Are you looking for a movie with a killer clown ? Movies with evil clowns? The kind of entertainment that is made for thrill-seeking adults and not the nice circus clown present to entertain children?

Then welcome to Skull World! We’re familiar with fear, death and scary red-nosed characters. 🤡

In this article, we bring you the ten hottest movies starring a clown with a twisted mind. Some of these are horror movies, but not all. We’ll go into more detail and give you a short text that summarizes the film (without telling you anything).

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Between “It” and “Joker,” some great directors are turning the summer of bikini-wearing girls into the fall of  evil clowns . 😈 What was once a symbol of circus fun has become one of the most ubiquitous images of horror. And especially in movies.

So if you’re in the mood for some fun watching a man take on terrifying make-up and disguises to spread fear, you’ve come to the right place. And to save you time, here are our top 10 movies with a clown who wasn’t born to please children, but to frighten adults.

Movie #10 : « Poltergeist »

One of the most famous scares in this classic is the clown puppet . The camera is on her for much of the beginning of the film, so you know in advance that she’s about to attack… And even with the warning, she still manages to shock everyone. It’s a 1982 movie, so don’t expect the biggest special effects either. But the story is quite nice and worth watching 😉.

Poster Poltergeist

Movie #9: « The Killer Clowns From Elsewhere »

This film is… indescribable. He’s not creepy in the true sense of the word. It’s just macabre and deliberately weird. Perfect for the kind of night where you want to spend half your time getting the creeps, the other half laughing, and saying, “What the hell is that?! ».
The film is about a monster with a clown-like style named Jojo The Klownzilla . It’s one of the most celebrated cult films of all time, and for Century Fox’s 20th anniversary, a sequel was planned until Disney stopped the idea after acquiring the studio in March 2019. Like the first film, this one is not entirely new. It dates from 1988, but don’t miss it either.

Clowns from other countries

Film #8: « Pennywise in IT » (Pennywise in IT)

Pennywise is the most famous evil clown of all time. You undoubtedly know his now ultra-famous look. This 1990 original film is based on the  Stephen King story . For some, Tim Curry’s portrayal of a killer clown only children can see is the pinnacle of terror. For others, Pennywise’s make-up style and clothing make him more funny than scary. In any case, he has been attracting attention since the release of this legendary film. 🎥

Pennywise it

Movie #7: « Krusty Doll in The Simpsons ».

This killer clown is very low on the horror scale, but high on the laughter scale. In one of the most famous scenes from The Simpsons Horror Show,Homer buys Bart a Krusty Klown doll that tries to kill him… The store where Homer buys the doll and the unraveling of the intrigue are among the most famous gags that “The Simpsons” ever did. Whether you’re a fan of the famous yellow characters or not, you have to watch this absolutely epic episode.

Crusty evil

Film #6: « Sweet Tooth in Twisted Metal ».

If there’s one clown that has absolutely nothing to smile about in this top list, it’s this one! Needles Kane, aka Sweet Tooth, is a  serial killer. It’s cursed to feel the pain of scalp engulfed by flames that can’t be quenched. Toothie and his ice cream truck became icons of the  Twisted Metal video game series . Especially after it was given its current appearance in the 2001 PS2 game Twisted Metal Black: nightmarish. This thriller hit theaters in 1995.

Twisted metal clown

Film #5: « Spaulding in The House of 1000 Dead »

She is the most memorable character in   Rob Zombie ‘s cult film . Played by the late Sid Haig, Spaulding wears  gross makeup  and absolutely horrible teeth. A 2003 film that was a hit in the United States. We are between a horror film and a melancholic film. You almost take this special figure to your heart. In the sequel “The Devil’s Rejects” he finally gives up the clown Schtick, but becomes even more diabolical and evil. Our tip: check them both out for maximum fun.

Spaulding Totenhaus

Film #4: « Twisty in American Horror Story ».

The 2015 episode “Freak Show” from the fourth season of this series created an icon of modern horror with this  disfigured clown . He became the mascot of the entire series. The fact that Twisty was able to make a lasting impression on AHS fans with a scene shot in broad daylight shows that the series relies on good actors rather than special effects for its best scenes. Twisty made our top list very easily due to his charisma and special way of making viewers tremble.

Twisty horror story

Film #3 : « 31 »

After receiving the direction of Captain Spaulding, Rob Zombie decided to make a film about the  killer clowns. The zombie’s wife, Sheri Moon, plays the leader of a group of carnival workers who are forced to play a deadly game in which they fall prey to a troop of evil clowns. This masterpiece hit theaters in 2016. It shows several men and women who paint their faces with white paint and their noses (sometimes their mouths) with red paint. This is far from a children’s circus.  😵

Film 31

Movie #2: « Pennywise in It: Chapter 2 »

Creepy Clown Mania just got crazier with the   return of Pennywise in a new film adaptation of Andy Muschietti’s It. The new Pennywise, played this time by Bill Skarsgard, is a vicious, hateful bully who enjoys seeing his victims’ horrified stares before devouring them. 🔪 Very new and extremely good film that you should definitely watch.

We’re somewhere between a thriller and a gore-heavy horror film . Plus point: The clown’s intelligence, how he lures his victims into the trap. This Pennywise here is much scarier than in the first clip. Although he has the appearance of a circus clown, he is very close to a monster. 👹

Pannywise 2

Film #1 : « Joker »

Our number 1 could not have been other than the 2019 movie Joker. A true cinematic masterpiece. The villain from the Batman movies returns to the streets of Gotham City with his own story. Undoubtedly, what makes the character played by Arthur Fleck quite disturbing is the fact that he is entirely human. He plays a person left behind by a society that makes him suffer until it becomes his worst nightmare. You go from contempt to compassion. His character is not really a clown, but he acts with a heavy  make-up  and similaire à celui d’un personnage de cirque. 🎨

Joker Make-up

Bonus : Wrinkles the Clown

Small bonus for your pleasure. We’re closing our top 10 with a creepy clown who has the trait of seeming a little more real than others. In 2015, studies reported on an anonymous man in Florida who, in the form of a  seedy clown  named Wrinkles, began offering his services to parents of misbehaved children. He would show up and scare little kids if they weren’t good. His legendary status grew so much that a documentary about his exploits was released in 2019. Must see! 💀

Wrinkles the clown

Take on the life of a scary clown

We have listed the ten hottest films starring clowns for you. They are often evil, sometimes deadly, and always terrifying. Each of the movies we have listed is one of the must-see classics if you are a fanatic of macabre clowns . 🤡

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