Did you enjoy the Sons of Anarchy series ? Wondering which motorcycle models are highlighted in the different episodes? What is Jax’s motorcycle ? It’s easy to lose track of Harley and other brands…

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In this article we will, among other things:

  • A Summary of History
  • Which motorcycles are used?
  • What bike does Jax have in the series?
  • The other notable machines in SOA
  • The performance and style of each bike

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Summary of the Sons of Anarchy series

Sons of anarchy is one of the most famous biker series where you can see the actors proudly riding their big machines. The series follows the adventures of a group of  rebel bikers led by Clay Morrow. Ron Perlman is the lead actor in the film Hellboy and is also known as “Sons of Anarchy Harley”.

In this series, the « Sons of Anarchy », which can be translated into German as « Sons of Anarchy », travel through various cities in the USA. Although their activities are mostly illegal, they champion certain values, such as honor  or friendship  within this biker fraternity. The series focuses on the city where the Sons of Anarchy phenomenon began. This city is called Charming , located in the United States, the Sons of Anarchy are tasked with bringing peace and tranquility to their town. The Nazis are your biggest enemy. 💀

Motorbikes are therefore of course found in large numbers in the various episodes. And if you find yourself here, no doubt some of them have caught your eye. That’s why we’re going to take a closer look at the most beautiful of them, so that you too can buy your bike and the model that you like the most! Here we go…

Sons of Anarchy

Motorcycles that appear in the Sons of Ararchy series

It was in 2008 that the motorcycle series   was first broadcast. The leader of the motorcycle gang Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), the son of the gang’s founder, is brought to the fore. However, what catches our attention the most are the bikes featured in the film. And it’s certainly the charisma of some of them that has made the series a true masterpiece. 👌

Here are the 15 hottest motorcycles from Sons of Anarchy. Many of them are Harleys, but there are also a few that line up and give their rider a unique style:

  • Halbsack Harley-Davidson Dyna
  • Harley-Davidson Dyna
  • Clay Super GlideHarley-Davidson Electra
  • Piney Tri Glide
  • Triumph Bonneville 75 by Panhead by Opie
  • Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport 2003 von Opie
  • Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport 2003 von Jax
  • 1970’s Triumph Bonneville by Linc Potter
  • Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob von Chibs
  • Maya Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail
  • Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob von Tig 2006
  • Mayan ’96 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail
  • Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle Road Glide
  • Harley-Davidson Road King von Marcus Alvarez
  • Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob von Happy 2011
  • Harley-Davidson Road King von Bobby

Now let’s take a look at 10 of the hottest bikes in the entire series and their riders:

10) Harley-Davidson Electra Tri-Glide (Piney)

One of the first nine members of the gang, Piney wasn’t growing young… His health was declining and he no longer had the strength to  ride a motorcycle on two wheels as well as he had in his younger days. Determined to keep hitting the streets, he got himself a bike that suited his needs. And she was super cool. 😎

Piney’s Harley-Davidson Electra Tri-Glide with three wheels. She also had a special case in the back that contained an oxygen tank he needed to stay healthy. Of course, she also had the obligatory image of the Great Grim Reaper on the gas tank.

Electra Tri Glide

9) Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide 2008 (Clay)

As the first President of SAMCRO in the series, Clay had the club’s Grim Reaper logo affixed to his motorcycle at a larger size than the rest of the members. The bike was similar to others in the series, but the shiny black finish and loud sound made it hard to miss.

Interestingly, actor Ron Perlman, who plays the role of Clay, doesn’t particularly like motorcycles. He once shared a photo of himself and his teammates on motorcycles and captioned it: “I have to admit I look pretty mean on a motorcycle. Pretty sexy. More like a gangsta. I also have to admit that the bikes don’t like me. And that is mutual. »

Moto Clay Sons of Anarchy

8) Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob 2006 (Tig)

It’s a wonder Tig survived to the end of the series as he was a very violent go-getter. But in general he was a fun character who preferred to get around on a 2006 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob. There was a  memorable scene on the motorbike  as he dragged police through Charming to distract them so other SAMCRO members could catch a plane to Belfast. ✈️

Tig’s motorcycle was different as it was covered in spikes and skulls. It was also quite fast, being close to the front line for every chase scene involving the whole team.

