Bracelets and rings with skulls are unique and timeless pieces of jewelry. Whether man or woman, young or old, brave or rebellious, these pieces of jewelery (in gothic or biker style, …) seduce and challenge in equal measure. Initially conceived as a fad for revolutionaries, these accessories have endured over the years, being constantly renewed. Skull World’s credo is to keep innovating without spoiling the essence of these little wonders!

So here is our ranking of the Best Skull Bracelet and Ring Creations for 2022 🏆 :

10) Keith Richards skull ring

This”” ring is the official ring of rock musician Keith Richards“” . He has worn it throughout his career and has made it his favorite piece of jewelry. Just like the rock star, this ring will not deteriorate with use or time. You can even keep it on your finger in the pool because it’s totally chlorine resistant and keeps the shine of the silver untouched. 😈

Adopt it for an extraordinary rock style! This ring is made of real silver. He will accompany you through time to go through the trials of life at your side. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, young rebel.

  • Argent Sterling 925

9) Spartan Helmet Ring

This “”ring depicts a Spartan’s helmet“” . It possesses the same durability and immutability as the previous ring. What is special about this ring is that it only comes in one size, which can be adjusted to the diameter of the wearer’s finger.

This ring is meant to pay homage to the famous Spartan warrior. He was known for his iron discipline and his reverence for the only right death: death in battle ⚔️ Every citizen of Sparta who died (destroyed from the front) was honored by the rest of the population by erecting a stele in his memory. Such was the reverence that the survivors were viewed as cowards who refused to fight… and they were ostracized by society. ThisSpartan ring symbolizes discipline, determination and self-overcoming.

  • 316L stainless steel

8) Pirate Skull Bracelet

This bracelet is inspired by the famous pirate symbol : a skull with crossed shins ☠️ It is made of soft lambskin and is decorated with small studs. Bonus: It’s connected to a leather ring meant to be worn on the middle finger!

This bracelet celebrates maritime banditry: piracy, a true symbol of freedom! The sea used to be a place where the law of the fittest prevailed. This pirate braceletshould be the bracelet of those who don’t let themselves be led around by the nose. It’s the accessory of dissidents who know what they want and who are determined to go in that direction, knowing they’ll get it! Like the robbers of the seas in search of gold and glory, you will be ready to board the ship.

  • Lambskin + 316L stainless steel

See bracelet pirate flag

7 ) Bracelet Double Skulls

This “”bracelet features two human skulls at each end“” . Like its predecessors, it withstands all external influences and retains its shine and brilliance. Its design is simple and chic. It weighs only 23 grams with a diameter of 55 mm.

The braided steel skull bracelet combines the elegance of its design with the symbolism of the human skull. It represents a very successful combination of refined tenderness and impressive strength. 💪

  • 316L stainless steel

6) Skull & Gothic Spikes Bracelet

This bracelet combines two strong elements: skulls and gothic style . It’s made from lambskin: a strange mix of softness and its aggressive looks with the taut spikes. A large skull is surrounded by two smaller ones, all made of stainless steel. Eighteen spikes of the same material complete the whole and give this bracelet an impressive look.

It is preferred by metalheads and followers of punk and gothic styles. Be careful with this”” gothic leather bracelet“” : if you rub it, you will be stung! ⚠️

  • Lambskin + 316L stainless steel

5) Steampunk Skull Ring

This beautiful ring with a steampunk skull is available in two versions: 1 in stainless steel and 1 in 925 sterling silver. The ring is very original and never goes unnoticed: it tells a story of its own! The asymmetrical design in the shape of a plumber’s pipe and a three-color mix create a great effect. She seduces even those who are not fans of steampunk, as she is characterized by her novel look.

Steampunk stands for several things at the same time. Century: the time of the first industrial revolution and the steam engine (steam engine). The meaning punk was added towards the end of the 20th century to denote futuristic works of science fiction. So this Steampunk Skull Ring is a symbol for an alternative future 🤖 This terminology applied to the skull is a perfect, intentional contradiction between the promise of the innovative future and the inevitable death.

  • “”Skull Steampunk Ring (Stainless Steel 316L)“”
  • Skull Steampunk Ring (Silber 925)

4) Ring Great Grim Reaper

This ring with the image of the “”Great Grim Reaper“” 💀 (personification of death) is made of stainless steel. On the top, the Grim Reaper with the skeletal skull is draped in a tunic that blends with the rest of the ring.

The inevitable sickle is the icing on the cake, giving the Grim Reaper ring an unsettling and awe-inspiring look. This ring will inspire and fascinate you!

  • 316L stainless steel

3) Bracelet cuff skull

One thing is for sure, this large “”skull cuff bracelet“” will not move even with the passage of time! It is a massive item intended exclusively for men. It impresses with its masculine, dissident appearance that cannot be fooled around 👊 The skull has furrowed its eyebrows. His grumpy expression shows that he is not happy with his surroundings. It is an image of whoever wears it on his finger: someone who is proud of his thoughts.

The dimensions of this steel bracelet correspond to the image it conveys: 35 * 53 mm with a weight of approximately 100 grams. A real skull bracelet for competition!

  • 316L stainless steel

2) Bracelet skulls & motorcycle chain

On the second step of the winner’s podium, we begin to feel heavy, real, solid silver: 925 sterling! This very beautiful “”bracelet weighing 55 grams represents a Moto chain“” 🏍️ alternately decorated with three skulls attached to the attachment in relief. A cross is also engraved on the side of each chain link.

It is a very beautiful object that will seduce many lovers: in fact, this bracelet, ideal for any biker, is unisex. It looks just as good on a slender wrist as it does on a muscular, tattooed arm. The motif of the motorcycle chain bracelet is of course primarily aimed at motorcyclists who never tire of wearing it proudly like a flag!

  • 925er Massivsilber

1) Mexican skull ring

The must-have for 2019 is this ring with a”” Mexican skull “”🇲🇽 It is made of 925 sterling silver and symbolizes the “calavera” (Spanish for skull). The Mexican skull and crossbones is used primarily on the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos). It takes place over 48 hours in Mexico in early November. On this day, the population gathers and celebrates to pay homage to the dead. The altars are filled with various offerings such as sugar skulls, flowers and other items. The atmosphere is not sad or nostalgic, but happy and festive!

This silver Mexican skull ring weighs 30 grams and is characterized by two colors that can be used to indicate the different elements. The base is white silver while the main elements of the skull are yellow to emphasize their importance. This also applies to the jaw, ears and eyes. The eye sockets are occupied by two small skulls that look in opposite directions to look out for danger. This Mexican skull ring features a yellow silver cross at the apex, a reminder of the importance of religion in Mexico and the ardent beliefs of Mexicans.

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