What are the meanings of the ace of spades skull and crossbones? Why is it so popular in the tattoo world?

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The ace of spades and the skull and crossbones are very often combined to signify death. Spades and skull tattoos are very popular for enforcing toughness and power. Militaries used this card to impose their strength on their enemies.

If you read the following lines, you will discover in part:

  • What is the meaning of the ace of spades?
  • Why is the skull and crossbones associated with this card?
  • How the “As Of Spades” took its place in the tattoo world.
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Ace of Spades: The card of death

The ace of spades is the most spiritual card in a deck. It is the symbol for old mysteries, for transformation, but above all: for death. 💀

1) Spiritual meanings

A spade, because of its physical shape, represents a shovel. And shovels are used for digging graves. This is one of the images depicting the spade as connected to the afterlife.

Its importance is closely linked to the military, and has been since the First World War. Armies used the skull and crossbones ace of spades as a  symbol of power  and terror to impose their strength on the enemy. This is discussed in more detail in this article.

Card Ace of Spades Skull

2) Last week of the year

In a deck of cards there are 52 cards. Each of these cards represents a week of the year. The thirteen cards in each suit also represent the thirteen lunar months of the year. The colors represent the seasons. The red colors are feminine, warm, positive, ascending. The black are male, cold, negative, retrograde. ♠️

The ace of spades refers to the first week of winter. This date was feared by the peasants of the time. The beginning of winter heralded a  time of famine  . Supplies were running low and the last of the meat was slaughtered and dried for consumption in the months that followed. This is one of the reasons the spade is associated with death.

3) Symbol of War

This card represents the wheel turning again. Means death for all of us comes at the end of the game there is no way out. The association with the skull and crossbones is therefore very logical.

The spade is also known as the sword in tarot, a symbol of war. This symbol can represent a  spiked heart  , a severed head on a spike, a hooded head, or a dead leaf. All emblems of death… ☠️

Military with ace of spades on helmet

Ace of spades tattoos with skull

At Schadel Welt we have a passion for tattoos, especially skull tattoos. And the combination of skulls and spades is no exception. Let’s look at the meaning for someone who has such a tattoo on their skin. 💉

1) Meaning of the tattoo

The  ace of spades tattoo  is commonly inked on poker players, motorcyclists and gangs of all kinds. And the meaning can vary depending on the type of person wearing it. Everyone will find the symbolism that he likes the most. But there are some that keep popping up.

An  ace of spades skull  tattoo can represent both positive and negative things. Ultimately, it always carries with it whatever meaning the wearer wishes it to represent. But here are the main pillars that will make a tattoo fan go hunting for them:

  • happiness
  • prosperity
  • The power
  • The strenght
  • Wealth
  • The death
  • The fact that we are not eternal

As you can see, there is a multitude of meanings: sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad. But it seems like the meanings tend to trend more and more positive as time goes on. The fact that you live forever, that you have power and happiness. This is very close to what goths think about skulls.

Ace of spades tattoos skull

2) drawings and models

The tattoo of an ”  as of spades skull ” can be designed in different ways. He can be drawn alone or depicted with several other symbols and elements. So there is a wide variety. ♠️


The most common tattoo is the “ace of spades playing card”. Some designs feature a spade in the center of the card with a skull and crossbones. They are also often depicted with other playing cards which can include the king, queen, jack and very often “the 10 of spades”.


Because it is a game theme, it is often  presented alongside other symbols and game elements.  The drawing can contain dice, triple sevens, poker chips, cards, money, coins, gold or even cherries. 🍒 These are all common symbols in gambling themed tattoo designs. The ace of spades can also be represented with lucky symbols such as the four-leaf clover, horseshoe or swallows.

Skull and spade tattoos


The black ace can also be associated with other symbols of death besides the human skull. It is not uncommon to see it «  accompanied by fire « , flames, the joker, the black rose or the black heart. 🖤 


For a simple skull ace of spades, you might consider decorating it with  tribal  or Celtic art. It’s easy for a tattoo artist to give you ideas when you’re looking for them, and your spade will suit this drawing style perfectly. Be creative!

3) Ephemeral Tattoo (Ace of Spades and Skull))

Before you get your  ace of spades with skull tattoo (or any other tattoo for that matter), there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Just like you are doing now, take the time to do your research. Make sure you are completely clear about what your tattoo represents. Take the time to research among the many other designs before making a final decision. Don’t forget that you will wear this tattoo forever. ⏳

So you don’t rush things and make a wrong choice. We have a very special collection of  ephemeral tattoos  designed. This type of tattoo allows you to do a safe test. It sticks with you for a few days and is the first step on your way to glory! Discover the hottest of them by just clicking on the image below.

military symbol

The ace of spades card was also used in wars, most commonly during World War II and the Vietnam War. Their association with the skull and crossbones is a major symbol for the military. 🎖

1) The fear of the enemy

When used in  military insignia   , the skull serves as a warning to the adversary of whoever wears its symbol. He portends certain death to those he encounters.

It inspires fear in the enemy, confidence in the soldier, but above all: it makes it clear that life on the battlefield is short. Many units have chosen the  symbol of the skull in conjunction with the spade  as the mascot for their unit and insignia. And many others continue to do so today. 😈


During World War I, the British 12th Division used the Ace of Spades as a symbol on their tanks.

Pik As Char


During World War II, American soldiers painted it on their helmets to bring good luck. In fact, all four suits of cards were used to identify the soldiers, including diamonds, clubs and hearts.

A Luftwaffe fighter plane operating in Europe was even known as the “Ace of Spades”. Because it wore this symbol proudly on its torso.

Plane with ace of spades

2) Vietnam War

A death card patch was a psychological tactic used during the Vietnam War. The soldiers said that the aces of spades ”  meant death to their enemies .” They are promised suffering and humiliation. So they used the cards to scare their enemies and make them not fight. ⚔️

It was not uncommon for cards to be attached to «  deceased Vietnamese soldiers  ». In some cases, thousands of cards were laid out on the fields. This was a psychological weapon.


The Death Card is featured in many films about the Vietnam War. The symbol is also featured on the patches of various units. On those of private special operations, on collar insignia, and on flags and stickers painted on military aircraft and weapons transporters. Attaching it to a  military helmet had  become a common practice. 🛡

Helm Pik-Ass


An example of such a weapons transporter is “Ace of Spades” of the 523rd Transport Company based in Phu Bai, Vietnam. Former crewman Sammy Seay bought this military vehicle in 2003 and converted it into a replica of his unit’s truck from 1971, i.e. from the Vietnam era. Its main distinguishing feature was the  spade symbol 1 here as well.

Military Truck Ace of Spades

Seize power with this powerful symbol!

We have just learned about the different meanings of the  ace of spades and its association with a suit   . You now know exactly why it is so often used as a tattoo. How the military highlighted it in history and why the ace of spades card is so popular. Spades have no more secrets for you 😉.

It’s easy to argue that it’s better to be on the side of the one who wears the  symbol of spades and skulls   . And that’s good, because we have everything you need to harness its power and might! Take on our skull and crossbones ace of spades t-shirt and make your difference. Just discover it by clicking on the image below.

Another popular character who likes to wear clothes with a skull is the famous Punisher from the Marvel Universe. Discover the article with the entire story of the  Punisher  in one click.