How do I choose my leather jacket correctly? How do I choose the model that suits me best? Or when and how do I wear my Perfecto?

We get asked these questions frequently, and rather than answering them individually, the entire Skull World team has teamed up to answer them in this article. 🙌🏼

In order to correctly choose a leather jacket, you must first determine the style of the jacket. Go for a blazer, a biker jacket or a perfecto. Then pay attention to the quality and origin of the leather. Then pay attention to the color and thickness of the jacket.

In this article you will learn:

  • How to choose your jacket
  • How to choose a good material?
  • What different skins are used to make them

After reading this article you will know exactly how to choose your leather jacket and use it to your advantage in all circumstances.

Here we go 🕶.

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Choosing a jacket is not something to be taken lightly, just like when it comes to biker jewelry . While you can wear a classic jacket as long as it is stylish and in good condition, this is not the case with a leather jacket. The price of a leather jacket may sometimes seem exorbitant, but you have to be aware that it is a long-term investment. It will be durable , timeless and even timeless. And it only gets better with the years, like a good wine or a guitar that proudly bears the marks of the past… As it wears out, it becomes all the more beautiful and authentic. 💯

Since the budget for a guitar is significant and you will probably keep it for life, make no mistake and choose the right one! Ask yourself the right questions:

What style do you wear best? Not the one that’s hip this year, but the one that really suits you, the one that you’ll still feel comfortable in 15 or 20 years from now. The choice of leather type is also an important factor. Beef, lamb, buffalo, sheep, imitation leather, goat, suede, pig – they all have different characteristics. Finally, you should pay attention to the workmanship, details and zippers. Let’s take a closer look. 👇🏼

Man in a leather jacket and sunglasses.

Choose a template

Leather jackets come in a wide variety of different cuts and styles. Depending on your physique, your weight, your height, your lifestyle and most importantly your style of clothing. For these reasons we have decided to offer you the best selection from the many possible variants. This essential piece of clothing has become a staple and undisputed asset in the fashion world since the 1900s . 👔 Get inspiration

from this list and try to find the look that most resembles you and can be easily integrated into your everyday life. So here come the first models, the ones that started this trend that has passed the years up to 2020 without ever losing its charm:

1) The flight jacket

The  aviator-style jacket that lives up to its name dates back to the 1900s. It was used by the Luftwaffe. There are different models, some have classic buttons and a ribbed collar, others have zippers and snaps. There are also tailored, body-hugging models, sometimes with a turn-down collar made of lambskin or faux fur.

The  aviator leather jacket  has established itself as a timeless standard. It is relatively warm and has its own style.

Man wearing an aviator leather jacket.

2) The Biker Jacket

The biker jacket, also known as the Perfecto , has long been the favorite of motorcyclists. It features an asymmetric zip fastening, a classic collar, a zip pocket at the top, a second pocket with a button closure at the bottom, small epaulettes and a belt. Today, its characteristics have evolved and moved away from the original model. ⚫️

Many biker style leather jackets now have a much simpler and sleeker look. This makes them easier to wear for all occasions and styles of clothing.

Woman with biker jacket.

3) The racer jacket

The racer is a different style of jacket that emerged in the 1930s but didn’t really start selling until the 1960s. Racer wearers tended to favor speed and light, nimble motorcycles rather than comfort. 🏍

Influenced by the rocker years, they put a lot of value on their looks and their haircut. These riders then adopted this style of leather jacket, which featured a  “”Mao collar“” with buttons, a zip fly, and two pockets located on the upper part of the jacket. The racer is largely dominant in the leather jacket market today. It can be worn with almost anything. Some have a more classic collar, others offer additional pockets or special details.

Biker style man with leather jacket and his motorcycle.

4) The Bombardier

The bomber jacket, introduced by the aviators during the Second World War, had the particularity of being very warm. This type of jacket, usually made from sheepskin, has a wool fur lining to protect the neck, wrists and waist from wind and weather. ☔️

Its closure is also zipped and it offers two slanted pockets at the bottom. This model is very stylish , but since its main task is to keep you warm, it is a little heavy. If you’re more of a frostbite or live in a particularly cold area, she might be a good choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for a light jacket to break speed records with your car, you should better stay away from it.

Man with brown leather bomber

The quality of the leather

Now that you’ve found your jacket style and decided on a cut and color, you’re ready to hit the blue card… Hold on a little. Affording a jacket is good, but affording a quality jacket is better. You have to know that there are two different qualities of leather. People are used to distinguishing between grain and split leather. Let’s take a closer look.

1) The Leather Flower

The flower comes from the top layer of the animal, the noblest layer. The skin becomes more supple, stronger and more water-repellent. It will also be much smoother. When used in its full thickness and keeping the natural look, it is called full-grain leather . Jackets made of this material are the highest quality.

2) Die Lederkutte the trad not look on

In contrast, the crust is the lowest layer of the animal that faces the meat. It is obtained by splitting the leather. It is referred to as a suede split when it retains its fibrous appearance and a coated split when it is coated to give it a smoother appearance.

So if you decide to put in a quality garmentto invest, leather brittle is not a good choice. This cheaper leather is mainly intended for cheap jackets. Don’t hesitate to ask the seller the question when trying on a jacket in store. If the answer is “I don’t know,” you can be pretty sure that you’re holding a robe jacket and are therefore of inferior quality. 👀

Handmade leather work.

