What is the diet of goths ? What to consider when you invite a goth friend to dinner? Are they really all vegan? What are the most canonical black foods?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a goth yourself or want to know what goths eat in everyday life : welcome to the world of skulls! We’re here to guide the darkest among you to live a true goth life. 🤤

Gothics eat everything. A large part of this counterculture are vegetarians. Black foods have been in vogue for a number of years, and many of them are labeled “Gothic”.

In this article we will partially together :

  • Was Gothics essen
  • What foods are referred to as “Goth”?
  • The Most Beautiful (and Tasty) Black Dishes)

After reading the following lines, you will know the perfect way to invite your goth friends to dinner . Or where to go to find the prettiest black bagels. And your noodles will quickly turn from yellow to black for a little more drama in your life. 😉 Let’s get started right away!

For a real gothic meal you need a “”skull wine glass”” !

First off, like any community, there are no rules that say all goths like this or that food. Of course, every goth has their own taste and it all depends on the person.
Still, there are some recipes, foods, and habits that crop up more often than others in relation to Gothic eating habits . And that’s part of what we’re going to explore in this article.

Although it’s been statistically proven that goths eat the same type of food as “normal” people, it’s possible that some “super-goths” are exaggerating their lifestyle a bit and embarking on a goth dietrestricted in order to strengthen their credibility. Add to that the growing market for alternative cuisine, from spooky cupcakes to Halloween-inspired dishes, and you’re bound to have enough ideas to fill a cookbook or two!

Black foods in action

This year, the trend is all about black colored foods. It is quite natural that goths also turn to this hot fashion! But brewing food in a black hue is nothing new. Italians have been making black spaghetti and risotto for years, while Japan and Hong Kong pioneered black cuisine long before the West claimed it. ⚫️

Despite it all, there’s still something fascinating about food and drink that has been artificially infused with a nuance as dark as a goth’s soul. So if you’re looking for a way to embrace the dark side of the Force, why not try some of these black colored snacks, candies and drinks from around the world? Here are the coolest of them.

Black power supply

The goth burger

Initially marketed by Burger King in Japan (and McDonalds) before moving to the US for a Halloween a few years ago, fans went nuts over the squid ink and charcoal burgers . Often topped with black cheese and dark sauce. 🍔 If you want to quench your thirst for goth food, however, you absolutely have to travel to places as diverse as Mumbai, Dubai and Kuwait, which also offer their own versions of this eye-catching burger all year round.

Our favorite is the goth bagels (cousin of the burger). You can find the most stylish at the famous London market, where there are the Little Ghost Bagels , which are the perfect place to feed your emotions. The demonic style you seek in dining is served up on a platter with these satanic themed black bagels. Most of these bagels are topped with Asian-inspired fried chicken and, of course, brown bread.

Black Burger

You give Gothic Ice Cream

It’s almost impossible to pinpoint exactly where the charcoal ice cream trend originated . Because those creamy black cones have become a trend today that is almost easy to spot because it has become so popular. Many ice cream parlors only offer the black ice cream in a limited edition, i.e. only at certain times of the year. But you can also easily buy it in the supermarket.

Our tip : double the calorie dose by eating your ice cream in the color of darkness with a cone in black colors! The combination is always the most devilish.

Black ice

The black pudding

While Italian noodles with squid ink are probably the favorite food of goths in Europe , black pudding is the all-time favorite in Asia. It is certainly the most popular Chinese dessert blackened with sesame seeds. While the basic recipe is just rice, sugar, water, and ground sesame seeds, there are countless variations of this morose dessert! 😈 Make sure to brush your teeth after swallowing, unless you’re really diving into the « black absolutely everywhere » topic.

Black pudding.

The pizza from hell

As the old saying goes: “All pizza is good”. And that the “black pizza” is part of this saying is obvious. Good news for pizza loving goths ! With the invention of charcoal-infused pizza dough, you can achieve your coveted burnt aesthetic without the taste of overcooked food. 🍕 While a handful of restaurants in the US and Canada have this particular item on their menu, you can of course get a black charcoal pizza (the trendiest kind) at Italian restaurants too.

