Do you have questions about gothic pendants? What different types of symbols were emphasized by the Goths? And above all, what are the meanings behind each pendant worn?

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Each goth pendant has its own meaning. Whether it is a pentagram, a grim reaper or a 666 pendant, death is very present in the various symbols of Gothic pendants.

In this article you will learn:

  • What are the nine main Gothic pendants?
    What different meanings are hidden behind each of
  • them?
  • And why you absolutely must own one of them

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Importance of the Gothic followers

Whether you’re just looking to buy your first gothic pendant or have been collecting and wearing them for years, have you ever wondered what these symbols mean?

The pendants and the symbols depicted on them are somber and at times enchanting, with  hidden meanings . 🤫

Our subculture is rooted in the traditions of the East Germanic tribe in the 2nd century AD and emerged in the Renaissance. The cultural concept of the so-called “Gothic” also arose during this period.

There are many connotations to this movement, ranging from  the raw and barbaric to suffering and darkness . But other themes such as passion and love are also very present today. All of these ideas and ways of understanding the counterculture are reflected in symbols that sometimes live on through a follower. 📿

Whatever your reason for wearing pendants, it’s interesting to know their stories and what they express. So let’s take a look together at everything you can about the actual meaning of the different Gothic pendant symbols.

Let’s go 🧛

1) Pentagram Pendant

The pentagram is a five-sided star (pentagram) surrounded by a circle. It is one of the most common Gothic symbols. The different sides represent the five elements: fire, water, earth, air and spirit. The circle symbolizes fullness and completeness. Sometimes the pentagram is also worn inverted by the Goths to represent Satan and Death . 👿

Although not all Goths are satanists, some wear a gothic pentacle pendant to shock people. Repel them to avoid dealing with those who do not understand their ideology.

Pentacle gothic pendant.

2) Trailer 666

The three digits 666 are widely known to  denote the devil or Satan . You are the symbol of the animal. This symbol is used very often in jewelry pendants by goths. Some people believe in the myth of the 666 

so strongly  that they actually fear it. Many Goths, on the other hand, worship him and use him for their clothing or jewelry. 👹 

Pendant 666 Gothic.

3) Grim Reaper pendant

The Grim Reaper, also known as the Grim Reaper of Death, is another well-known symbol found on Gothic pendants.

The Grim Reaper is usually depicted with a hood so that his face is not visible. The character is always shown with a scythe. 🔪 These are  the souls of the deceased « mow ».

As the myth would have it, Death wields a sword, severing the soul from the body  severing the soul from the body  with its blade. It is also said to be able to speed up or lengthen a person’s life. So many believe that she can be deceived and bribed to keep you alive. Wearing our Grim Reaper pendant is one of the ways to postpone your rendezvous with her. 💀 Discover him by clicking on the image below.

4) Baphomet trailer

Also known as Mendesbuck , Baphomet originated from the ancient Egyptian god of fertility. Baphomet is a character with a goat’s head. It consists of binary elements that symbolize the whole of the universe. In Judeo-Christian culture, Mendès’ he-goat is a fallen angel, as evoked by its wings. This means that he was banished from heaven because he was different from the other angels. That’s exactly what goths want to achieve by wearing a Baphomet pendant: to stand out from the crowd. 🐐

Gothic Baphomet pendant.

5) snake pendant

The serpent is widely worshiped by pagans and other groups focused on the earth and our world. The snake symbolizes rebirth. Especially because it loses its skin and thus renews itself. It also signifies evil, fertility and a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds.

Because of the serpents’ role in biblical history, it was partially adopted by the Goths. In the Garden of Eden, the serpent represents sin and temptation. 🐍

Gothic snake pendant.

6) Skull Pendant

The pendant with a skull is also one of the most important jewelry used by goths. Whether you are one yourself or not, you probably know someone close to you who wears”” skull jewelry”” . 💀 The skull pendant is especially worn for its demonic style, because it is beautiful! But not only…

There are several  meanings of wearing a skull  hanging around your neck. Its main purpose is to express the relationship between life and death, to prove that after all, life is just a game and death awaits us all. That one should therefore enjoy every moment on earth. And nothing expresses death more clearly than the image of a skull! By the way, we have selected the most beautiful gothic pieces of jewelry for you. Discover them by clicking on the image below.

7) Ankh pendant

Another common symbol from ancient Egypt used by goths, and particularly worn as a pendant, is the ankh. It is also known by the name Ansata Cross . ✝️

The symbol is a curly circle at the top of a cross and its shape resembles that of a key. This is logical since the ankh is the key to life. While the circle represents femininity, the cross represents masculinity. Myth holds that it has the power  to awaken the souls of the dead  and bring them back to life. It is also used as the key to the Nile to signify eternal life.

Gothic ankh pendant.

8) Celtic Knot Pendant

The Celtic knot is often used on Gothic pendants to relate  to mysticism . That is, to mystical, hidden or even secret things. 🧐

Since the knot has no beginning and no end, it is also known to represent infinity. Various meanings are ascribed to it, ranging from the infinite nature of mind to infinite cycles of birth and rebirth. Many goths also wear it because they believe it works to  prevent illness and misfortune.

Celtic knot pendant.

9) Spider Pendant

The spider and cobweb are also commonly seen on Gothic trailers. They are used in part because the fear of spiders (arachnophobia) is widespread. After all, goths love to scare. 😉.

However, spiders also have more important symbolic meanings. They stand for creativity, destiny or patience. They are also believed to possess the power of darkness .
The spider weaves its web as we weave our own life. So the spider also represents how we are the equation of our choices and decisions. 🕷

Gothic spider pendant.

Integrate the power of evil into your style

You now know the nine main pendants used by goths and most importantly their meanings. We’ve seen why you should wear them and how a piece of jewelry alone can make all the difference to show your difference.

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