The rock music world doesn’t exactly have to prove itself when it comes to WTF… And if there’s one category that doesn’t fall short in this area, it’s rock star clothing style ! 🎸

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In this article, let’s take a look at the clothing styles that shaped rock ‘n’ roll . And how far some in the scene go to surprise their audience. Teddy bear pants, tape dresses, unmanly disguises… and much more. You will make eyes.

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15 The Weirdest Rockstar Styles

Rockers and metallers like to throw themselves into the crowd. But not only that! Some take it to extremes, throwing their hearts and souls into a style of clothing that can easily be described as quirky… Since its inception, rock music has had a tendency to shock the general public. But some also enjoy shocking their own audiences. Sometimes the style of clothing is a bit surprising, but other times it’s just plain bizarre! 🧐

So it’s about time to hit all the rock star outfitsto come back to, that we have encountered over the years. You can say that style doesn’t matter and that it’s all about the music, but you know full well that’s not true. Of course, music is what drives us and brings us together. But the style, demeanor, statements of the artists, their communication and the image of the band or a rocker are undoubtedly the factors that influence your perception of a band.

So here is our pick of the 15 Most Bizarre Rockstar Looks Ever:

Look #15: Manowar

Less clothes, more passion…
Who better to start our list than Manowar ? The metal kings take great pride in «wearing jeans and leather, not high school clothes», but sometimes they go a little too far themselves… The unmanly image speaks for itself, earning fans of strapped leather clothing a spot in our top list is worth.

Manowar hardrock

Look #14: Bon Jovi

It’s glamor time !
You just have to like the style of the 80s… Seriously though, we don’t even know where to start! David Bryans hair on the left or Alec John Suchs funky coat on the right. Nowadays, the Bon Jovi are known for their more classic and less quirky style. But their glam rock phase in the early 90s will probably never be forgotten.

Bon jovi in ​​80's style

Look #13 : Red Hot Chili Peppers

Where have the children’s toys gone?
Jeans, tattoos and hats are okay, we’re used to that. But Flea’s plush trousers break a record… just why? Anthony Kiedis also did a good job of whimsicality with his American briefs and leather boots. But it’s clearly the eccentric bassist who wins the palm tree here. 🧸

Red hot chili style

Look #12 : Gun N Roses

It was supposed to be raining…
The Guns N Roses frontman wasn’t in the best of physical shape at the time, so he opted for a Breton’s yellow raincoat instead of going bare-chested on stage… You’ll remember the many Posts that flooded the networks on this topic some time ago!

Rocker raincoat yellow

Look #11 : Korn

Are you ready for guys in leather skirts?
While it sounds a little odd coming out of his mouth, we think Korn singer Jonathan Davis didn’t just walk away with a good performance on the day. But also that he was able to impose his style on his audience in a way he had never done before. After all, the kilt even became one of the fashion features of the frontman!

Kilt rock star

Look #10 : Elton John

The ultimate fan of Donald!
The legendary Elton John had so many eccentric looks that you could easily compile a list for him… But for this selection we’ve picked one: his costume as Donald, the cute Disney duck. 🦆 It is indeed a strange outfit, but we must also give « Sir Elton » an award for his bravery. It’s not for everyone to go on stage disguised as one of the funniest characters in the history of animation. And all while absolutely getting the crowd going wild like no other.

Look #9 : Fall Out Boy

The musician’s silence…
Dressing up as Hannibal Lecter at a fashion show might not seem like the wisest decision to heat up the mood. Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz thought it wasn’t such a bad idea, though, and actually did it in 2010. He came strapped to his chair with the mask of Hannibal Lecter on his face. Not only was it bizarre. Because the audience didn’t seem to get the message, and neither did we.

Pete Wentz Hannibal

Look #8 : Michael Stipe

What’s your delusion, man?
They may not be as cute as Flea’s plush pants, but Michael Stipe’s taped pants still easily make it into the “weird outfits” category… He should definitely be given at least a few points for his creativity. You have to think about that.

Michael Stipe scotch

Look #7 : Ozzy Osbourne

A case for the hair.
Although the prince of darkness had his share of wacky styling, especially in the ’80s, none of his clothes are more shocking than seeing Ozzy with his hair short . He looks like a pigeon-feeding Jedermann. He’s a far cry from the rocker who sets fires on stage we all know. The photo (left) was taken in Glasgow in 1982 and will probably leave you speechless.

Ozzy short hair

Look #6 : David Lee Roth

Everyone strips naked…
It’s easy to imagine that most metalheads like to stand barefoot in front of a crowd of 300,000 people. However, this was not the case with David Lee Roth…. At a concert in May 1983, the Van Halen singer decided to show off a large part of his buttocks to his fans thanks to a pair of pants specially designed for the event. And what a memorable experience that must have been for the audience? 🔞

Buttocks David Lee

Look #5 : Scorpions

Unfortunately, our stylist is on vacation…
It’s still not entirely clear if the women ran to them because of this photo. 🧐 But seriously, whoever was responsible for the band’s style on the first shoot of the band Scorpions had it all wrong. One only has to look at Klaus Meine’s style with his white high-heeled shoes to say: yes, that can be called drama!

Naked scorpions

Look #4 : Tankard

The nerds…
That’s what you call a dangerous bunch of heavy hitters. This is one of the first group photos of the German Hetzer Tankard . And the least you can say is that you don’t think you’re looking at a trash metal band when you see this photo. The boys look more like a group of high schoolers playing chess!

Tankard beginnings

Look #3 : Maynard James Keenan

More of a lady’s dress than a shirt to me…
The eccentric frontman of progressive metal band Tool has often shown his fondness for lady’s clothes at the band’s performances . 👚 You may have seen photos of him with a bra, this one shows him in a white dress, noting that he was also wearing heels.

Mynard James in Dress

Look #2 : Kurt Cobain

I am fabulous.
The late Kurt Cobain, an icon of the rock world, was not a fan of flashy attire. He was more the type to dress all in black and not want to overdo it. But then came his little gig, wearing a leopard jacket and big white Polnareff-style glasses. He also wore a hipster hat. More than enough to push the frontman squarely into weird-clothing territory .

Kurt Cobain and Leopard

Look #1 : Marilyn Manson

Without him, this list simply wouldn’t have existed…
Throughout his career, Marilyn Manson has become , in a way, the epitome of a rock star with an odd style. He’s shown off in so many weird outfits that picking the weirdest one isn’t easy. However, we settled on one of his latex suits relatively quickly (a sure bet). The concept is simply a multitude of bizarre things added together. Admire the result :

Marilyn Manson weird outfits

Also adopt a rock star look

Our Top 15 is over. You’ve probably seen enough horror by now. You know exactly what not to do when it comes to style. That you should avoid duct tape, women’s dresses and pants with bare bottoms if you don’t want to end up in our next top flop! 😉.

Now for the serious stuff… If you don’t want to bring shame on rock ‘n roll yourself, then you need clothes worthy of the name! That’s why we suggest you start with a classic that you definitely shouldn’t underestimate: the “”skull and crossbones t-shirt”” . We have put together a nice selection for you, which is the most popular among metalheads.