A Gothic woman’s ring is an essential accessory for a successful style. But what to wear? What are the best topics for a hot gothic women’s ring?

Skull World has been following the most passionate goths since 2012 and we’re here to help you have the style you’re looking for. 😉

The themes of the Gothic rings for women are partly: animal heads, crucifixes, skulls or Celtic symbols. The colors silver, black and red are common.

In this article you will learn, among other things:

  • The 5 most used themes
  • The meaning of these rings
  • How to make them stand out in your style
  • And where to find the hottest among them

After reading the following lines carefully, you can take action and choose your rings , knowing exactly what they mean and how to use them for your decadence.

Let’s go 👊

For a devilishly gothic style, it’s obvious that you need to turn your hand into a work of art,    adorning all your fingers  with a ring that means something different each time. Decorate your hands with your own story!

However, it is not easy to  find cannon jewelry  that expresses your values ​​and thoughts. This is exactly why we wrote this article. To accompany you and guide you so that you can put the rings at the service of your style. 😎
And even if you’re not goth yourself, this is a nice way to stand out from the crowd and assert your style by taking inspiration from the themes we’re going to cover here. Car can be perfectly combined with many other styles of clothing…

So here are the 5 themes of  rings that gothic women appreciate the most. If you want to be one of us, you have to follow a few rules, and we’ll see about that in a moment.


Animal heads have been part of our counterculture since its inception. Some animals are absolutely mythological, like the dragon. But most are very real land animals! And unsurprisingly, it’s animals that scare most people. This isn’t really about cute little kittens. Let’s look at the most popular of them. 👇


1) The snake

Feared by most of the people of this world, this deadly beast is used very heavily by the goths to make them  ultra-aesthetic rings . Its beauty, thanks to its skin that is so special, causes unanimous approval. 🐍 In particular, it symbolizes the fact that we are renewed and reborn. We are all born at birth, grow up and then reach the age when we can think for ourselves. It is at this point that Gothics find themselves through the image of the serpent: being reborn to be even more themselves and exploring thoughts few have the power to find.

2) The Cracks

Octopus, and especially  its tentacles,  is also commonly used as jewelry by the Goths! The octopus in particular symbolizes the depths of the human spirit. He is one of the cornerstones of the Gothic movement. 🦑 Entering the spirit to see things most people will never be able to see within themselves.

3) The dragon

Worshiped primarily in Asia, this mythological creature symbolizes in part the protection of oneself and loved ones. 🐉 Building a life is good. But protecting your property and health is better. Wearing a  dragon ring,  it is the assurance of a fortress around one’s soul. It also symbolizes strength, power and good fortune for those who are worthy.i la force, la puissance et la chance pour les personnes qui en sont dignes.

Gothic Dragon Ring

4) The Raven

If there’s one animal that’s unjustly considered one of the most disliked in our civilization, it’s the raven! It is often associated with evil, with witches and the dark night… But it is much more spiritual than that. As an animal associated with magic and the mystery of life, the black bird is surprisingly meaningful. Wearing one on your finger proves that you are a  daring person  who loves to take risks while remaining in control of your life and destiny.

5) The Spider

As we saw together in the meaning of the various gothic pendants, the spider is also meaningful to fans of black clothing. They are said to have the power of darkness. A power of creativity that humans do not have. By wearing a  Spider Ring , you vow to flaunt your artistic sense and the fact that you take control of your life and shape your destiny like a spider weaves its web. 🕸

The fear of spiders is very common in our society, especially among women. As goths we tend to repel certain individuals, which are sometimes even scary, that’s true. So what’s better than presenting a spider on your finger? 😉.

Gothic Spider Ring

skull rings

The skull ring is another piece of jewelery that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. The importance of skulls for goths can no longer be denied. The aloof style of the skulls brings with it the fact of expressing a significant difference from the « normal » people of this world. And that’s kind of our mission. 😏

A skull ring is a weapon for all goth girls who want to spice up their style even more and remind how much death and spirituality are part of our ideology. The  skull rings have a variety of different styles. It’s all good if you like one of these! We have put together a selection of the most popular Gothic women for you. Just click on the image below to discover them.

The colors red and black

Colors are very important when choosing your jewelry. And without much surprise, since it is very similar to  Gothic clothing , the colors red and black appear again and again in Gothic women’s rings. The big star is the ring with a full ring of black steel and a large red stone in the centre. But there are no real rules, always choose a model that you like and that reflects your personality.

As black symbolizes death, by default it defines the Gothics’ relationship to life and death. It also stands for the mysterious, the unknown in a person. No wonder it’s used everywhere in our subculture. We want to appear mysterious. 🤫
Red goes hand in hand with black. As the color of blood, it perfectly complements the image we have of death. However, she is more focused on power and strength. Our strength of mind and otherness are represented very well by this color. 🩸

Woman's hand with gothic rings

crucifix rings

The relationship of the goths to the religions is quite an extensive topic. It’s good to remember that the  Gothic movement  has no specific religion. Neither association fits together. You can be Catholic, Muslim, Jew, Atheist or any other religion and still be Gothic.

However, the symbol of the crucifix is ​​almost always present in goth culture. This is more of a stylistic matter than a true religious symbol. ✝️ The cross is just beautiful and so inappropriate when associated with black and our world. That’s why we use it so often.

Wearing a  ring with a cross on your finger is a real sign of belonging to the Gothic movement. Feel free to combine it with the other topics covered in this article, your style will thank you.

Ring Gothic Cross

Rings of roses

As you know, flowers also play a big part in goth style. On clothing, but also on jewelry. And the ring is of course no exception.

 ring with a rose  gives femininity to gothic women who combine purity and power. She has many meanings. First of all, among the most valued by goth girls is purity of soul. It is said that this flower repels dishonest people and attracts the richest within. Wearing such a flower on your finger ensures that you maximize your chances of only meeting people who truly deserve your presence. 🌹

Gothic Rose Ring

Use the Gothic Rings at your service!

We’ve just shared the five biggest themes of  gothic rings for women , and their meanings. You now know exactly how to highlight them and, above all, what values ​​they radiate.

However, for someone as perfectionist as you, finding the perfect piece of jewelery isn’t easy… But don’t worry, the entire Skull World team is here to help you in your quest for your devilish  style  ! 🙌 We have made a special selection for you. Namely those of the rings that are most popular with Gothic women.

Discover gothic women’s most popular rings .

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