What jewelry should a biker wear? How can you be sure not to commit a loss of taste? How much does high-quality biker jewelry cost?

We asked ourselves these questions at Skull World. Having been escorting bikers since 2012 to guarantee them style straight out of hell, we know our stuff and are here to guide you 👊🏼.

Jewelry is an essential accessory for a true biker style. The skull ring is a biker’s favorite piece of jewelry. The bracelet, as well as various chains and pendants, you should also adopt to have the style of a driver.

In this article we will together :

  • The different styles of bikers
  • Why do bikers like jewelry so much?
  • Which jewelry is indispensable for a biker look?

That you are a  street fiend yourself  or just love the biker style welcome and let’s find all that out now.

Let’s go 🤟🏼

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Bikers, a real lifestyle

A true motorcyclist is not content with just  riding his motorcycle . He lives and breathes the irrepressible lifestyle of a motorcyclist. For some, the motorcycle is just a means of transportation. For a biker, it’s a real lifestyle. And jewelry is one of the ways to express that passion. 🙏🏼

Since everyone has their own style in every community there can be, you can’t put all motorcyclists in the same category. Some motorcyclists prefer to look more like a bad boy and often wear dark colors, leather and metal.
While others prefer a lighter look. They tend to wear white t-shirts and denim shirts. Regardless of what type of motorcyclist you are, there are a few things to keep in mind in your quest for the  perfect biker jewelry . Every “motorcyclist type” will have their own jewelry style. 💯

There are so many different types of motorcyclists that it would take a whole book to define them. There are the hardcore veterans who have ridden almost every day of their adult lives. They grew up riding motorcycles with their parents and feel it is an  integral part of their culture. And there are the more amateurs who took up motorcycling on the weekends and summers when they felt like they needed more excitement in their lives.

Whether motorcycling is your mode of transport of choice or the passion of your life, it’s important to express yourself in style. Before we talk about jewelry , let’s look at the two most distinguishable “categories of motorcyclists”  . 👇🏼

Bikers on Harley motorcycles

First of all: the pure look. This is about the biker in a more American style. The tattooed one. the hard one The real. If you’re one of them, then welcome to Skull Faction, we love you already!

Motorcyclists, known as «hardliners», have a very specific style where almost nothing is negotiable. The “”leather jacket with the skull”” on the back, the gray hair and the many tattoos all over the body. All of this is often ridden on a Harley Davidson. 🏍

In the second row is the « light » look. If you’re more of the cool biker type that rides your motorcycle on the weekends without really identifying with the “bad boy” style of leather jackets, slightly heavy boots and skull tattoos. Then you’re Brad Pitt’s sidekick. In fact, the American actor pulls off this style perfectly when he’s out on his motorbike. He shows himself with a rather light denim jacket instead of a thick jacket and hanging chains.

Brad Pitt on the motorcycle

Anyway, if you are reading these lines, you undoubtedly know the  motorcycle world , the joy of being on the road, feeling the asphalt and the vibrations of your motorcycle. Whether you find yourself hardcore style or casual style, we speak the same language and love motorcycling. Let’s see why it’s important to dress the way you want to.

Why do bikers love jewelry so much?

We all have in mind the image of the motorcyclist who wears many rings on his fingers and never leaves home without a multitude of chains around  his neck . This  style comes straight from the United States, where jewelry has held a big place in the hearts of the most fanatical motorcyclists. 🏍

Jewelry is one of the ways to express our belonging to the motorcycle world. One of the ways to recognize each other. And it’s also one of the prettiest ways of showing our  biker personality . This is precisely the reason why motorcyclists value this accessory so much.

When trying on  clothes and accessories , pay attention to how you feel when you B. putting on a ring. Which ring do you feel good about? Which ring best suits the style of your motorcycle? Your clothes should reflect who you are. And jewelry is an excellent means of expression to assert your personality. Luckily, there are countless options when it comes to  biker jewelry , so there really is something for everyone. Let’s find out right away 👇🏼.

Biker wears a lot of jewelry

The various jewels of the biker

Of course, when people think of biker style, many stereotypes come to mind. You instinctively think of skulls, leather and chains. Although these elements are an integral part of biker fashion, there are many other symbols and  jewelry loved by bikers.

1) The Skull Ring

The skull ring is THE number 1 piece of jewelery that a motorcycle fan should own. There are hundreds of different models and there is bound to be at least one that will blow your mind. The skull ring is found throughout biker culture . And the skull and crossbones in the broadest sense in general, by the way. In order to wear a skull ring properly, you have to have a minimum of self-confidence, express strength of character, and that’s exactly what the biker wants to radiate. 💀

One of the great advantages of the skull ring is that you immediately show your love for the motorcycling world. By showing yourself with a ring of skulls on your finger, you declare – just through this little jewel – that the motorbike is not just a means of getting around. It’s part of your life. Check out our collection of the most beautiful skull rings ever by clicking on the image below. And check out the meanings of the biker rings!

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2) The Dragon Ring

The dragon ring is also one of the most popular pieces of jewelry for bikers. He is very special in terms of design. People often stop and look twice because it’s much rarer than, say, the skull ring.

In the motorcycle world, it is said that the dragon ring has healing properties that can reduce negative energy. It should keep bad vibes away and only leave room for the good life.
Despite the dragon’s often aggressive style on a ring, the meaning is always well-intentioned! 🐲

3) The silver bracelet

The  biker bracelet  is a piece of jewelry that is almost always made of silver! You will find very few motorcyclists who like gold colored jewellery. The metal is reminiscent of the mechanics of an engine and goes very well with the colors of motorcycles. The bracelet is more likely to be worn by men with a little more “class” who are careful of their style in all circumstances.

There are of course hundreds of different bracelet models. The profile of the “hard” biker described above undoubtedly prefers  wider bracelets   with rather thick chains. A lightweight motorcyclist should equip himself with a thin piece of jewellery, without “exaggerating”.

“”Skull bracelets”” are of course the most popular bracelets among motorcyclists. They are the hottest accessory to the silver ring. 💀

Man wearing skull bracelets

Become a member of the biker clan too!

We have just seen what the three most important jewels of a biker are. And how little biker style is without a modicum of these, and you know it’s not just about gangs. You’re in the saddle now and you won’t miss a thing the next time you’re asked what you think of a skull ring, for example. 👊🏼

It’s not always easy for a motorcyclist to keep up with fashion trends. But don’t panic, friend! Skull World offers you a huge selection of “” jewelery“” for motorcyclists. Rings, bracelets and even necklaces with charms you need to keep your trendy biker style!