7 Rockstar Records Missing from the Guinness Book of Records

The Book of Records has little forgetfulness. And the rock stars don’t get through! If you’re a metalhead and looking for injustice. Welcome 😉.

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While many of the Rockstar Records are doing very well in the record books. Some of these have gone down in history. The longest metallic scream, the biggest rock concert or the most prolific artist. There are countless exploits in the world of rock ‘n’ roll.

In this article you will discover, among other things:

  • 7 Unrecognized Achievements of Rock Stars
  • Videos demonstrating these achievements
  • How you will break a record 🙃.

After reading the following lines you will no doubt ask yourself: « Should metalheads just start their own book of records? ».

Let’s rock 😎😎.

Today, Guinness World Records is not what it used to be. Originally it was an index of the most amazing things and people in the world. Today it has become a strange collection of questionable achievements such as: B. to put as many tarantulas as possible in the mouth. 🤔

One thing the World Records Book is undoubtedly missing is a section on rock music , but what would that say? Let’s take a look at 7 amazing rock and metal achievements that should have been recognized as records, but aren’t…

7) The biggest hit of a rock band

There is actually an achievement of the style on the official Guinness Register. But it is so far occupied by a Chinese collective of 953 musicians who performed in Tianjin in 2016. And yet we all saw the performances of the Rockin’1000 , which eclipsed the Chinese performance and brought together about 1200 musicians playing a whole range of folk songs. 🎤

Although the events were meticulously documented, the Rockin’1000 organizers never contacted the Guinness Committee, never submitted an application for a certificate, and never received it as they should have. So here is the greatest rock band in the world that isn’t “officially” the greatest rock band in the world.


6) The longest recorded scream from a metalworker

There is no such category in the official registry, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be. The closest Guinness World Record is for Loudest Yell , which is really disappointing when compared to a metal yell… A feat much more complex to achieve than a simple loud yell. But the real metalhead doesn’t really need that to live.

For a “pure scream,” you can’t really beat the late Chester Bennington and his 17-second epic scream on “Give Up.” It’s even more impressive considering he gets a very high score. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments.


If roar-style screams are your thing, check out Austrian deathcore band Castiel and their song “Phantom,” which features a 30-second scream that looks like it was created by studio magic (but is actually real ) The fact that the singer regularly roars live only reinforces their claim for the longest metallic scream ever made. 🗣It must be something special to see from the audience. Now all you have to do is reserve your seat in the concert!

5) The biggest metal concert

The biggest rock concert is officially Rod Stewart ‘s New Year’s Concert , which he performed in Brazil to over four million people.

But when it comes to metal, one concert stands out from the rest. The Monsters of Rock Festival, held in Moscow in 1991, was the first concert of western metal bands shortly after the collapse of the USSR. Also, the concert was free, which meant that all the ex-soviet citizens hungry for freedom and good music made the pilgrimage to Tushino airfield to see Metallica, AC/DC, Pantera and Black Crowes perform… 🎸 There were different reports on attendance, but the number of people who came to the concert that day was around 1.5 million . That’s quite a lot of people.


4) The fastest tempo of a metal sound

Speaking of the fastest songs, Napalm Death’s “You Suffer” immediately springs to mind. But what is the fastest metal song when it comes to tempo? That would probably be « Scorched » by Spawn of Possession. The song runs at a staggering 310 BPM , making any attempt to play the piece a feat of agility and speed for the musician. ⚡️ Not for everyone. For that reason alone it should be in the book of records.


3) The largest metal group

The world’s most profitable artists are typically found in the pop or hip-hop industries, but you’d be surprised at just how big Metallica has grown over the years. Having sold $1.4 billion in tickets, the thrash metal giants are among the highest-paid musicians in the world. And those are just the tickets for the concerts. The band has grown well beyond the realm of metal and has secured a well-deserved place in music history, akin to artists like Michael Jackson or the Beatles. 🤘

Metallica band photo

2) The best selling rock album

Talking about the best-selling albums can be tricky because the number of records sold differs depending on who you ask. While record companies always use the highest number of albums sold to boost sales , the total certified sales is always much lower… AC/DC, for example, claims to have sold 50 million copies of “Back In Black”, but the number of certified copies is 29.4 million. While that’s not a small number, it’s far from consistent with the claims. 🤔

In the rock category, the certified champion is “Hotel California” from the Eagleswith 31.5 million copies sold worldwide, while if the claims are to be believed it is the aforementioned « Back In Black ». In Metal it’s much simpler. Metallica’s “Black Album” is untouchable with 25.2 million copies sold. wow 😵

Black Album Metallica

1) The most prolific rock artist

This category is the easiest to define when it comes to searching. Undeniably insane judging by his creative output, Buckethead eclipses every other rock artist with over 300 released albums in his catalogue. 🎹 While some of these are just glorified demos, ranging from bizarre to WTF-weird, many of the entries are albums of more or less traditional music. Even second place Frank Zappa with his 109 albums would have been impressed…

Buckethead on stage

Young rock star, lower your record on your tower

We’ve just listed together seven performances by rock artists that don’t appear anywhere in the record books. Now you know full well the injustice that drives metal culture. It’s a bit of a shame, but it doesn’t matter either. As long as we metalheads know them, everything is fine!

Now we have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you set a record yourself? Like having the hottest style the next time you show up at a concert? Deal! 🤘
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