Moto Tig Sons of Anarchy

7) Panhead (Opie)

Another classic bike is the Panhead, which Opie spent a lot of time restoring in his garage. Although he owned a Harley, his desire was to refurbish the Panhead so he could ride Charming like he did in the ’60s.

Like JT’s bike, the Panhead was  blue in color . Since Opie’s father, Piney, was one of the first nine members, the bike must have belonged to him. As a child, Opie fell in love with the motorcycle while watching his father drive it. Unfortunately, Opie was killed in prison by Pope’s henchmen before he could enjoy the Panhead.

Moto Opie Sons of Anarchy

6) FXD Street Bob (Happy Lowman)

Happy spoke less than ten times in the entire series. He acted rather than talked and even managed to establish himself as one of the SACMRO members with the highest number of deaths  on his account. He also rode the same bike from season one to last, the 2011 FXD Street Bob.

The bike was a single seater, which meant Happy couldn’t transport anyone like Jax liked to do. Happy’s FXD was sold at auction in 2012 and the proceeds went to a charity.

Moto Happy Sons of Anarchy

5) Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Road Glide (T.O. Cross)

TO made history as the first African American person to join SAMCRO after Jax scrapped the “whites only” rule. The former Grim Bastards president had one of the coolest bikes in the series. 🕶

The racer was orange and black, which made it look hip rather than mundane. The orange was a nod to the official colors of the Grim Bastards. The Screanin’ Eagle also featured dual headlights, as opposed to the single headlights found on other bikes.

Moto to Sons of Anarchy

4) Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob Custom (Chibs)

A few SAMCRO members owned a Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob, but the machine Chibs rode was notable for having no fairing up front. It also featured  Z-shaped handlebars  in matte black coupled with elevators.

There was also a St. Andrew’s Cross on the saddle, a nod to his Scottish roots. 🏴 Chibs was certainly one of the most likable characters on the show and after suffering too much at the hands of Irish gangster Jimmy O. it was great to see him become President of SAMCRO at the end of the series.

Moto Chibs Sons of Anarchy

3) Harley-Davidson Knucklehead von 1946 (John Teller)

Jax’s father and SAMCRO founder, John Teller aka JT, was dead when the series began, but his bike played an important role in the series’ history. Teller’s motorcycle, which has been kept in the clubhouse, is believed to be the motorcycle he was riding when he was involved in the accident that killed him. 🙁

After the accident, the bike was repaired and stored. Unfortunately it was destroyed again when the clubhouse was bombed. JT’s bike was cool because it was one of two classic bikes in the series. It reminded viewers of the post-WWII era.

Moto John Sons of Anarchy

2) Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport 2003 (Jax)

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy.
Jax’s motorcycle was so attractive that a stranger decided to take a picture next to her with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, he hadn’t asked permission beforehand. So Jax did what you would expect him to do in a situation like this. He beat him up and ran off with his girlfriend…

The 2003 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport differed from other bikes in that it featured custom designed T-bars for better handling. Interestingly, actor Charlier Hunnam also loves motorcycles in real life and owns the same  type of motorcycle  that he has ridden throughout the show’s seven seasons. 

Moto Jax Sons of Anarchy

1) Personalized Chopper (Bobby)

Aside from the time he slept with Otto’s wife, Bobby has never displeased viewers in general. During the series he owned  three  different bikes , but the first was his best. In Elvis’ day, he drove around in a homemade chopper that he assembled himself.

The bike, built on a hardtail frame, featured mini monkey seat posts and a suspension saddle. The bike’s sprung front forks had been angled to give the perfect chopper look. Like Chib’s Harley, Bobby’s motorcycle had no front fairing.

There are of course many more models in the series. But this list of 15 bikes undoubtedly has the model or models you were looking for. The mostly  beautiful machines   are of course driven by the main characters just mentioned. We now want to take a closer look at the main character of the series and her motorcycle. We call him Jax! 👇 

Moto Bobby Sons of Anarchy

Was ist Jax’ Moto in Sons of Anarchy?

