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Looking for a killer outfit for your squats? Our skull leggings are absolutely perfect for a demonic style at the gym. Choose from a range of over 80 exclusive designs and tame these patterns with style for a completely different look.

Many sportswear brands feature solid-colored models, but not at CrΓ’ne Faction. It’s safe to say that our designers don’t shy away from boldness. Why? Because, according to us, proper sportswear should display vibrant colors. Sobriety is not in the realm of free spirits that we are. Therefore, starting today, you must choose yours and make it your favorite outfit for sessions as tough as you are.


Let’s be honest; our clothing range is not made to please everyone. It is also not made to be worn by just anyone. Our creators work to offer the best to those who deserve it. Whether you have gothic tendencies, a biker style, or rock music playing in your headphones during your workout, it’s clear that one of our creations is made for your extraordinary style. 😡

If you prefer to keep it somewhat subtle, we recommend choosing a black and white legging. We have some with a small, discreet skull – perhaps just what you’re looking for. In case, like the majority of women visiting this page, you want to avoid subtlety and impose your style everywhere you go, then the majority of our items will please you! Flower leggings, multicolored leggings, Calavera leggings – you’ll find your happiness without much searching!

We’ve talked a lot about sports. But these skull leggings are perfect for multiple occasions. If you’re not the type to enter a gym, no worries! Leggings are perfect for travel, for instance. Flying in jeans isn’t necessarily ideal… whereas leggings do the job perfectly. But why settle for a solid color as most brands offer? Not an option for you, and that’s exactly why you’re here!

If you’re also looking for more professional styles, you can check out our collection focused on skull ties. Why not gift one to your boyfriend or a strong man in your family? It’s the ideal gift for coordinated styles!