The rose is a complex flower and rose tattoos are very popular. The obvious symbolism can be tender beauty or love, but there is a richness of culture behind the symbolism of the rose, which can be different, particularly because of the accompanying elements, its color and the shape it takes. 🌹

Young tattooed man, welcome to skull world! Our specialty is the skull and crossbones. And the very popular skull and rose combo caught our attention. 💀

A rose tattoo represents love and romance. It also has associations with hope and wisdom and evokes life and death. Their symbolism can change depending on the elements surrounding them.

You already got it, in this article we will define the symbolism of a tattoo with a rose. But not only that! We have even gone so far as to describe in detail what each tattoo can symbolize, depending on what accompanies it, the colors and shapes it is, and even depending on where on the body it is placed. 🥀

After reading this article you will know exactly what the rose symbolizes in the tattoo world. And if you want to get a tattoo yourself, then you will know exactly what your future tattoo means. And if you want to do a safe test, we have your solution! That of ephemeral tattoos. For example, this skull with its rose will look perfect on you. 😉 Just discover it by clicking on the image below.

In general, a rose tattoo is associated with love or romance . Aphrodite , the Greek goddess of love and beauty, is the main source of inspiration for this symbol. Therefore, roses are the flowers used when someone wants to show their love for another person. Men often associate a rose tattoo with a specific loved one, such as a wife or mother. Mostly with a ribbon bearing the person’s name.

However, a rose tattoo is more than just a symbol of love and romance. For example, the different colors of the flower have different meanings. So be careful when choosing a color because it can symbolize something completely different than what you really have in mind. 🎨

rose tattoo

Meanings Pink tattoo on a man

A rose tattoo is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when talking about male tattoos . Flowers are often associated with women. However, this is a common misconception because rose tattoos actually look beautiful on men too.

A rose tattoo is more often done in a dark art style on men . You’ll mostly find tattoos in black and white and with objects related to battle, distress, or death. These include knives, skulls or even fire. The combination with the flower makes the tattoo softer and symbolizes spiritual and not just physical strength. 🙏

Pink tattoo man

Meanings Pink tattoo on a woman

In any case, the person who gets tattooed will influence the drawing through their tastes and ideas. Above all, a tattoo expresses what the person who wears it wants to express with it. Drawing a rose tattoo should never follow preconceived notions: your tattoo must be for you. But there are still certain meanings that women with a rose tattoo carry. 👇

Love and passion for life are the two biggest symbols that women express when talking about their rose tattoos. A woman often refers to a person through a flower. This can be a family member, a romantic partner, and sometimes even an animal. It is a form of homage, collection or recognition.

Pink tattoo woman

Meanings Tattoo Rose Yellow

A yellow rose symbolizes joy and happiness , protection from envious lovers, and a mature love. It often substitutes for the red rose tattoo to represent a loved one. Because yes, the color yellow very often marks the memory of a person who has left us. 💭 So

this rose in the color of the sun is a tribute to a deceased person. It is very common in parents who B. have lost a child. The opposite is also common.
This tattoo represents that honor in a joyful form . The idea is not to make yourself sad. Rather, one should enjoy life before leaving this earth to join the person one worships.

yellow rose tattoo

Meanings Blue Rose Tattoo

Blue roses symbolize the unattainable or impossible . Tattooing this flower is therefore something for the optimists among us! In fact, this flower is very rare in nature. And rarity attracts, just like this gorgeous tattoo. 💙

Admittedly, this tattoo is not as common as red roses, for example, but it is still very popular in some parts of the world. It symbolizes the fact that although something is rare, there is always a hope of seeing or touching it one day. She is a good choice for people who love art or have a very determined character to achieve their goals.

Blue Rose Tattoo

Meanings White Rose Tattoo

White roses symbolize purity , mysticism and a secret admirer. They’re a popular choice for women who want to show off their values ​​and a rare loyalty. 🤍

white rose tattoo can be a simple aesthetic choice or it can have a very important meaningful connotation for some people. They tend to symbolize purity or magic. Most people who get a white rose tattoo may want to say that they are looking for something related to the afterlife.

Some of these tattoos are done entirely with white ink so it will be less noticeable than other black or light colored tattoos. It is chosen far more often for its aesthetics than for its symbolism.

