Are you such a big fan of skulls that you want to incorporate them into your wedding? How can you put the skulls in the foreground on the wedding day?

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The skull can be used at a wedding as a symbol of solidarity. The integration into the decoration or on the invitation cards (save the date) are original ways of using it. Cakes and glasses in the shape of skulls should also be taken over.

We will share in this article :

  • How the skull and crossbones can be a wedding theme
  • 9 ways to include skulls on your big day
  • Ideas for invitations and decorations

Let’s start together now 👇

There are several ways to include skulls in a wedding. If you want to plan a wedding with the skull as the main symbol, you should first check out our tips listed in this article. You can’t marry Jack Skellington, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a  dream wedding  inspired by your favorite symbol: the skull and crossbones!

Before you start, you should know that skulls aren’t just for spooky weddings. There are many ways to incorporate skulls into different wedding themes. With these creative ideas for a dream wedding around the skull you are one step ahead of your planning. ✍️

The skulls from Mr. Jack’s Weird Christmas

The film Mr Jack’s Curious Christmas is one of the most popular cult classics among skull lovers. Its main character, Jack Skellington, has inspired the groomsman style for countless skull-themed weddings around the world. The film is packed with ideas for weddings. You and your partner could dress up as the iconic couple from the movie, Jack and Sally. Some are absolutely masterful at this and it’s so much fun.

Or simply take all the characters from the film and their very special skulls, such as B.   Main Theme of Marriage . Many things are possible thanks to these characters so rich and iconic.

Other ideas include Jack Skellington inspired wedding cookies, table decorations, cake fillings and many other accessories.

Mr Jack's Strange Christmas

Wedding cake skull

Wedding cake designers are often more magicians than pastry chefs, some of them can be so grandiose. The patterns on the cake or the shape of the cake itself are sometimes stunning. And the least one can say is that a  cake in the shape of a skull , ça may sound surprising!

If you want a decent result, you should definitely order your cake from a professional pastry chef and be sure of the quality of their work by looking at the creations they’ve already made.
He could design a 3D skull or bake a traditional cake and decorate it with skull designs on the top. Also, the candles should not be neglected for a worthy result. 🎂

The idea not to be missed: opt for stylish  cupcakes in the shape of skulls  ! you are so hot One per person instead of having to cut a big cake. Some may prefer it, the choice is yours.

Skull cake

skull party card

The official announcement of your wedding must be original. And if you’re here, it’s because the image of the skull and crossbones is familiar to you and fits the style of your partnership. Why not use it on your invitations and save the date cards? It’s a nice way to bring them into your wedding and have a more original symbol than what’s commonly seen.

There are a thousand ways to use it. It’s best to hire a designer or a friend who likes to take matters into their own hands. We have put together a selection of images below to give you a few suggestions.

share skull

Food in the shape of a skull

The meal is one of the most important moments of a wedding. It goes without saying that the menu is a headache for the organizers at times. How about opting for dishes that resemble skulls?

Create a themed wedding banquet with  chocolate in the shape of a skull  , for example, or even sandwiches, amuse-bouches, aperitif cakes… Everything is good to use. Be creative. And if you hire a caterer, let them know what you want. If this one is good, it will understand and offer products that match your desires.. 🥘 

Our little plus: the menus in the shape of a skull. It’s so hot and crazy that you’re guaranteed to surprise those around you. The names of the dishes inspired by skulls are just as good to take.

Food in the form of skulls

Glasses in the shape of skulls

One of the big pillars of a wedding are of course the drinks! Everyone drinks, the little ones as well as the big ones. It’s impossible not to have a glass in your hand at some point. So use it to make it an exceptional item.

The  skull-themed weddings  are the ones that offer the most opportunities for creative drinks. First of all, you can choose from many different styles of skull shaped glasses. Whether cocktail glasses, shot glasses for the late evening or even for the children’s cups. Everything can be found and it’s so much nicer to have this style of glass instead of an everyday drinking glass…

Guests at your wedding can fill their skull-shaped glasses with red wine for a gory effect. Or with hot chocolate and seasonal fruit for a “witches potion” style. 🧙‍♀️

skull glasses

Skull Wedding Jewelry

You don’t have to go too far with incorporating skulls to have a successful wedding. If you like it a little simpler (or not), you can easily incorporate your passion for skulls through jewelry! The same applies here: everything is possible. You can go for a more subtle style, or you can go for something a little more “trashy” if you’re throwing a gothic wedding, for example. Some even  choose a skull  ring for their marriage  💍

Skull pendants, earrings and rings with skulls are perfect for this. They are equally suitable for women and men. They’re only welcomed for their ultra-edgy styles. We invite you to take a look at our collection of skull jewelry. You can also find  skull rings for weddings there . Discover our bride-to-be selection by simply clicking on the image below.

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Skull lights for a nighttime wedding

The ” skull ” theme is perfect for  a mysterious night wedding . Use the Evening Ball to pull out an extraordinary decoration. Lamps in the shape of skulls are great for attracting attention from your guests.
You just have to place them where people will be dancing or at the dinner tables. If it is an outdoor wedding then spread them out in trees and bushes to make your decoration absolutely mystical and magnificent. 💡

Skull Lamps

Garden decoration with skulls

As we just saw, lights in the shape of skulls are great to add to bushes and trees for a great outdoor decoration at your wedding. But the decoration doesn’t stop with the lights! You can incorporate all kinds of skull shaped objects throughout the wedding exterior. 🌳

The   tombstones  or skeletons are also to be taken over for a worthy decoration. How about even garden gnomes with a skull? Some of these objects even glow at night, making them particularly effective at sunset.

Decoration garden skull

Make the skull the theme of your wedding

You now have all the cards in hand for your dream  Mor Head themed wedding   Use the ideas we gave you to make this special day an unforgettable experience. Use these creative tips for decorations, invitations and jewelry to plan and organize your wedding now. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section just below. 👇

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If you’re adding a deck of cards to your wedding and it has an ace decorated with a skull, you can find out what it means here .