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Add a touch of macabre style to your look with our collection of Skull Piercings, each more demonic than the last! Muahaha, the devil is already envious.


Young goth, biker, or metalhead, welcome to this extraordinary collection. Here, we speak only to the true enthusiasts of the beyond, to the darkest among you. Those who have already embarked on the quest for their freedom, to live, think, and dress as they wish, not as society would dictate. Hold on tight; these accessories are entering your life to bring complete chaos…

DEMONIC NAVEL PIERCINGS Ideal for the most gothic women among us, skull navel piercings are the most beloved in our collection. They showcase your strong character and demonstrate to the world just how different you are. Adopt one and be part of the clan of rockstars in this world. ☠️

A TONGUE WITH A SKULL 👅 Our community of rebels takes pleasure in piercing the tongue to showcase a piercing with a skull! Let the bad spirits stay away from you because you’re breaking the norms with this extraordinary accessory. Slip it into your mouth to stick your tongue out at anyone who dares to dictate what you should do with your life.


A skull brow piercing, and nothing and no one will stand in your way. The Grim Reaper is highly appreciated for these models adorning the face, but the devil is right behind, making you the most demonic being that this earth possesses. Become the free spirit you deserve to be.


While many of our hellish piercings appeal to an audience exclusively fond of all things “dark,” when it comes to ear piercings and skull earrings, we’re talking about a larger audience. Fashion-forward women use them to define their styles and add a bad-girl touch. Ideal for adding a bit of spice to your outfit and showing your circle that you might not be as tame as they think.

A must-have for all piercing fanatics… If you’ve already had a nipple pierced, a skull nipple piercing is undoubtedly a welcome addition to your collection. It will luxuriously allow you to be as macabre as the late-night thoughts passing through your mind… Take the step and enjoy the shower of compliments about your unique piercings. 😈

If you believe that macabre jewelry is made for you and perfectly represents your style and personality, don’t hesitate to check out the complete collection of all our skull jewelry! See you on the other side for a totally dark look.