A ring is undoubtedly the first piece of jewelry a motorcyclist chooses. Which topics are particularly popular with the crazy people on the handlebars? What are the selection criteria for a motorcyclist?

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Biker rings are a popular accessory for motorcycle fanatics. Images of wild animals, skulls or even religious and Celtic symbols are very popular. This type of jewelery is almost always made of silver for motorcyclists.

In this article you will learn some of:

  • The main signs appreciated by bikers
  • The meanings behind these characters
  • Why you absolutely have to wear one…

If you’ve read this article, you’ll know exactly how to choose your ring if you’re a rider at heart. And how to adapt it to your style. Let’s ride ✊.

What are the symbols of biker rings?

The motorcycle world is a culture often associated with free spirits who are not afraid to go places others would never go. Motorcyclists often show their strength and bravery through the style of clothing and accessories they wear both while riding and off the bike. 🏍

And the biker ring is the absolutely essential accessory that every self-respecting rider must have. When gripping the handlebars, the motorcyclist’s hands are the part of the body that is used the most. Rings are therefore an ideal choice for jewelry that allows one to express both one’s creativity and one’s messages.

The main symbols that keep popping up in the world of motorcycles when it comes to rings and jewelry in general are :

  • The skulls
  • The crosses and crucifixes
  • Die Harley-Davidson-Symbol
  • Die Symbol of Route 66
  • certain animals
  • The Mexican skulls
  • The Gothic motifs
  • The numbers and letters
  • Certain Celtic Characteristics

Now that you know the main themes motorcyclists love to wear as jewelry, you need to know their meanings too! Here you will learn exactly what each theme symbolizes. 👇

Meanings Biker Ring Skull

Unsurprisingly, one of the most classic types of biker rings is the skull ring . 💀

This ring style can be customized in almost any way imaginable. This makes it a favorite for motorcyclists and gangs like the Bandidos looking for a unique look. The skulls can be drawn simply and clearly or decorated and embellished with all sorts of symbols and accessories, giving it either an even more demonic or a softer look. 💍

The skull itself can be used for a variety of different “face” expressions. From a clown skull ring that seems to poke fun at the danger inherent in motorcycling, to a spartan skull ring that leaves no doubt as to how strong the motorcyclist is when he gets into trouble. ⚔️ There are a variety of designs to choose from. And of course we have put together a”” selection of the most popular rings for motorcyclists”” .

Meanings Biker Rings Cross and Crucifix

Another type of biker ring that has gained popularity are those with cross symbols. ✝️

These are often sterling silver rings that feature a large cross that takes up most of the ring side. The cross can be made of stones, e.g. B. sapphires, are accompanied to give it color. It can also be accompanied by other objects such as symbols, shields 🛡 or even roses, bringing a refined decorative touch.

Many designers allow wearers to customize the cross to suit their religious beliefs. For example, Christians can sign up for a Jesus ringwhere the cross itself consists of the body of Christ. Note that for most motorcycle enthusiasts the cross is still more of a style than a religious symbol.

This style of ring is almost always silver. The color of the silver was reminiscent of the mechanics of an engine and the steel of the motorcycle handlebars. So it perfectly suits the style of the motorcyclist who doesn’t ask for much!

crucifix rings

Meanings Harley Davidson Emblem Rings

The Harley-Davidson brand continues to claim one of the top spots when it comes to the motorcycle that many motorcyclists dream of. It is therefore not surprising that Harley-Davidson rings are more popular today than ever before. 🥇

These rings often bear the full name « Harley-Davidson ». You will also find the initials « HD » engraved either on the ring plate or on the ring that encloses the finger. So it’s easy to spot an HD driver when you see this absolutely unique ring!

Meanings biker rings animals

Whether it’s a tiger, symbolizing strength and power, or a cheetah, representing a biker’s speed and agility, biker rings with animal heads are more popular than ever in motorcycle culture. Lion head rings are very popular among bikers. Symbol of domination and power. 🦁

In addition to traditional animal motifs, motorcyclists are also turning to mythological creatures. Like the phoenix that brings even more style and mystery to a motorcycle fanatic. Fantasy elements can also be incorporated into these rings. For example, some choose to adorn their rings with gargoyles or Chinese dragons , for slightly different versions of traditional animal symbols.

