Fancy escape and freedom? Would you like to learn more about the Scorpio MC? Why and how did this little  biker club  make a name for itself? Where are the original members from? What’s the history of the gang?

Skull World and its editors have dealt with the topic of biker gangs. So welcome if you want to know everything about motorcycle culture and everything related to it! 👊

The Scorpions Motorcycle Club is a biker gang formed in Detroit in 1965. It is a so-called outlaw motorcycle group that belongs to the 1% clubs ». They can be recognized by their white scorpion logo on a black background, which all members wear.

Young riders, in this article we will discover together, among others :

  • The story of this MC
  • What the gang crest looks like
  • How the gang became known
  • The different chapters of the motorcycle club
  • The (legal and illegal) activities of the members

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Geschichte of the Skorpion-MC

The Scorpions Motorcycle Club was founded in 1965 in west Detroit by the first chapter that still exists today. This is the so-called “Mother Chapter”. There are several motorcycle groups  that use the word “Scorpions” in their gang name, e.g. B. the Black Scorpions and the Red Scorpions. This article only applies to the club founded in Detroit, as the original club was simply called “Scorpions” and had no specific color. 🦂

The club grew out of a friendship between four men who dreamed of freedom. All four originally wanted to create something that would bring them together, an entity that simply meant having a good time with buddies. The  MC  The idea of ​​starting a club came naturally to them because it was fashionable at the time and their friends rode bicycles. This is how the club was founded.

Scorpions Michigan

Scorpio MC coat of arms and motto

Like all motorcycle gangs , the Scorpions MC felt compelled to create a logo resembling them so they could recognize each other and impose their image on the rest of the world. They are a scorpion viewed from above. The scorpion is always white on a black background, which looks great on motorcycle jacket leather!

The gang’s name is always above the animal, in a rainbow, always white on a black background. The name of the chapter can also be found at the bottom, this time on the right so that the chapters are recognizable from each other. 🤠

The motto of the 1% gang is simple: “ASSA” means “Always Scorpions, Scorpions Always”, in German “Scorpions forever, forever Scorpions”. This motto is extremely common in the biker world. It means that a member is totally devoted to his club and would die for one of his brothers who are members of the gang.

Logo Scorpions MC

The chapters of the biker gang

Although the gang saw their early days in Michigan, they didn’t stick to their original clubhouse! Other motorcycle groups  joined the movement until they built up a veritable army in various states of the USA. Here is a list of the most famous of them:

  • Clubhouse Scorpions MC Wichita Falls Texas
  • Coldwater (Burlington) Scorpions, Michigan
  • Dallas Scorpions (Dallas), Texas
  • Gun Barrel County Scorpions (Kemp), Texas
  • Illinois Scorpions (Wilmington), Illinois
  • Ridgeway Scorpions MC (Ridgeway Scorpions MC, Virginia)
  • Scorpions MC Virginia (Danville), Virginia

Many others have emerged in recent years, but the list would be far too long to compile. We have only listed the most important clubs. The Scorpions never left the United States. In Europe, for example, they are not found.

Scorpions MC Member

Clubhouse on fire

On September 22, 2017, the gang’s headquarters (aka the “clubhouse”) was set on fire. This event created a lot of talking points as media coverage was massive. Residents were very concerned about the extent of the damage such a gang can do to a neighborhood. 🔥

The fire was arson and there is no doubt that  retaliation came through an enemy gang  that night to set the building on fire. This led to clashes between members in various towns in the area. Here is one of the videos released by a TV station the day after the tragic event. It should be noted that there were no casualties in the fire. Only property was destroyed.

Mediatisierung of Motorcycle Clubs

The gang had several high profile cases. Sometimes for the better, often for the worse because of some members’ criminal activities. Let’s look at some key dates together:

⇒ October 12, 1995. Scorpions members Steven Nystie and Edward Clancy, and Richard Weed and Jimmie McCoy, who were more specifically members of the American Breed MC, are accused of drug possession conspiracy with the convicted of intent to sell and traveling between states to distribute drugs. 😵

Wayne Farmer,  member of the Scorpions , is acquitted of his involvement in a methamphetamine distribution organization. They are all believed to have worked for American Breed MC member Alvin McCarver, aka “Magoo,” who ran a major methamphetamine distribution operation in Indiana, Michigan and Missouri. Between 1987 and 1992 he sold more than 600 kilograms of the drug.

⇒ September 8, 2007. A brawl broke out between the Forbidden Wheels and the Avengers MC in the parking lot of the Red Dog Saloon in Milford, Michigan after they attended a meeting organized by the Scorpions MC. The press suspects that the members of the Avengers tried to force the members of the Forbidden Wheels off the streets. Four people are stabbed in the fight.

⇒ April 9, 2009. Saul Carrion Reyes is in a bar in Ferris, Texas, arguing with a  member of the Scorpions motorcycle club . He was left bleeding and the windshield of his brother’s car was smashed. He is said to have been hit with a pistol during the fight.

⇒ April 10, 2009. Saul Carrion Reyes pursues Michael Wayne Owensby, a member of the Scorpions. He kills him with a revolver shot and leaves him on the side of the road with a gunshot wound to the neck. He is sentenced to life imprisonment. As of this writing, he is serving his sentence at the Allred Unit, located near Wichita Falls, Texas. 🔫

Walking biker

Allies and enemies of the scorpions

Like all motorcycle gangs engaged in outlaw activities, the Scorpions face many enemies. Between gang wars over territory, drug dealing and street fights, let’s take a look at who the allies and foes of this unlikely biker group are. 👇

The clan’s enemies don’t seem to be very numerous. However, it is noticeable that the clashes with the Bandidos, the Hells Angels or the Highwaymen seem to be more frequent than with others. Rather, they are clashes about opening up new territory around the mothers’ house clubs. The American Breed seem to be the gang’s only allies.

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We have come to the end of this article. You now know absolutely everything about this unusual motorcycle gang. You know why they became famous, where the  gang is, who created it, and you’ll recognize the beast’s logo perfectly when you see it hanging from a black jacket on your road trips down American streets! 🦂

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