Jack Skellington has been dreaming up a whole generation since he first appeared. He is undoubtedly the most famous skeleton in world cinema. Why choose a tattoo of this character? What is the meaning behind this tattoo? What body parts are most commonly used to show his passion for the king of Halloween? 💉

The entire Skull Faction team has come together to answer these questions and support you with your tattoo project. Read the following lines carefully and you will know exactly why you should get a Jack Skellington tattoo! We invite you to discover our most beautiful creations of this fascinating character by simply clicking on the image below.

A fan of Jack Skellington? Discover the hottest items with his likeness.

Who is Jack Skellington?

Director of some of the most notable characters in film history. JacJack Skellington has become the ultimate Halloween mascot in just a few short years. Today he is the Santa Claus of the macabre festival. As a living skeleton, he is immortal and can safely remove body parts, which he is also often tattooed by the way. He is the most important of the many Halloween ghosts. His job is to scare people in the real world on the evening of October 31st every year.

This cartoon character was created by the famous Tim Burton , who has directed some of the most notable characters in film history. Jack appeared in the movie ”  Mr. Jack’s Strange Christmas  ” and has been a fan favorite for over 25 years.

And to celebrate the 25th birthday of the King of Halloween , we’re going to share our favorite tattoos of history’s most famous skeleton character. So welcome to the city where werewolves, vampires, zombies, ghosts and all those creepy creatures live, led by the ”  pumpkin king  ” Jack Skellington. ☠️

Whether it’s your love of Halloween, Tim Burton or Jack Skellington that inspires you, an illustrated tattoo of  Nightmare Before Christmas  can be a fun way to show your passion for one of these three.

Jack Skellington tattoo

Meanings of a Jack Skellington Tattoo

Jack is the main character of the film, a skeleton who wishes his life was richer. The image of Skellington is a popular tattoo among fans of the film who also wish their lives to be more enchanted and filled with the things they love. 🖤

​​Skellington’s head is often tattooed alone, or his body silhouetted against the moon.

Design tatoo Jack Skellington

The people accompanying Jack

The skeleton is not always alone when depicted as a tattoo on the skin. In the animated film, it is accompanied by many different characters, each just as exciting as the next. Let’s take a look at who they are and why you too should associate one or the other character if you want to get a Jack Skellington tattoo ! 💉

  • Sally

Sally is the rag doll who loves and believes in Jack Skellington despite his trials. Sally is also a popular tattoo among women and is sometimes associated with Skellington to represent true love .

  • Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie is the villain from the film, the black shadow who haunts nightmares with his big bag full of bugs. Oogie Boogie can be used as a tattoo image for those who have a special fondness for Halloween tattoos . 🎃

  • Lock, Shock and Barrel

Lock, Shock and Barrel are Oogie Boogie’s minions, three children who live to play pranks and who obey the commands of their supreme master. The three characters, shown with or without their masks, are other popular Halloween-themed tattoos.

  • moon and cliff

The movie posters for “Mr. Jack’s Strange Christmas” show a large yellow moon behind a curved cliff. This cliff unfolds as you walk on it. This scene is shown several times throughout the film where Jack and Sally are together. The moon and the cliff are two popular back tattoos for all fans of the film, whether traveling alone or accompanied by one or more of the film’s characters.

  • Zero

Skellington’s dog, Zero, also features frequently in the film’s tattoos. Zero is most often associated with Skellington or Skellington with Sally. 🐶

Various other characters

Mr. Jack’s Strange Christmas is full of different characters including vampires , a demonic clown , the axeman and many others. Many fans of the film have a favorite supporting character that they can choose to have tattooed. The reasons for this are often a feeling of connection with the character or simply a love of their aesthetic. It’s up to you to find your own!

Jack Skellington tattoo idea

Location of the Jack Skellington tattoos

Tattoos depicting characters or scenes from a movie can be placed almost anywhere on the body. In itself there are no rules. Even so, you can find some spots that are more popular than others. They usually go hand in hand with the images themselves and include :

  • The lower back for large drawings like the moon and cliff.
  • The upper arm for characters who are alone (often Jack’s head).
  • The lower leg or calf for longer Skellington tattoos, alone or with Sally.
  • The arm and shoulder where the moon is often found on the rounded part of the shoulder. The longest tattoos very often extend from the shoulder to the elbow.
  • Forearm. Complete scenes from the film are often shown in color, including Jack and Sally’s union at the end.

drawing of a nightmare before Christmas can be a way to show both the playful and the deep sides of your being. It is precisely these things that have made the film so popular, not least because of the aesthetic quality of the characters as well as the meaning and depth of the feelings one feels while watching this cult film. 🤓

Beispiele Tattoos Jack Skellington

Here is our selection of Jack.S tattoos to give you some ideas! Don’t hesitate to let us know which ones you like the most in the comments section. I wish you lots of fun tattooing 😉.

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