The commonality of this theme lies in the chosen animals: either mysterious, strong or both, because they are character traits of the motorcyclist. You will probably never find kittens or small birds here!

Biker ring lion

Meanings Biker Ring Route 66

Route 66 is one of those places every self-respecting biker dreams of. It is also known as the ”  Mother Road  ” as it was one of the very first roads built on the American road network. This highway has become one of the most famous roads in the United States. She was best known in popular culture for the hit song Get Your Kicks on Route 66 and the Route 66 television show in the 1960s. 📺

Little by little she became a real icon in the motorcycling world, mainly because of the image we all know of her: that long straight line that seems to go on forever. She is a symbol of freedom . An endless ride for the motorcyclist on his motorcycle! 💭 It is almost 4000 km long.

Ring Route 66.

Meanings Mexican Biker Ring

The consequences of the Mexican Revolution in the 1910s were primarily economic. This devalued the Mexican currency (the peso), which by that time had become almost worthless. Mexican blacksmiths decided to melt down the metal coins to make more valuable items. And among those items were rings, which started a revolutionary trend and were later adopted by bikers. For this reason, they are also known as “Mexican biker rings”. These rings were first introduced by American biker clubs

in the 1940sdiscovered. And the enthusiasm for these jewels soon turned to the skulls. That was due to the appeal of skulls to bikers, but mostly to Mexican culture. The enthusiasm of motorcyclists for this jewelry was so great that this symbol is still relevant in 2020. The Mexican skull ring is almost universally embraced by motorcycle fanatics. 💀

Adopt one of the biker community’s most popular rings: the “”Mexican skull ring “”.

Meanings Biker rings with gothic motifs

Another way for motorcyclists to show their personality is to choose a ring that contains gothic elements . In general, this type of jewelry is often characterized by dark stones. And is very often accompanied by quite complex patterns. 🧐

Biker rings with these characteristics include those that bear medieval symbols with birds with large wings, dragons, etc. Gothic rings can also include other styles such as those decorated with skulls, crosses or animals as seen earlier.

What sets this type of ring apart is its rough, metallic look and feel. In fact, rings that are merely hammered to look worn to the touch can do without the traditional gothic ones decorations are perceived as “Gothic”. This is one of the great characteristics of goth jewelry.

Hands with goth rings

Meanings biker rings letters and numbers

Biker rings that contain letters, numbers, or a combination of both are also popular choices for a worthy motorcyclist.

These trinkets are very often represented with numbers and letters representing a motorcyclist ‘s specific motorcycle club . This is common in the US and much less common here in Europe. They can also symbolize a service for a police officer, a firefighter, and even more often for a soldier. 🔫

In addition, many motorcyclists choose to put their own initials , or those of a loved one.

Biker-Ring Silber

Meanings of rings with Celtic characteristics

Similar to crucifix rings, Celtic signs are gaining ground in motorcycle culture year after year. 🏍

Celtic Crosses, Celtic Dragons, Triquetra Symbols or Trinity Knots are easy to spot because of their very distinctive and so different look. It’s also not uncommon to see rings that fuse Celtic motifs with other symbols such as dragons or hearts. In this case, the motifs are mostly written on the band of the ring, and the main symbol is in the middle.

Celtic style biker ring

Young rider, now it’s up to you to choose your biker ring!

You’ve just discovered the seven themes motorcyclists love most when it comes to putting a ring on their finger. Now you can be sure that you won’t make a style mistake when choosing your piece of jewellery. And your accessories now also match your motorcycle! Well done 😉.

Are you a real biker and want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to express your style and proudly wear the values ​​and soul of a motorcyclist? Then you’ve come to the right place, young rider! Skull World is the leader in this area. We help the most passionate motorcyclists to have hot style in every situation. And today we take care of you! Discover the most beautiful selection of biker rings.

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