The origin of leather

You now know your style, the quality of the material, but when choosing your jacket you also have to… choose its leather , more precisely its origin. In most cases, jackets are made of cowhide, lambskin or buffalo leather. However, they have their pros and cons and other skins are sometimes used as well. Let’s look at this together. 😊

1) Lambskin

Lamb is particularly fine and supple. Its aesthetic aspect is undisputedly the most beautiful. It is very popular for plush, luxurious products and tight-fitting clothing. However, this extreme suppleness also makes it sensitive. As such, it’s more suited to haute couture , dresses, and body-hugging clothing, rather than thick, heavy-duty jackets.

2) Cowhide leather

The cowhide is thicker but retains a nice, fairly smooth appearance. It is more resilient, but still has a certain suppleness. Therefore, it is best suited for products that require some strength. Perfect for a women’s perfecto style jacket, for example. 💁♀️

Woman wearing a leather perfecto

3) buffalo leather

The third and largest type of leather has a thicker texture that feels and looks thicker. It is very resilient, but loses suppleness. It holds up perfectly, so it’s entirely possible to wear it for over 30 years. It is more suitable for wider, more “masculine” cuts, it is not used for slim-fitting models, but rather for straight cuts.

4) Sheepskin

Sheep are also often used to make leather jackets . It is particularly popular for the production of so-called wool skin jackets, in which the wool is retained. These are very warm and suitable for winter or cold countries. This fur is particularly thick and durable, which is why it is prized in the Nordic countries. 🐑

5) Goatskin

Goatskin is a finer  alternative with a lighter  grain. It’s soft and high quality, yet sturdy. Jackets made from this material are therefore hard-wearing.

A perfecto wear for men

6) pigskin

The lesser-known pigskin has a fairly pronounced grain, which is due to the thick bristles of the animal. It is not very soft and is suitable for making large leather jackets . Since its cost price is very low, it is used to make cheap products after being treated to make it look a little smoother. 🐷

7) Other origins of leather

Your jacket can also be made from goatskin, which is extremely thin and therefore not very strong, but is supple. There is also horse leather which, on the contrary, is very thick and lacks a bit of suppleness. Sheep and chamois leather are also sometimes used. So there is an incredible number of different types of leather that are cut differently and have different qualities. You can add to all of this how the skin was processed, which greatly contributes to the final quality of the product.

It’s true that lamb, buffalo and cowhide leather are the most commonly used, as their properties allow them to offer relatively soft, smooth and durable jackets, but it’s up to you to judge what you like best. avoidFaux leather jackets , as not only do they look a lot worse, but they quickly become unusable because they are damaged.

Woman with black and white leather jacket.

Motorcyclist’s leather jacket

Leather is inseparable from the world of motorcycling, it rhymes with space, road, speed, breathing, nature and contributes to your enjoyment on and even off the road. Let’s see why a leather jacket is the core of a biker ‘s attire. 🤘🏼

1) The style

Before we talk about safety and comfort while riding your bike, let’s talk about style. Because yes, an animal skin jacket is stylish! If you are looking for a jacket yourself as you read these lines, it is probably because of the look it gives you, and you are right. The leather jacket gives a man a charisma that he would not have without it. She often shrugs her shoulders, giving her owner a broader and more imposing physique. Black ‘s sheen also has its benefits, exuding a feeling that the wearer is confident.

Taken together, these attributes give the wearer of a Perfecto a dark, confident and very attractive look. A perfecto for menmeans that you want to enjoy life to the fullest. And the great advantage of this type of jacket is that it can be worn with almost anything! Jeans, leather pants, simple or flashy colors… you can try everything, it will always fit. 💯

David Becham style with motorcycle

2) Security

A motorcyclist needs a garment that is not only comfortable to wear and look at, but also able to protect him from wind, rain, cold, snow and all kinds of atmospheric agents. This should also protect him in the event of a possible fall. Some jackets offer reinforced shells on specific parts of the body, particularly the shoulders. 🛡

Because leather is very resistant, it can withstand the friction of a fall and therefore protects the motorcyclist much better than a jacket made of any other material. For this reason, motorcycle suits for racetracks are made exclusively from this material.

Of course, how much security you need depends on how you use your motorcycle. Not everyone races on racetracks, and some of us will be more urban and slower at speed. In this case, a more urban leather jacket that still offers a minimum level of protection but is also suitable for everyday use – both practical and aesthetic – is the ideal choice. 😉.

Motorcyclist with a helmet and his motorcycle jacket

3) The convenience

A biker leather jacket is also great on cold days, it keeps the body warm and is windproof at the same time, so you feel comfortable on the road. We also recommend using a waterproofing spray to protect you against rain. Another advantage of this garment is its aerodynamics. If you choose it close-fitting to the body, it will prevent the wind from entering too much. This guarantees you the performance of a professional driver. 💨

Adopt a skull leather jacket

We have discussed together the different features to consider when choosing a jacket. What mistakes you shouldn’t make in terms of quality, cut and even the choice of the material itself. So you know exactly how to choose your leather jacket . 👋🏼

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