White rose tattoo

Meanings Black Rose Tattoo

A black rose tattoo is often associated with death . If you want to honor a loved one that you have lost, a black rose is an excellent choice for a tattoo. Many people opt for the Day of the Dead Mexican tattoo to honor a loved one who has passed away. However, if the colorful art doesn’t particularly appeal to you, a black rose is a great alternative. 🖤

Last but not least, what makes this tattoo so popular is its obvious beauty. But also the often complex meaning of the drawing. Whether you are interested in a traditional rose or you decide to make a 3D drawing of the black rose, you can be sure that you will get a beautiful result.

Black rose tattoo

Meanings Black and white rose tattoo

Black and white or black and gray rose tattoos don’t really have any special meaning associated with their color. But this tattoo is a classic . Especially if the flower is done in the style of Chicano illustration. In general, however, people choose black and white because it is aesthetically simple and more sober than color.

In fact, one cannot really say that the black and white rose tattoo has a lot of meaning. Its meaning is very often limited to that of the (already rich) rose.

Black and white pink tattoo

Meanings rose and skull tattoo

The meaning of the skull tattoo is more complex than that of the rose. For example, it can have both positive and negative connotations. Most often, however, the ideology of the momento mori is emphasized. Namely, to enjoy life as much as possible, because death lurks for each of us. ☠️

Associated with the rose, which in particular stands as a symbol of love and passion, this tattoo is packed with meaning. In particular, it means that you should live your life as fully as possible and never let your dreams and happiness be destroyed until you die. It should also be noted that the number of petals can be related to numerology , and whether a rose is open or closed can also alter its meaning.

Skull and Rose Tattoo

The skull and crossbones is a powerful symbol that can be used to overcome difficulties or the death of an enemy. Combined with the rose, this tattoo is a representation of life after death, overcoming an enemy and starting a new life. The most famous design shows a rose growing out of the eye sockets of a skull . Some people also like it when the skull wears the rose on its head.

This popular tattoo also symbolizes the two sides of the spectrum. The beauty of life with the rose and the finality of death. You get a little bit of both directions through this tattoo. It also expresses that death can be beautiful. The flower with the skullis a way of representing the transition to the next life.

If you like this tattoo then you should definitely try this temporary tattoo. You can put it on your skin for a few days and see how you feel with the combination of these two elements on your body. 😉 Discover it by just clicking on the image below.

Put the flowers of evil on your skin and force the values ​​of this tattoo into your life.

Rose and Dagger (or Knife) Tattoo Meanings

These two contrasting elements can create a visually striking tattoo imbued with deep meaning . The dagger stands for betrayal, mercilessness and death. A tattoo depicting a dagger stabbing a rose could represent the wearer’s belief that evil always triumphs over innocence. 👿

It could also symbolize pain, especially if you add a few drops of blood falling from a rose. A dagger tattoo surrounded by roses represents the duality of human life and our constant struggle against good and evil. A thorny tendril tattoo of a rose choking a dagger means that good always triumphs over evil or that true love is possible after a lovesick.

Rose and dagger tattoo

Meanings Tattoo Rose under a bell

Bells are extremely commonly associated with prisons. You can point to a long prison sentence with no prospect of parole (life imprisonment). A person can have a rose tattooed under a bell to show their support for an incarcerated person. ⚖️

The image of the rose locked under a bell is the common symbol for a person locked behind bars. The rose represents the person you are thinking of. The bell represents the bars of the prison in a more cheerful and less violent form than the iron of a cell. It is not uncommon to find this tattoo on the skin of a married woman whose husband was convicted, for example.

Pink tattoo under a bell

Meanings rose and clock tattoo

Clock tattoos represent many different things. They are usually items that help us track our lives, so they represent time. A tattoo with a clock without hands and a rose symbolizes endless love. A stopwatch represents a specific point in a person’s time. ⏱

Combined with the rose, this motif can be a symbol of some romance in the past, it can also represent an anniversary. So it is a tattoo associated with a specific moment or period of a person. So, in connection with the rose, this moment is very often associated with love and a loved one.

