As already mentioned, the club was founded in 1979 in New Zealand, more precisely in the city of Timaru, when the motorcycle industry was booming. The basic idea of ​​the founding members was to meet among motorcyclists , have a good time with buddies and create values ​​around the motorbike, family and brotherhood. 👊

As a result, numerous chapters were founded around the world. In January 1986 the Road Knights Chapter Invercargill was formed. It is believed that this clan was formed after the closure of the British Motorcycle Club (which was not a one percent motorcycle club as the Road Knights claim). The members of this club were primarily split between the Road Knights and the Damned MC. In the years that followed there would be constant tension and fighting between the two groups…

In 1995 the Dunedin Chapter of the Road Knights was formed. In 2012, the motorcycle club traveled to Thailand and opened a clan in the coastal city of Pattaya, which is about 90 kilometers south of the Thai capital, Bangkok. Subsequently, Road Knights USAfounded. Although the information is difficult to find, this probably happened in early or mid-2015. The first of the American Road Knights clans was located in Ohio.

Members Road Knights MC

Road Knights MC patch

The logo of this motorcycle club is particularly beautiful and artful compared to other biker clubs. It shows a skeleton wearing a knight’s helmet, which has two large swords (sometimes also axes) behind it. It closely resembles a knight’s coat of arms. Some models sometimes even spill blood to announce the color… 🔴⚫️

We find the name of the club at the top, as on each of the MC patches , here it is represented in an arc. Then the logo of the knight with his fighter helmet in the middle. Then below, again in an arc, the name of the chapter to which the member belongs. Some editions of the coat of arms feature flames on the knight’s sides. The colors are always red and gray on a black background.

The Road Knights use the abbreviation « RKFFRK », which stands for « Road Knights Forever, Forever Road Knights  » (Road Knights für immer, für immer Road Knights in German). This type of abbreviation is very common in outlaw motorcycle clubs. The idea behind this is that each member faces the family. So if a member is in trouble they need help and vice versa.

Logo Road Knights MC

The different chapters of the biker gang

Although the gang was founded in New Zealand , it has opened many chapters around the world. For ten years these bikers could only be found in NZ, but as some of the original members began to travel, clans opened up in almost every corner of the world. Let’s look at some of them. 👇

New Zealand :

  • Road Knights Timaru
  • Road Knights Invercargill
  • Road Knights Dunedin

In Thailand :

  • Road Knights Pattaya
  • Road Knights Bangkok

In the Netherlands:

  • Road Knights Alkmaar
  • Road Knights Amsterdam

United States:

  • Road Knights Ohio
  • Road Knights Chicago
  • Road Knights New-York
  • Road Knights California

There were certainly other small chapters founded, we have only listed the most well-known of them. As far as we know, there was no clan in France.

Jacke Road Knights MC

Famous members of the Road Knights MC

While there are no Road Knights members who are popularly famous (not superstars), some of the members have attracted media attention and made waves, often in a bad way, sometimes in a good way. Let’s look together at the various personalities who have made the MC famous through their actions . 🤠

⇒ Grant Percy: Chairman of the Road Knights, Invercargill Chapter in the mid-1990s, during the battles with the Black Power street gang. He was interviewed by the television show 60 Minutes in the mid-1990s to talk about tensions in Invercargill.

⇒ David Kenbrooke: Founding Vice President of the Club. He’s the iconic man who made a name for himself in the early years of the MC. David was a master of communication and when it came to recruiting members to expand the team, he didn’t hesitate, for example, to go on stage at a huge rock concert wearing the club’s t-shirt to broadcast live on TV for promoting the club… Well done!

Team Road Knights MC

mediated cases

The media has reported a lot about this biker gang. In fact, some chapters have turned out to be outright outlaw organizations, sometimes luckily the gang, sometimes not so much… Let’s take a closer look together: 🧐.

⇒ August 1987. A member of the Damned MC, while driving his motorcycle, is attacked by members of the Road Knights in Invercargill. The member of the Damned MC dies in the brawl. The attack is believed to have been the result of an earlier hit-and-run attempt against the Road Knights. Three gang members were charged with murder , but the charges were later dropped for lack of evidence.

⇒ October 1987. In the Road Knights clubhouseA bomb is detonated in Invercargill. At this point, there are four people inside, but none of them are injured.

⇒ 19 June 2008. The Road Knights clubhouse in Invercargill is burned down. Members of the Mongrel Mob street gang, enemies of the Road Knights, came to watch the burning building and chanted before being taken away by police. Police then raided the neighboring Mongrel Mob clubhouse and found two burning Harley-Davidson motorcycles believed to belong to the Road Knights. The police arrested four people after this incident and the judiciary convicted the perpetrators.

⇒ November 28, 2013. A ten-month police investigation dubbed «  Operation Crimson » is completed in the Invercargill area and 14 search warrants are executed, resulting in 17 arrests, most of them linked to the Road Knights. Homes, motorcycles, drugs and nearly $40,000 are confiscated. 195 charges are brought.

Bikers Road Knights

Enemies and allies of the Road Knights MC

Like any other gang, the Knights have made many enemies and friends over the years since their inception. Let’s find out together what the names of these motorcycle gangs are.

The Road Knights are enemies of :

  • Devils Henchmen MC
  • The Damned MC
  • Bench Bike MC
  • Mongrel Mob (street gang)
  • Black Power (street gang)
  • Der Highwaymen MC

And all smaller groups who wish to withdraw bikers from the city they are in. ❌ It should be noted that they are still allied with groups :

  • The Gang Wars (Skinhead Gang)
  • Die Perennials TM

The members are willing to die for an allied gang. Fraternity is at the heart of the group’s values, you never let a brother down. 

biker tattoo

Fire in the clubhouse

The Volunteer Fire Department faced a massive « house fire » when they arrived at the Road Knights Motorcycle Club on Heleeka Road in Hepburn Township, Pennsylvania late on the night of February 2020… The entire single story building housing a bar, Sound systems and television sets were on fire . The fire was reported around 11 p.m. by two motorists who saw the inferno from the road. 🔥

The last time anyone was in the building was a little earlier on Sunday morning when members closed the clubhouse. There were no injuries in the fire. A criminal background is very likely, certainly the revenge of a rival gang that wanted to attack the MC in the heart, in his parent house.

Brand Road Knights

Take on the spirit of a motorcyclist too

We have come to the end of this article. We just watched together how this motorcycle gang came to be. How important it is in New Zealand motorcycle culture as the clubs tend to originate in the USA. You now know exactly where this motorcycle gang came from and will recognize their logo when you meet them on the street. 😎

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