Jax is probably the most important character in the Sons of Anarchy series and his fights are the best proof of that. He drives a  2003 Harley Davidson Super Glide Sport . The motorcycle has a 1449 displacement V-twin four-stroke engine with a bore-to-stroke ratio of 95.3 by 101.6 mm. This machine’s fuel capacity is 18 liters and it has 78.2 Ib-pi of torque. 🏍

This model was put on the market between 1998 and 2005, it has a power of 69 hp and a displacement of 1500 cc. This beautiful American motorcycle is characterized above all by its high handlebars and is driven by the character Bobby “Elvis” Munson. The motorcycle was launched with 1600 cc. Logically, however, it is modified in the series. Jax mentions it in one episode, but again, it’s tricky to know what’s part fiction and what’s part reality. 🛠

So that the bike of the hero of the Biker series has no problems with these  higher performance, The main elements of driving dynamics have been appropriately adjusted: special suspensions, two disc brakes at the front (assisted by one more at the rear), intermediate footrests for an optimal position when steering, alloy wheels … In short, everything necessary for fun and safety is guaranteed, both when Jax’s bike dazzles in parking lots with his daring style and when it devours the tarmac for miles! 

Harley Super Glide Sport

Notable machines of the series

Let’s take a closer look at some of the bikes in the series that have made heads turn for their performance, their beauty and often their quirky style. You will have to wait several months, sometimes even years, to acquire one of these models, almost entirely handmade and made in limited editions… 👇 ⇒

The motorcycle that Bobby “Elvis” Munson rides. The motorcycle that Bobby “Elvis” Munson rides is a  Harley Davidson street bob rocker which has 1600 cc in its commercial version, but it was modified in the series. It looks great and, unlike the other bikes, is almost always clean. One appreciates the quirky style, which is very American. It’s one of the bikes that Sons fanatics like best.

⇒Alex’s motorcycle « Tig Trager ». Tig has a 2006 Harley Davidson dyna street bob with numerous modifications. It is overly powerful, largely due to its exhaust. He talks about a complete engine and carburetor prep in the series, but it’s hard to tell which is real and which is fake… His deco is also monstrous, thanks largely to his various skull “”stickers “”! ☠️

⇒ Piermont’s « Piney » motorcycle. Piney’s bike is a  Harley Davidson Electra Tri-Glide , probably the most comfortable of all the bikes, given its size and third rear wheel. Like the previous protagonists of the series, his bike also shows numerous changes. The « full black » style is particularly popular, giving the bike a sombre look!

The performance of motorcycles in Sons Of Anarchy

The Milwaukee brand is launching a version of their Dyna inspired by the bikes used in the popular television series. So all fans of this series and the motorcycles can get such a Dyna. The “Sons of Anarchy” (SOA) series has become a cult series for many motorcycle fans, especially Harley-Davidson fans.

The misdeeds of this gang of  bikers californiens renferment , over the course of seven seasons, a plot as complex as it is intense, which lures its followers into a trap. The motorcycles in Sons of Anarchy are based on Milwaukee branded models. They have been groomed to be fast and agile, making them great for fleeing enemies or the police. These bikes have a Harley-style aesthetic but are completely tuned for high performance.

The machines from the Sons of Anarchy series served the brand’s designers as a template for the development of the new motorcycle models. Low Rider S. The design of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle highlights the small front dome around the headlight, the conical filter, the double exhaust pipes, the flat handlebars, the unique saddle and the clear commitment to the color black as the color choice. An exceptional aesthetic beauty… 😵

However, there is far more than just an aesthetic concern. Its owners won’t (hopefully) have to flee from the police or even rival gangs . But they will love the thrill. So it is that the Low Rider is equipped with a powerful 1800cc engine. With horsepower and torque well in excess of the standard 103 Dyna family.

Biker Sons

Join us bikers!

In summary, the American series is a must-read for any self-respecting biker. If you haven’t seen them yet, we encourage you to see them as soon as possible. It’s an exceptional model of biker culture, style for you and your bike. There is a lot to see in each episode. And even if we are clearly caught up in crime and banditry at times, there is no doubt that the bikes on display are good for us. So enjoy it all now!

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