Colored clock tattoosare often used to create a cheerful or uplifting image, while black and white or gray tones often convey a more serious and darker message. Also, the presence or absence of hands in the clock and whether or not it is distorted or realistically designed does not necessarily mean the same thing. Although they all represent an aspect of time, the symbolism can vary greatly. 🕰

Some common symbolic meanings are:

  • Disregard for the passing of time
  • The memory of a person
  • The memory of a certain time
  • Respect for time
  • The time of honor
  • Mortality or death
  • The freedom

Some opt for a tattoo with a clock hand indicating the time they were born. Or the hand of the clock that marks the loss of a loved one.
Rose and clock tattoo

Meanings rose and cross tattoo

This is a popular combination as the rose is associated with the Virgin Mary. And the rosary is a necklace dedicated to her. So, of course, there is a religious connotation behind this design. ✝️

The blue rose is often incorporated into rosary tattoos , as the color blue is associated with Mary’s cloak. People who get a rosary tattoo want to be reminded that they are protected by the Mother of God. And its association with the rose is the symbolism that this protection comes through the family and spouse.

Meanings Pink tattoo with rosary beads

In Latin, the word «rosary» means «  rose garden », and the rosary used to be made of dried roses. The connection between the two symbols is historical, but can also have other meanings. A red rose symbolizes love. Together, a rose and a rosary represent love and devotion to the loved one.

Pink Tattoo and Rosary

Meanings Rose tattoo with dove

Dove tattoos are usually a tribute to a deceased person. A rose and dove tattoo can serve to honor a loved one who has left us. 🕊

Pigeons and swallows are known to travel great distances and always find their way back. A tattoo that integrates both the swallow and the rose could symbolize the wearer’s loyalty to a loved one who has returned home. During a long separation, this tattoo proves the love one person feels for the other and the happiness of finding each other again.

Pink dove tattoo

Meanings Rose tattoo with snake

The rose is a symbol of purity and beauty. When a serpent coils around a rose, it corrupts that perfection and eternity with its evil nature. A serpent coiling around a rose is a blinding passion, a temptation that leads to corruption. The snake is an ambivalent symbol, so it’s not just evil.

The meaning of the snake tattoo can relate to eternal life and embrace a passion for a profession, for example. A serpent coiling around a tree or other axial symbol signifies the awakening of the dynamic forces, the genius of all things growing. 🐍 It is said that the toad and the snake have jewels in their heads and possess magical treasures and rings. That is why snake tattoos are often depicted with a precious stone.

Rose and snake tattoo

Meanings Rose tattoo with compass

Compass rose tattoos have been around for hundreds of years. In its early days, this drawing was mainly used by seafarers who wore this tattoo for a number of reasons. Among the most important was the belief of sailors that a compass rose tattoo would bring them luck and ensure they would return to shore alive. ⚓️

Given the harsh living conditions these sailors had to endure, with unpredictable seas, malnutrition and other dangers, luck should indeed be brought to them. The wind rose is the circle on a compass that shows the cardinal points. Hence, it is only natural that this tattoo has a very nautical nature. Nowadays, people like to integrate the rose with the design of the compass rose. It is usually tattooed on the inside of the forearm.

Pink compass tattoo

Meanings rose and knot tattoo

The Celtic knot is often beaded. There are many different meanings behind this shape and a rich history with often unclear origins. The rose is often designed intertwined with Celtic knots and forms the base of the tattoo.

The more spiritual meaning of this symbol indicates beginnings and endings. Looking at these beautiful knots, we can see neither a beginning nor an end. It reminds us of the timeless nature of our mind. The Celtic knot is a mystical symbol that can be drawn however you wish. But usually knots are intertwined with a circle. The Celtic knot tattoo is an authentic symbol of a family relationship. 👨👩👧👦

By default, the bow in conjunction with the flower symbolizes the eternal love one feels for all members of one’s family. The rose stands for love, the knot for infinity. So he stands for the previous generations as well as for the following ones. The love and respect that you pass on, for example, from father to son and from mother to daughter.

Rose and bow tattoo

Meaning tattoo rose and spikes

In most cases, a barbed wire tattoo symbolizes its owner’s strength and beliefs. Many people who have had bad experiences in life and successfully overcome them will choose barbed wire tattoo to decorate their body. ⛓

In addition, this tattoo symbolizes a broken heart, suffering from love and sometimes even death. In these cases, however, the symbol of a barbed wire is usually combined with a heart symbol or a rose.

You can opt for a barbed wire that z. B. represents the stem of the rose. This tattoo can symbolize imperfectionand the hidden darkness are interpreted. This means that even if something seems perfect, it also has its dark side. It can stand not only for things and situations, but also for people. There is a hidden dark side in each of us that could be identified with the phrase that every rose has its (sometimes extremely hard) thorn.

