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Discover our collection of Skull Patches to sew, allowing you to infinitely personalize your clothes to stand out even more. Just take the garment of your choice, sew on your patch, and you’re done, young rebel of the modern era.

Whether you’re passionate about sewing, a young biker in search of freedom, a misunderstood goth, a terminal metalhead, or a rocker in your spare time, you’re welcome to Crâne Faction! In this collection, we present you with a real arsenal of extraordinary patches that can make a whole battalion fall with a single glance… Find nearly 160 different models to perfect your wildest desires.

You dreamed of it, and we made it happen, young rebel! You can now personalize your clothes and accessories of all kinds with a simple stitch… Just by adopting a patch. How does it work? Just take your patch, sew it where you want to display it, and you’re done, my friend. No need to be a needle master; it’s very simple and takes only a few minutes to accomplish.


While our Punisher skulls, those with wings, demonic skeletons, and patches for bikers impress all members of our free-spirited community, it must be said that one style particularly catches the attention of the most devilish. These are the Mexican skull patches; their multicolored effects are perfect for dazzling the rest of the world, and many of you have understood this perfectly!

These multicolored skulls are perfect to use on black, white, and even colored clothing. They can be placed anywhere, always integrating without any problem. Assert your extraordinary artistic style with one of them and become the master of every place you set foot in! A style that seems to come straight from hell is guaranteed.


Whether you’re a basic creative or not, a skull patch is one of the most beautiful elements that can come into your life. It will bring out your creativity in the most beautiful way. Just choose it and let your imagination speak to finally adopt a true egocentric biker or misunderstood gothic style.

For that, you just need to have a T-shirt, a sweatshirt, a jacket, a bag, or any other accessory to properly welcome your patch, and you’re done… No need to unnecessarily spend tens of euros on a branded T-shirt. Just buy plain clothes and add your personal touch with one of these accessories. Your style already thanks you! 🙌

If you want to delve deeper into your passion for skulls, check out our collection of skull umbrellas right away!