Find everything you need in terms of Skull Fashion at Skull Faction to make your home reflect your personal style. Our wide range of items has been created with one goal in mind: to give free spirits the decor they deserve. Take the step towards a world that reflects you, and it will reward you!


💀 Being a fan of skulls is one thing, but incorporating them into your home is another. Decorate your room to your heart’s content with one of our extraordinary decor items. The entire atmosphere of your home will thank you for bringing in a timeless and totally demonic spiritual dimension! Treat yourself by exploring our collections of:

  • Rugs
  • Posters
  • Lamps
  • Stickers
  • Paintings
  • Flags
  • Decorative Skulls
  • Crystal Skulls
  • Duvet Covers
  • Shower Curtains

You’ll definitely find something to satisfy your gothic style and decorate your home. Take the first step towards one of these items and appreciate how the atmosphere of a room can completely change with such an offbeat decor, privileged to host a skull as decoration!

Mexico comes to you thanks to Mexican skull decorations that add an extraordinary touch to your interior. The strength of these skulls? Without a doubt, their quirky originality and vibrant colors. The multitude of colors available is perfect for making your manor the most beautiful place on earth.

A decorative painting is one of the most coveted items in all our decorations, and for good reason—it’s extremely powerful. Indeed, it has the power to change everything when you place it in a room. Imagine the demonic style of your living room with a large skull on stretched canvas… Your friends will praise you as much as your enemies will stay away!

A STUNNING SKULL WALL DECORATION 😵 These are our favorites. All decorations that can hang (or stick) on a wall are above the rest. Why? Certainly because of their presence. A skull sticker, for example, is perfect to stick to a wall where you want to add something different—a gothic touch as you like it.

Although members of the community often opt for wall decor, items that can be placed are also full of strength and spiritual powers. A decorative skull is a perfect example! It sits on your desk to offer you all the energy that a real human skull can give you. Choosing one of them means accepting to embrace the dark side of the force.

SKULL DECORATION FOR AN AQUARIUM Are your fish also the most demonic on earth? Reward them by offering stickers that resemble you. Opt for one of our skull decorations for an aquarium and enjoy a unique decor in your fish’s water. A crystal skull is the decorative object you’re looking for. 🐠