Black pizza

Die Black Pasta

From black pizza to black pasta, there’s hardly anything the Italians can’t do. Squid ink pasta has been around for many years. And it’s pretty widely accepted that black foods taste much better with squid ink (as opposed to charcoal). So, stock up on squid ink carbs next time you go to a restaurant! 🍝

Note that you can easily find black pasta in supermarkets these days. And if you can’t get them at your corner store, find them online. Our Favorite Recipe: Black Pasta with Scallops . A wonder.

Black noodles

The goth cheese

French cheese is recognized as a reference all over the world. How about black colored cheese ? Just like with other black foods, you can easily create a stir by e.g. B. Presenting a platter of different cheeses at the end of a meal. 🧀

Black goat cheese seems to be goths’ favorite cheese, its appearance seems to say « I come straight from hell » and we confirm the idea. All cheese dairies offer different products in black colors. All you have to do is grab a few and present them on a tray to surprise your world.

Black Cheese

Die Gothic Macaroons

Macarons might be difficult to make, but eating these tender bites of meringue isn’t a problem for most people. And if you want to add a little goth to what’s naturally a pastry chef’s favorite , try one of these black, truffle-infused beauties. Which you can easily find in the shop windows of Parisian bakeries. Macarons can be on the go for dessert, an afternoon snack, or just between meals for a gourmet tasting.

Schwarze Macarons

The Devil’s Waffle

The waffle was one of the first (and best) examples of the goth trend when it came to the black diet. The addition of activated charcoal added a touch of black for those slightly adventurous dinner parties looking to take their food up the terror scale! Today you can buy these black (unburnt) goodies all over the world, from Hong Kong to the US and of course France. 🧇

They have the real advantage that you can serve them both early in the morning for breakfast and in the evening for dinner. As well for a savory meal as for a sweet snack! Their versatility makes our mouths water.

Black waffle

The Todes Hot Dog

Some Japanese restaurants have gone for perfection and created their black hot dogs . They cast a curse on this snack, which is still very popular around the world. Just like the black hamburger, the all-black hot dog originated in Japan. It first became popular in Tokyo, but today it can be found absolutely anywhere in the world. A few years later, IKEA even got into the black bread craze with its own version.

Gothic Hot Dog

Gothic cake

Who would have thought that one day someone could make a living baking cakes shaped like severed body parts or cupcakes decorated with eyeballs and skulls ? Some confectioners even specialize in this type of cake. And to the delight of the Goths. The creations sometimes feature names like “Bloody Brains” or “Cookies from Human Remains”. 🧠

Gothic cakes are extremely popular at birthdays or weddings. Some of these cakes are true masterpieces. They even get awards from rock and gore magazines.


Gothic Cocktails

While it’s foreseeable that pumpkin is a way to add a Halloween twist to your meals, an alternative would be to use the “dark purple” hue of beetroot. Gothic cocktails are great to introduce at a party or as an aperitif.

Most of them are just red and often black as well. The creative use of beetroot in a recipe, for example, can be seen as both very gothic and very healthy . Because the beet is an excellent source of potassium, magnesium, iron and a handful of different vitamins.

Another idea that might appeal to those who like mojitos is the introduction of beetroot. Lime juice, fresh mint and so the beetroot mixed to the bottom of the glass. The whole thing is topped with a double helping of rum (why not black rum to add even more darkness), a dash of pomegranate juice and a handful of crushed ice. A masterpiece!

Cocktail designers are often at the forefront of creativity in their attempt to differentiate themselves from the culinary world. Black cocktails with ink are therefore not a novelty. Still, if you want to add something special to your cocktail party, you need to track down the last bar in your neighborhood to jump on the black coal/squid ink/sesame seed bandwagon.

Gothic Cocktails

Gothic in your table decoration

We just listed the foods that are labeled goth because they are black. It’s a cliché, because a goth is a normal person with their own tastes and desires. But who cares, now you know the most devilish meal ideas out there. Gothic food is no longer a secret for you. ☠️

And to make sure you leave a lasting impression and succeed at every opportunity, you now have to set your table in the most beautiful way. And there’s nothing better than putting skull-shaped glasses on your table. We have put together a selection for you so that your dinner is worthy of hell. Discover the most popular “”gothic glasses”” .

If you want to know more, find out how to go Gothic now !

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