social behavior and a lot of characters selling the CFMC logo. not improved! 🛡

In fact, many motorcyclists who wore the gang’s logo have found themselves involved in an enormous number of altercations, be it on the street or e.g. in bars. insults, fightsand many other un-Catholic acts have damaged the club’s image… Unfortunately, gatherings at concerts, even if only members of the same gang, end up in drama. Between broken bottles on their heads and brass knuckles on their faces, there’s nothing to fool a civilian into thinking they’re safe surrounded by these guys.

logo chosen few

Club name change

The club also worked closely with the “Grendon” gang. This gang had taken over businesses related to drug trafficking. The police therefore investigated this connection extensively. And some of the Chosen Few members who had nothing to do with these illegal stories were forced to change the club’s name to avoid being associated with these drug and crime stories. History repeated itself so much that the club has been renamed several times since its inception .

In 1994 he was known as «  The Family ” known. Until member Dermot Griffin was accused of murdering a man with a firearm during a motorcycle event in Wicklow (USA). Griffin was acquitted of the murder but found guilty of possession of a handgun on the Crumlin compound. ⚖️

In 2000, Paul Mackey, who had been listed as the club’s owner four years earlier, was fined heavily. The conviction came for stabbing a police car in Co Louth. It was at this point that the Chosen Few decided to register their name with the Bureau ofs sociétés en 1996 (donc de revenir au nom d’origine) et de le garder.

chosen few jacket

99% motorcycle enthusiasts

It is important to remember that the vast majority of members of this club are completely “clean” and not involved in any criminal activities. 1% lawless bikers means 99% of them play by the rules and don’t make mistakes. The vast majority of members simply live for their passion for motorcycles and beautiful machines. 🏍

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Join the Young Biker Movement too

All in all, we can say that the Chosen Few Motorcycle Club is a motorcycle club formed by a group of black friends at a time when it was unusual to see black people on motorcycles in the United States. Like many other motorcycle clubs, the CFMC is involved in hard drug sales, arms dealing and many other activities that filth the 99% of bikers who just follow their passion for motorcycles. The club is based in the United States , but today also has a strong presence in Mexico. They are also present in Canada and Europe. 🇪🇺

Thanks to reading this article we award you the knowledge medal related to the MC Chosen Few, congratulations! You know all about the history, origin and activities of this extraordinary gang. Now it’s up to you to show off your knowledge at parties with your buddies…

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