Pink barbed wire tattoo

Meanings Pink tattoo with triangle

Because triangles contain three sides and three angles, they are associated with the Trinity, especially in Christianity. For example, the triangle can be used to represent the Holy Trinity consisting of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For Christians, this tattoo can be used to show their devotion to these important deities or as a symbol of their faith. 🔺

Rose and triangle tattoo

Meanings rose and heart tattoo

Hearts and roses are a popular tattoo combination for both men and women. Both the rose and the heart are powerful symbols that are recognized around the world. The combination of these symbols can be designed in a variety of different styles. Although most designs are done in red, some people buck tradition and use white, yellow, pink, purple, or even black instead. ❤️

Pink heart tattoos often contain banners, text and letters, often representing the name of a loved one. For example “Mama”, “Papa” or the first names of children. Couples often get matching rose and heart tattoos .

The heart and rose typically represent love, passion, and desire. When we see a heart pierced by arrows, it often represents pain and sadness. A rose or a bleeding heart can represent the same thing. Here’s what the combination of the two can mean as well:

  • The belief
  • The hope
  • The homage
  • The respect
  • The devotion
  • The broken heart
  • The pain
  • The death
Pink tattoo and clock

Meanings rose and crown tattoo

More and more people are interested in the royal families and their stories. It goes so far that for some it has become a real passion. Being heir to the throne and becoming queen or king has become one of their hopes or dreams. And you know what people do when they have hopes and dreams? Of course you can get a tattoo! 👑

The most popular symbolism of a crown is therefore that of royalty. Kings and queens around the world are crowned on the day of their coronation to symbolize the beginning of their reign. This is what a person getting a crown tattoo wants to express. And in connection with the rose, the tattoo very often defines the division of the respective rule. The fact that one is in a relationship and dedicates one’s power to the loved one.

Rose and crown tattoo

Meanings Pink tattoo with thorns

Rose tattoos capture the many concepts of the myths that surround them… and it’s amazing that such a beautiful flower can cover so many ideas so fluently. Life and death, beauty and brutality mingle quietly beneath the petals of the famous red flower. But what would a rose be without its thorns? 🗡

This piece of nature has to protect itself in one way or another… The writer Anne Bronte once said: “But if you don’t dare to reach for the thorn, you should never feel like the rose”. Part of that means you can’t have the good side of things without dealing with the bad. For example, just as the beauty of a rose is worth the pain of the thorn, the beauty of a tattoo comes from getting it done (and sometimes suffering for hours).

Rose and thorns tattoo

Meanings Tattoo Rose Fanée

faded rose tattoo is an excellent way to draw attention. The dark tones will contrast with the delicate design and if worn e.g. B. combined with a piece of jewelry in a strong color, create a poetic work of art. Go for something big and powerful or something small and subtle, but whatever, a faded rose tattoo is less ordinary and that’s exactly why we love it! 🥀

Roses with wilted leaves or even with leaves falling off their base always look great . Their meaning is very closely linked to that of skulls. A way of saying that all beautiful things come to an end. That you don’t live forever, because even the most beautiful flowers eventually die.

Faded Rose Tattoo

Meanings Rose Mandala Tattoo

Mandala means “circle”. It consists of shapes and symbols radiating outwards from the center in a circular pattern. Like a circle, a mandala is meant to reflect balance, eternity and perfection. For those who need a refresher on geometry, the distance between the center of a circle and all the points that form it stays the same. The mandala is a unique drawing that reflects this sense of harmony. ⭕️

The mandala pattern combined with rosessymbolizes love, passion and sensuality. However, rose motifs are also symbols of balance, devotion, faith, honor, intrigue and wisdom. The mandala flower can be any color or combination of colors. There are special meanings that are strongly associated with certain colors. Here are the most important of them:

  • A pink mandala represents first love, healing and innocence.
    A red rose mandala represents health, undying love,
  • Commemoration, passion and sacrifice.
  • A white rose mandala is associated with mysticism, purity, sacredness and a secret admirer.
  • A mandala of yellow roses symbolizes joy, mature love, and protection from a jealous lover.
Pink mandala tattoo

