Dresses with skull

An extraordinary look, a personality revealed in broad daylight, an asserted originality… The dress with skull motifs is the perfect garment to impose yourself in this world of brutes, by force!


No need to draw a picture, these dresses are not made for everyone. We are talking here about rebellious spirits, women with a strong character, actresses of this world who do not hesitate to take the bull by the horns when necessary. Because yes, a woman wearing this type of pattern tells the rest of the world her character, her personality, her desires and it is often to inform that you shouldn’t rub too much…  👗

If you recognize yourself in what we expose here, welcome to Crâne Faction. We offer you on our online store all the cards to make you the woman you have to be. Our  skull clothes are made for that and more particularly this collection, reserved exclusively for women. Our  skull dresses are perfect for expressing your personality and your dark side, so that the eyes of the rest of the world finally live up to the person you are.


A garment does not exist only to cover your skin. It reflects the person you are, your character, your personality, and much more. It is therefore the major asset that you have to reveal who you are to the rest of the world. That’s exactly why you’re here.

Whether you are a goth, part of the biker clan, rockstar in your spare time or simply a fashion fanatic in search of strong sensations, then it is certain that our models of  women’s skull dresses will invite themselves into your wardrobe. ! And choosing one often means not wanting to leave it. You will never go unnoticed with this type of pattern on the shoulders and that’s exactly what you want. Sobriety and the classic bore you to death, and we understand you!


We work every day to offer a range with various and varied dresses to satisfy the greatest number. This is why this collection has more than 100 different models. You will find dresses with multicolored skulls for the most eccentric, black and white dresses for more sober and more “dressed” looks. But above all, completely different themes and models.

The skull sweater dresses are very popular with the community. They allow you to combine style, elegance and comfort. The demonic look of our lace-up dresses makes the most daring among us shudder. Bodycon dresses are  great for parties and pair perfectly with our skull heels!

What could be better, with a short summer dress, than a skull cap  to complete your funereal style?