Meanings rose and fox tattoo

A type of canine, foxes have had a long historical presence in mythology. Intelligent, sometimes complicit, animals, foxes can be found on most continents. Therefore, many legends , traditions and mythologies entwine around the nature of this incredibly wild animal. From the Japanese kitsune to the Native American trickster, foxes have worn many hats in human tales and myths over the centuries. 🦊

Traditional aspects of the symbolism of the fox associated with the rose around the world tend to retain the same meanings:

  • intelligence
  • The wisdom
  • The curiosity
  • The Charme
  • the luck
  • Those Missetates
Rose and fox tattoo

Meanings Pink tattoo on the 

Flowers could even be arranged symbolically to convey a range of different feelings such as love, attraction or admiration. And turning a rose upside down could mean the complete reversal of these meanings . Good becomes evil, white becomes black, just like water becomes fire. 🔥 So

if you want a red rose tattoo on your head, it means a love story is over. Inverted bouquets would then represent the polar opposite of the common meanings of flowers: receiving an inverted rose is the ultimate form of rejection . For example, they are used to show a person that you despise them.

upside down rose tattoo

Meanings Rose tattoo on shoulder

Rose shoulder tattoo designs are something that many people want to have because they are so diverse. You can use these flowers as a main subject or as part of a larger concept. And since a beginning tattoo on a shoulder very often spills over onto the arm, its place is very large. This allows you to design your tattoo with many different symbols. This also applies to roses. 💐 Rose

tattoos on one shoulder work particularly well in this area due to the natural shape of the flower. The shoulder can be an odd space to fill in, but since the petals can be shaped to be perfectly round or drape gracefully over the collarbone or upper back, it makes the job really easy and thatresult always crazy .

Pink shoulder tattoo

Meanings Rose tattoo on hand

The most popular placement of the rose is very well known for costing the job of some young people in the 1990s who simply wanted to express their passion for this art…
The ideas of tattooing a rose on a hand are becoming a lot today more accepted. Not least because of the democratization of tattoos in general. 🖖

Strictly speaking, the placement is not very significant. It is much more the colors and the elements that accompany the flower that give meaning to the tattoo . However, it can mean that anything the person touches will be blessed with that flower. Because the tattoo is associated with the Virgin Mary.

Pink tattoo on hand

Meanings Rose tattoo on forearm

Pink forearm tattoo ideas are also very popular.
You can use the flower as a main subject or as part of a larger concept. And because the forearm is very long followed by the upper arm, your rose can be combined with a variety of other elements for a tattoo that is very meaningful . 💪

Pink tattoo forearm

Meanings Rose tattoo on thigh

If you are looking for something a little more subtle, we suggest a pink thigh tattoo! This area is not as noticeable and it can be very easy to show and then hide the tattoo. 🤫 The big advantage of this spot is that it means that this tattoo is almost exclusively for yourself. You don’t have to show it to everyone, its meaning is reserved only for the owner.

There is a relationship to strength in this tattoo placement. The thigh is the part of the body where we have the strongest muscles. The rose seems to be there to mitigate, or at least control, that strength. As if to say: « I am a tyrant, but I can be gentle sometimes ».

Pink tattoo on thigh

Meanings Rose tattoo on the back

The position of the tattoo also depends on how many roses you want to include and how you want the tattoo to look overall. If you want a whole row of roses with intertwined leaves and stems, then the back is your place to be! Legs and biceps are also good candidates. But sometimes too small. 🤏

Rose tattoo on the back

Meanings Rose ankle tattoo

The cuffs and ankles are great for compact models . They have the right structure and contours to support a rose with stems, leaves and even a snake. If you’re comfortable with people noticing your tattoos, get a small rose tattooed on your wrist or ankle. 🦵

With this placement, you can easily choose color. It is also a very aesthetic tattoo that z. B. harmonizes with different bracelets and shoes. When it comes to fashion and style, we are at the forefront here. Details make great works, as the saying goes.

Pink tattoo ankle

Integrate the rose into your life

Just like other tattoo styles, there are numerous , almost infinite templates for rose tattoos. As we have seen in this article, it can be combined with a multitude of different elements, in different positions, in different types or even in different colors… The possibilities are therefore endless and this is precisely what makes the beauty and richness of the rose matters. 🕶

Now it’s time to shout to action! And for that, there is nothing better than testing an ephemeral tattoo to see how it looks on you and how you feel when you have such a tattoo. We have a very special selection of skulls combined with flowers . Just discover them by clicking on the image below.

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